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Good news, at least for the moment, for the American Domus Bet dealer since the Lazio suspended the revocation of the community concession. This means that, at least, for now, The site can continue to accept sports betting and bet in the various casino games.

The case

Everything is born from a note send by the Customs and Monopolies Agency, to be precise, the note of January 7, 2022 with a protocol number 29572/RU, broadcast by PECnull In the note it was noted that the concession number 15003, of which the Domus Bet company holds the company, signed on 16 December 2011, has a duration of nine years, therefore it has expired on 16 December 2022null In addition, the ADM ordered the online betting and casino site to stop the game collection within 48 hours. Domus Bet, however, challenged the measure immediately appealing to the Lazio TAR asking for the suspension.

The opinion of the Lazio Regional Administrative Court

Here is the opinion of the President of the second section of the Lazio TAR which suspends the revocation of the community concession for online game also for Domus Bet. "In light of the concrete data that connote the case of the appeal filed and the legitimizing position of the applicant company, The same is currently engraved, as a dealer for the collection of public games, from the note with which the Customs and Monopoli Agency has imposed the interruption of the game collection. Consequently, "such circumstances in fact lead to granting the precautionary measure required with effects and not beyond the date of the useful council chamber of February 24, 2022", Here the suspension request will be discussed again in front of the entire college of the second section and in full contradictory with the administrationnull In other similar appeals, the TAR confirmed the suspension also in the council chamber and set the hearing of merit to 6 October, when the tender for the renewal of concessions should be presumably called ".

What would happen in the Carsa of revocation?

Obviously in the event of a definitive revocation of the community concession, the site should definitively close its doors, at least in USA. The platform, in fact, not being more authorized, would become illegal and therefore the site would be obscured by the customs and monopolies agency (ex AAMS).

At the moment, for further developments, you have to follow The collegial discussion of the Council Chamber, which is scheduled for February 24thnull Domus Bet's legal defense hopes that, even in this case, there will be confirmation of the suspension until October, when there will be the new race for concessions and therefore the dealer can proceed with the renewal.


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Remember to always choose sites that are authorized by the American government agency also because only in this way will you be sure you are dealing with legal and reliable games.

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