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UK game commission increases licenses: there is no good news for dealers operating in the UK and for those who would like to enter the sector of online casino Due to the Game License Cost increase in England. The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) of the United Kingdom, in fact,, He has already made it known of a future gambling increase in the UKnull This news, in fact, came following a consultation of the sector on the financing of the British Gambling Commission, approving measures to increase license rates for operators and suppliers in Great Britain.

At the moment, the clear fact is that the UK game commission increases licenses from next October.

Because this gaming cost increase in England.

Obviously, the gambling increase in the expected UK comes for a particular reason, indeed, Actually for three reasonsnull The Department, in fact, during its response to the consultation, He made it known that he had to face three great challengesnull And in particular, we are talking about the great technological developments to which we must meet, the fact that operators regulated by the Commission are generally decidedly large international companies and the threat of illegal operators operating on the market without a regular licensenull In practice, there is a need for funds to ensure that the department can pursue and, above all, achieve the aspirated objectives.

Although the data are not yet certain, it seems that the gaming cost increase in England that will have from next October is also quite important. We speak, in fact, of an increase of 55%.

In addition to the increase in the only rate, then, there are also a series of measures which, however, could weigh on the accounts of the companies engaged in online casinos. Among these, for example, we find the elimination of the annual discount on the tariff for combined terrestrial and online licenses.

The UK Game Commission Increase land costs costs, or those of traditional casinos. In this case, however there is talk of an increase of 15%. Furthermore, This increase will be expected starting next April 2022, therefore about 5 months after what is the online casino.

The gambling commission recently published its response, stating that "It welcomes this response to the consultation of the DCMS as it guarantees the changes so necessary to our commissions income ".

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