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Il KSA (Gaming Authority), OVVERO The regulatory body of the gambling market in the Netherlands in the Netherlands, investigates advertising aimed at minors and children up to 24 years.

This because, For the regulations of their regulated market, direct advertising is prohibited for users who are less than 24 years old, considered more at risk of damage caused by gambling.

But let's go see What this entails for operators and what KSA is doing in this article by the our experts.

The law

KSA investigates advertising addressed to young people in compliance with a Code of voluntary conduct published in 2022null The code was created even before the opening of the market regulated by Of games of chance Dal licensed Dutch online gambling providers.

Being a code of "voluntary" conduct, Operators can decide whether or not to join, and concerns the advertising part of these companies.

The code prohibits, as well as to operators to do this type of advertising, also at radio broadcasters and television channels to advertise bonuses of casinos.

What is the KSA who investigates advertising?

KSA, who investigates advertising aimed at minors, It now claims to know from the operators with license if they have sent offers for bonuses to the guys. But also advertising emails, push notifications, or other, to young people included in the age group aged 0 to 24.

He then also has asked various social media channels, such as Instagram and Facebook of Meta, to report through a form Present on their site if they detect this type of advertising in their platforms.

The goal of the regulatory body is that of professionaltect groups of people more at risk of gaming damagenull And, in these groups, young people are also part of up to 24.


The choice of KSA who investigates the advertising of operators aimed at minors is, Without any doubt, an excellent decision.

Being that the regulated market in the Netherlands has recently been opened, Some operators may try to escape rulesnull Especially if this can benefit him.

Investigating and prohibiting the sponsorship of various bonuses and promotions, KSA will surely be able to reduce the number of users who may have problems deriving from the game Online gambling.

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