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Sander Dekker is the Dutch minister questioned on failed self -exclusion to the opening of the regulated market in Holland. Market open on October 1st with i first 10 legal operators.

The malfunction of this system called Cruks, in fact, caused a 24 -hour delay in opening the new regulated marketnull The self -exclusion was then activated on 4 October, or 3 days after the expected date.

Precisely for this reason the minister Dekker was questioned by parliamentarians. The question took place In two sessions distinct, the first on 29 September and the second on October 5th.

Dutch minister interrogated on failed self -exclusion: the questions

the Questions asked to the Dutch minister questioned on the failed self -exclusion launch were manifold, and found an answer in the two sessions of the late September and early October.

In the session of questions about the self -exclusion launch failed in Holland the ministro covers, at the request of the Deputato Michel van Nispen, He explained how the launch of Cruks was planned and the tests taken to prove its operation.

To the question, Dekker replied that Various tests were carried out on the system. But none of these tests led to the feedback of problems in operation.

Then, in the second session held on the October 5th, the minister added that The tests taken before the opening of 1 October in the test environment could absolutely not predict the malfunction of the systemnull And he also explained that, the reason for the green light to operators in the Netherlands, despite the failed self -exclusion launch, was due to the fear that users went to play on illegal sitesnull In any case, he pointed out, at the moment However, other protection systems were active of the player.

Dekker's words

The Dutch minister questioned on failed self -exclusion on malfunction said: Live connections with providers could not be testednull The reason is that the system Cruks works with BSN numbers (citizen service numbers). Before October 1st it was not possible to exchange BSN numbers. This Why The regulations that allow the exchange have only entered into force on 1 October 2021″.

And then subsequently added: "It is true that on October 2, KSA allowed new providers with a license to offer online gambling when not all problems with Cruks had been solved. But There was a fear that the players had turned to illegal sites If they had not been able to go to sites of Dutch legal operators during the weekend ".

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