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The Swedish regulator, or Spelinspektionen, supports the Block of offshore operators in Sweden.

The decision is made for protect consumers, as indeed all the other changes made to the Gambling Act presented in October.

But let's see This block more in detail, explained in this article of our experts of the sector.

The offshore operators block in Sweden

With the new Gambling Act in Sweden, and the Swedish regulator that supports the blocking of offshore operators, Many companies have decided to block their sites in the country.

But now, the Spelinspektionen regulator also said that managing the European Union operators should be relatively easy. Those offshore, however, will most likely be less likely to adapt to the new regulations.

This despite Offshore operators in Sweden who do not turn specifically to the Swedish market are now under the jurisdiction of Spelinspektionennull This means that companies that do not turn to local users, but that do not prevent them from playing, could undergo repercussions by the regulatory body.

Another of the proposed methods to control offshore operators in Sweden is that of make the transaction processes more complex for operators without a license. And speaking of operators both inside and outside the EU, as it makes it more difficult for these companies to operate in Sweden.

The rejected proposals

In addition to the blocking of offshore operators in Sweden and to make the transaction processes more complex, other proposals have been made. These were however questioned by the body.

One of these was to make some supervisioni secret, that is, where the regulator went to buy online gaming services with hidden identity.

This proposal was however rejected as employees must enter personal data To record the game accounts on offshore operators in Sweden.

In fact, the regulator said: “Making hidden test purchases can have a negative impact on the opportunities of Gaming Inspectorate to conduct supervision in this way ".

“A bigger problem, however, is that the identity of individual employees is revealed. This It means that aspects of labor law are even more problematic. "

And on the offshore operators block in Sweden he added: “It should therefore be clarified that A trial purchase notice does not need to contain information on which game account was used, or any other information that allows the merchant to identify those who made the purchase ".

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