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Misery, the general manager of who (Customs and Monopolies agency), al I-COM conference He says the Pandemia increases illegal game.

The numbers, in fact, showed that with the closures due to Covid-19 the players started using much more Game platforms available online, and very often platforms that are not certified, Unlike those we reviewed.

Pandemia increases illegal game: the discoveries of ADM

Minenna says that pandemic increases illegal game, and in fact ADM has made interesting discoveries in the last months.

Thanks to the reactivation of the Cover Committee they discovered Completely illegal activities "disguise" by legal activities, where they also came Printed receipts, obviously false, with the ADM logo.

Practically, during the pandemic, The underworld was organized by exploiting the not exactly clear rules Up to offering illegal games. It was also reported that too Some paragraph 7 machines have been used for illegal purposes.

The measures taken by ADM

The measures taken by Adm after it has been discovered that pandemic increases illegal game They were lot of.

First of all he has The Covegi Committee reactivated, which has carried out many checks e hundreds of closures.

L'Customs agency and monopolies has renewed the image and the ADM logo modified, since he had been falsified and used on some receipts.

But, according to Minenna, this is not sufficient.

Minenna's statements on the pandemic that increases illegal game

Minenna, during the webinar called “Beyond uncertainties. Towards the reorganization of the legal sector " and organized byInstitute for competitiveness, spoke of the pandemic that increases illegal game.

Said that strengthen controls and punish those who do not respect the rules is fundamental, but not enough. Served regulations are needed to be able to regulate the sector, given that close it would not need absolutely nothing.

On the webinar explains how, also using new technologies, is possible check the sector morenull But he says Ance that The state cannot continue to issue extensions or make exceptions, but it must absolutely reorganize the sector Using above all the companies that are part of you.

Also mentioned theSafe game application, that many did not like it, but who has brought benefits effective to citizens.

And he then concluded by saying that, to counter the illegal game that increases with pandemic, you have to Change the methodologies with which competitions are made for concessions.

This because The modalities are now obsolete, not 40 concessions at a cost of $ 2.5 million each are no longer compatible with today's context.

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