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It is a political clash to the Piedmont Regional Council on the Gambling Law that could be strongly reviewed or even canceled by the Councilnull Let's talk about the regional law number 9 of 2016 approved when President Sergio was driving the Region Chiamparinonull In essence, the Piedmont regional law on gambling, as it is happening in other parts of USA, provides for a rigid limitation on the opening of the new betting or slot rooms.

These, in fact,, they must have a distance of at least 500 meters from different places considered sensitivenull Among these, for example, there are schools, churches, parks but also ATMs and banks. In practice we are talking about places from which it is impossible to be less than 500 meters away, at least in the city center. But the real novelty of this law approved a few years ago is retroactivity. In fact, we are talking about managers with salt that were less than that distance, forced to change the place within a few years. And that term expires in May 2022.

Piedmont regional law on gambling: double vision

With the advent of the new guided junta this time by Alberto Cirio, the idea of a modification that concerns the retroactivity or the halving of distances is manifested. This news, however, began to create a climate of tension between the social partners and the managers of the rooms. The former are happy with the gambling law judged not something to change, but rather a regulatory framework that should become a point of reference for the whole nationnull The latter, however, ask that their right to work be respected, which, among other things, is one of the elements that led to the idea of a possible change of the law.

The group of associations

Here, for example, what a group of 24 Piedmontese associations of civil society think, among which we find ACLI, Catholic Action and free Piedmont on the Gambling law. Here is an extract from their press release: "The law was a goal of civilization that placed Piedmont at the forefront of attention to the most fragile people and families and made an example of it for other regions”.

Also alongside the associations also the regional councilor Marco Grimaldi: "That law has meaning less slot, less poverty and less sick: almost 2 billion played less, several hundred million non -lost and remaining in the pockets of the socially more disadvantaged players”.

Workers in the sector

On the other hand, then, there are also the lavators who have been engaged in keeping bets and legal VLTs open for years. These decided to take to the streets in mid -March to show their indignation. The managers ask that the deadline of 20 May, the date on which the distance clauses will apply to all the rooms, is cancelednull This is, for them, the only way to protect the jobs of a sector already in enormous difficulty obviously for the Pandemia di Coronavirus, but also for the growth of the online that takes away more and more customers.

Furthermore, the managers themselves, as happened at national level, also tried to highlight one point in particular. That is, despite the closure of some rooms, the game is practiced the same, only that it takes place in non -legal structuresnull We obviously talk about Bishop Clandestine in which today it is played despite the various prohibitions and the curfew.

The data on the Piedmont regional law on gambling

Obviously, both sides on the pitch have their part of reason, as well as clearly emerges from both sides.

The CGIA, the trade association of small businesses, spoke of a loss of jobs that would be around three thousand units. Really frightening numbers, especially in a difficult and particular period like this. In the same report, then, it would be evident that despite the various limitations, the turnover of the slot machines, certainly the most used game, has increasednull Just as the illegal round moved by unauthorized games would also increase. In 2016, the year of introduction of the Piedmont regional law on gambling, and 2019, the money spent would have decipprated from 466 thousand euros to about 4.7 million euros.

The associations, however, respond with a drop of over two billion euros of the game in total. Even if from this point of view it would have to be considered how many have been spent on it Casino onlinenull To these, then, add the fact that fewer people turned to the ASL assistance centers for gambling addiction. In particular, it would be a figure equal to 20% less. Numbers, therefore, really important that would certainly deserve a certain attention.

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