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Entain continues his path of players' protection and does it by launching a new program. Entain's affordability model, in fact, has put in place the Arc technology, or Advances Responsibility and Carenull In a nutshell, it is a system that will be able to improve the control over the solvency of the players and above all to impose more iron episode limits. This choice arises from the need to want to protect all players even more rigorously, especially those with financial problems and dependence on the game. The latter, in fact, are those Chenon manage to stop by creating, therefore, serious damage for their lives and for that of their loved ones.

At the moment, from what transpires, the ENTAIN player protection program will enter into operation by the summer, at least in United Kingdomnull We can also say that it will be active for all 14 active brands in England that are part of this group. The dates have not yet been announced regarding the other European countries in which Etain operates through its brandsnull In USA, for example, it is active through Digital game.

How the Affordability Model of Entain works

The system includes a series of controls on the player's solvency levels. This means that if it appears a debtor and that has several loans or installments against him, The episode limits will be automatically lowered and therefore will not be able to overcome them for any reason.

ENTAIN players protection statements

These are the words of Peter Marcus, Director of the Entain operations: "In the last 18 months we have worked on concepts of convenience for players as part of our Arc accessibility program. For those who believe they are more at financial risk, we establish limits that increase only if these individuals share certain information on their convenience”.

Marcus, then added and reassured the horse betting sector that seemed the most worried by this initiative: "This means that the vast majority of customers who do not show signs of financial risk can continue to play freelynull We believe that this is an important step to preserve personal freedoms and that will bring great benefits also to the horse racing industry”.

These, however, the words of Jette Nygaard-Andersen On the protection of the players of Entain, a few weeks ago that has become new CEO thentine: “We believe with fervor that a more personalized and individual strategy to protect players is the best way to follow. So, for the most vulnerable players, we acted as soon as possible. We are very busy offering each customer the best experience and protection possible, adapted to his personal needs“.

Il Gambling Act

This choice comes precisely in one of the most particular moments regarding the game industry in England. In the United Kingdom, in fact, the revision of the Gambling Act and the Government is trying to adopt the rules and restrictions that prevent the spread of gambling especially for young people and fragile peoplenull In the latter category, obviously players who suffer from ludopathy and those who have financial problems. And precisely for the latter categories, the Entain player protections program was created.

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