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The Gambling Reform was immediately approved by the Finnish Parliament, as it establishes more guarantees on monopoly and greater controls on offshore operators.

This reform, according to the government, should be completely implemented before 2024.

But let's see the news more in detail in this article written by our experts and professionals of the sector.

What treats the reform on Finnish Gambling?

The reform on the Gambling just approved by the Finnish Parliament, called Suomen Eduskunta, deals with the regulations concerning lotteriesnull But also Some blocks on payments and rules on marketing.

First of all they must be made greater checks on offshore operators and they will have to be given More guarantees to the VEIKKAUS operator which now has the monopoly.

Among these guarantees there was talk of the Blocking payments for operators other than what the monopoly holds, which, however, was currently considered unconstitutional by the Constitutional Committee. Always according to the committee, it would be It is therefore better to block payments to the operators, rather than the transactions made by users, thus making this constitutional modification.

Then, it will also be mandatory identification, which is currently already for the operator's slots that holds the monopoly.

This reform on Finnish Gambling also affects the Marketing rules that will be modified at the time of the change of the law relating to the lotteries of the country. For example, the Advertising in games such as slot machines And others deemed particularly dangerous for users will be prohibited in all its form.

Now the reform on the Gambling approved in the first instance by the Parliament must be approved in a second reading, and then be sent to the president and be issued as a definitive law.

The declarations on the reform

The Secretary General of theCrime (European Gaming and Betting Association), that is to say Maarten Haijer, ha The reform on Gambling is very criticized Finnish.

He says that the payments block is only proposed to benefit the monopolist operator, when in reality much of the players are trying to turn to other operators.

In fact, these are his words: "The introduction of the PSP blocking is aimplicit admission that many Finnish players prefer to bet on other websites rather than on that of the state monopoly. "

And then added: “There are an infinite number of reasons why they do it: the availability of Best bets bet, a better diversity and competence in the products offered, they are to name a minimum part. "

“In the world of online gambling, consumers vote. That's why We will not stop in encouraging the government to reformulate, rather than strengthening, the monopoly model of gambling online of the country. And also to support the advantages of establishing a well -regulated model and with more licenses for online gambling in Finland. ", then concluded by saying Maarten on the reform on Finnish Gambling.

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