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There is a strong discussion in USA, and precisely between the Ministry of Health and the regions on the pathological game regulation and on its draft. This is because the ministry is working hard on a draft regulation. This will serve to determine the ideal measures For the prevention and gambling services for the care of subjects with this dependence.

With the increasingly important growth of the online game, people who are a pathological dependence on gambling also increase. Exactly for this reason, The responsible bodies are needed to collaborate with each other to improve the Gambling prevention and assistance.

Pathological game regulation

In the draft pathological game regulation, the Ministry of Health writes that it is important: "Improve prevention and assistance interventions for people with gambling disorder problems, making the diagnostic path homogeneous, effective and quality, therapeutic and assistance of the patient and providing a valid help to employment services and social private individuals, through the provision of specific lines of action”.

This is certainly one of the most important aspects that are found in "Action lines to guarantee the prevention and rehabilitation performance for people with pathological gambling"professionalvided for by the Ministry.

It should also be remembered that USA is one of the countries where you play more And therefore there is talk of important interventions.

The contribution of the regions in the prevention and gambling assistance "

Within the draft pathological game regulation, then, the function of the American regions is also outlined. These, in fact, "will have to implement the lines of action regulation through the adoption of measures which, in the field of autonomy to be recognized, favor the integration between public services and the accredited social private individuals, volunteering and self-help associations of the local territorial network, being able to provide, in the context of the financial resources available, also greater forms of protection for the population”.

It is therefore understood that the various regional governments have a very important task before them. That is to say "implement the prevention of the pathological game so that all interventions are carried out in an integrated form". This is because being able to create a strong and cohesive territorial network is certainly one of the fundamental points for prevention and gambling assistance.

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