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Reopening Casino in USA: when will the casinos reopen? This is the question that the American players who are waiting for the time to be able to go to aim in a traditional gaming room ask themselves. I online casinoIn fact, they are conquering more and more players. Growth, as the data also show, also accentuated in the Covid pandemic period. Despite this, however, Many people remain fond of traditional gaming facilities which, however, have been closed for several months now.

The latest news on Casino reopening in USA

For a few days, however, we have received some more information on the possible date of reopening activities in USA and on the curfewnull As for the latter, for example, we saw that after having moved it forward by one hour, the Draghi government It should completely eliminate it from June 21st.

As there will also be the various reopenings as indoors and gyms. As regards, however, the reopening casino, betting rooms and bingo, The date of 1 July 2022 seems to be confirmed.

When will the casino in USA reopen in the white area?

The epidemiological curve, however, is continuing to drop day after day and the number of vaccines administered in USA is increasingnull We travel, now, on about 500,000 inoculations per day and in June, this number should also increase since more and more doses will arrive.

This situation is leading to the various reopenings that we have just talked to you but also to the probable passage of some regions from the yellow to the white area. A situation that also affects the casino reopeningnull First we talked about July 1st as the first useful date to reopen the game rooms, but the casino reopening in USA could also be anticipated.

Among the first regions, for example, to pass in the white area given the positive data for a few weeks, there is Liguria. This is the region in which the City of Sanremo and the homonymous casino.

Andrea Costa, Undersecretary for Health and Sport of the Draghi government, thought about a glimmer of hope of the structures, workers and players.

It costs, in fact, during an interview and answering a question concerning the Sanremo playing room, he said: "On the reopening of the Sanremo casino adds: “If the data are confirmed, on June 7, Liguria will return to the white area, So it is clear that a whole series of openings are possible while maintaining a sense of responsibilitynull We must give clear time horizons also to stimulate vaccination”.

Veneto also seems considerably interested in this possibility, given the low number of contagions per day and the growing vaccination trend. The Casino of Venice, in fact, could also benefit from this anticipation of the reopenings.

After the decision to establish the reopening Casino in July, The Aosta Valley criticized the choice, asking for a rethinking and an anticipation.

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