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Over the past few weeks the government led by Conservator Boris Johnson is ready for a revision of the Gambling Act, whose last update dates back to 2005null Obviously it is a procedure that will take a long time but that should lead to a fairly seen change of the national regulation as regards the game in England, Especially for online casino and slot machines.

The current version, launched when Tony Blair was in Downing Street, is considered a fairly free law from restrictions and which, therefore, could potentially encourage the spread of the game to which, unfortunately, several pathologies are connected, including above all the ludopathy null

The revision of the Gambling Act was one of Johnson's main themes during his election campaign and it seems that the right time has come to get us hand.

The main changes made with the revision of the Gambling Act

To deal with potential changes is the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

According to the Guardian, one of the most important English newspapers, to be put under the magnifying glass there would be the relationship between advertising of virtual and traditional gaming rooms and the constant increase in young people approaching online casinonull Precisely for this reason we would be thinking of a total prohibition of advertising for these activities, as currently happens in USA, or in any case different restrictions. For example, the partnership between football teams and online game platforms could be prohibited. Just as the welcome offers and the various promotions created by casinos could not be advertised.

However, the debate is currently underway between the various souls of both the government and the political parties. There He expects the confrontation, as the weeks pass, you start to become even hard enough.

How to check the losses?

Among the points under discussion, Then there is also the possibility of placing a players reported in the daily lossesnull Currently, in fact, casino players both online and terrestrial can play as much as they want. This, however,, It also involves serious losses and consequently economic problems for peoplenull In addition to a monthly, or daily limit, some algorithm may also be introduced that can focus particularly on those players who cannot then spend huge sums of money. In this direction there would also be the possibility of imposing a maximum episode limit.

Why in this period?

We asked ourselves why, precisely in this period of global pandemic, attention is focusing on the revision of the Gambling Act. The answer is much simpler than you think. During periods of quarantine and Lockdown also in England, Online casino are among the activities that not only have not registered a drop, but they increased the amount of their revenuenull Obviously this is due to the fact that according to many people, including very young people, they tried to find a new pastime. And this new pastime led them to approach the world of Gambling.

And this is why a group of parliamentarians, part of both the opposition and the majority, have created a working group called "Peers for Gambling Reform”, chaired by the Democratic Liberal Lord Foster of Bath.

Since we have more than 300,000 people with gaming problems, including 55,000 children, and a suicide linked to the game every day, it is necessary to act urgently". These are the words of Lor Foster brought from the Guardian, testifying to the will to put a brake on the uncontrolled spread of gambling in England.


From what is learned from the various British sources, all the various protagonists would agree on a reinterpretation of the Gambling Act, even quite extensive. The fear of many, however, is that a series of limitations and restrictions would have as its main consequence to divert players, and consequently their money, towards unauthorized casino sitesnull And this would also involve a serious loss of money for the state coffers. At the moment, statistics report that only 2.5% of people choose to play on unauthorized sites. So almost all the flow between taxes on dealers and winnings ends the state.

The risks of the uncontrolled game

As mentioned, at the basis of this discussion on a revision of the Gambling Act there are, in particular, the risks caused by an uncontrolled game. People who fall into the dependence on the game end up indebted for thousands of pounds without even realizing itnull Money that can no longer return and therefore begins a vicious circle of loans and financial ones. At the beginning you turn mostly to banks or credit institutions. But when you do not comply with your commitment, We also the chokes related to organized crimenull And in that case the situation becomes much more critical.

The next steps in the revision of the Gambling Act

There are currently several tables among the sector stakeholders, including trade associations, casino and bookmakers. A careful data analysis will therefore also be provided to understand if the connections to be careful are actually, such as online advertising and the increase in young players. At the end of this comparison, then, all the proposals arrived on the table and a discussion will be made. What is certain in this situation is that the revision of the Gambling Act will be there. It remains to be understood, however, how deep it will be and if it will be able to satisfy everyone.

Occasion also for USA?

The American government has already activated a series of reforms in recent years To put a brake on gambling, in particular the online onenull The plan should be completed in the next year but it is not said that the revision of the Gambling Act in one of the patients of the bets, it could bring consequences or in any case comparisons also in USAnull In reality something has already started to move like the ban on sponsorships and advertising.

Gambling Act review: conclusion

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