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The Coronavirus has created a triple trend regarding remote games. For example, we find the casino sector, already growing in recent years and with a even greater increase in 2022null Sports betting has undergone a vertical collapse regarding traditional rooms, and a less conspicuous drop, instead, for online episodes, despite the three months of stop. The same problem also for games managed exclusively by the American state, including, obviously the lot, the Superenalotto and the other lotteries. Compared to the previous year, in fact, there has been a 33% decrease for Tax Revenue 2022 gamesnull In the next paragraphs we will analyze in detail this data and try to understand the reasons.

MEF Tax Revenue: the data

In 2022, the tax revenues of 2022 games reached the sum of 446.7 billion eurosnull Obviously an important revenue for the state coffers also arrives from this large sum of money. This is because they are absolutely legal and authorized games by the Customs and Monopolies Agency, or the only body in USA responsible for the game at a distance and which is part of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

The tax derive from both direct and indirect taxes. Among the former we find for example, Irpef and IRES. Among the second, however, the costs on consumption and VAT. In total, this year the tax revenue 2022 have guaranteed 10.5 billion eurosnull An important figure, but which is still in sharp decline compared to the whole previous year. We are talking about more than five billion euros, therefore equal to 32.6%, lessnull And it is a trend that seems destined to continue, given that in January 2022 the tax revenues from the games was 883 million euros. In the same month of the year before, or the only one in which he did not hear about Coronavirus (who arrived in the last week of February in USA), About 395 million euros more had occurred. In a year, therefore the crunch was 30.9%.

And motives

Abandoning too much about the reasons is also quite useless as we must consider above all the Lockdown factor and the restrictions that first blocked, and then slowed down the games sector. Of course, even when it has taken up there were complications. For example, people were afraid to go out or in the tobacconists there were long rows and therefore the citizens, tired of waiting, did not play.

To weigh on the tax revenues, then, there are also the various economic difficulties to which many Americans were subjected, therefore, having to cut expenses, they opted for the game.

He trend

The collapse of tax revenues 2022 games interrupted a positive trend that continued for some years. Just to want to give an example, It is enough to consider that in 2019 there had been a growth of 6.4% and a total increase of almost one billion eurosnull It will therefore be necessary to see if in 2022 we will return to the 2019 data, or if the growth will still be slow.

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