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The expert, and professional Roulette player, Federico, explains in this guide How to play the American version of this game, also known as American Roulette, describes Its characteristics and talks about the differences in the game table compared to other versions.

This guide is part of the series written by Federico concerning the famous Roulette game, like those on the versions French, Europeann, Live e Multi Wheel.

The reason that prompted us to create this series on the various roulette is simple, It is one of the most famous games in physical casinos e online, and was developed in a series of versions that every day attract many players, both expert and beginners, to aim for real money, or to play them in demo mode, in every part of the world.

If you are also a fan of the game, or a beginner looking for more information on this roulette, do not miss the next lines written by Federico, because you will discover many useful and interesting things about this game.

History of American roulette

The American roulette, characterized by a table slightly different from the French and European versions, was the second version of the game developed after the French one.

The game was imported to America by French settlers And, it would seem, the first place where it was seen is Canada. Always in Canada, where The popular roulette among the settlers was the French one, the game was also called "devil wheel" and was made illegal in Quebec in the 18th century.

The American roulette, or American roulette in the original language, It is so called precisely for the place where it is most played, that is to say l’Americanull Of very similar to this version there is the European one, which in our continent is certainly more famous, and actually derives from the American Roulette; has simply been changed, such as From double 0 to a single 0, because according to the players the counter had greater advantage with double 0.

This version called American is then became very famous in the 19th century in the American southern states, to then move even to the northern ones in the following decades.

The differences between this roulette and the other versions

As already mentioned, The American Roulette is a game very similar to the European and French one, but differs in some important characteristics.

The double 0 of the American roulette

The first difference found in the American roulette is The double 0, which is present only in this version. This means that The numbers present in the boxes are not 37 in total, but 38.

Both the 0 and double 0 are green in color, while the other numbers are red and black as in all other versions of the game. The 00 is located in the diametrically opposite part of the wheel compared to the single 0.

The language used in the game

Another difference in American roulette compared to the French one is The language used by both the Croupier and the writings on the game table.

In fact, if in the French version the Croupier speaks in French, In the American one, the language used is usually English. Obviously this feature can be seen above all by playing in a physical casino, and the reason is that In the online ones, everything is often translated into the language of the country from which you are playing.

The advantage of the counter

One of the reasons why American roulette is not very played in Europe, but has been replaced by the European version of the game, it is precisely because The desk has a greater advantage, since both a 0 and an 00.

In fact, doing two accounts, you notice how The bench is ahead of 5.40% compared to the player on players called dozen, columns, horse, carrè, triplet, full and sestine, and in those simple equal and odd calls, manque and passe, and red and black the advantage It is 2.7%.

Order of numbers

The order of numbers, however indicated with alternate red and black colors, in the American roulette it is different from the French one.

This means that Not all games, or the game systems, of the French version are applicable in that American Roulette call.

The American roulette table

The American roulette table also has one different arrangements of the boxes compared to the other versions of the game, and the reason is mainly due to the fact of the presence of 00.

And then, The numbers are also arranged differently on the table, and it is because they are in a different position also on the game wheel.

American roulette game systems

Even in the American Roulette, before knowing how to play, You need to know some of the main game systems.

As already mentioned, however, For American roulette they are different, at least in part, from those of French or European roulette, and the main reason is that double 0 is present.

Indeed, With double 0, it is not possible to focus with systems that in other roulette are considered completely normal and typical of this casino game.

This, among other things, It is precisely one of the reasons why the American version of Roulette is not played in other countries as much as the European and French.

Non -implementable systems

The main systems that are used in other roulette but are not implemented in American Roulette They are essentially 4.

  • The neighbors of 0: In the French roulette it is a series of 17 numbers that are positioned in the wheel on the right and left of the number 0 between 22 and 25. The numbers in question are 0-2-3, 4-7, 12-15, 18- 21, 19-22, 25-26-28-29, 32-35.
  • 5/8: These, in the French roulette, are 12 playable numbers with 6 out of 6 "horses" corresponding to 5-8, 10-11, 13-16, 23-24, 27-30, 33-36. Obviously, in the case of American roulette, they cannot be used as the 00 is found in the opposite part.
  • Trap: Nassa is that system used very much among American players who are very similar to orphans. 8 numbers close to 0. The numbers are covered on the Nassa. The number of 26 and 19 full, and the 0-3, 12-15, 32-35 series.
  • Orfanelli: This series is not usable in the American Roulette. The numbers are 1, 6-9, 14-17, 17-20, 31-34 and are called in this way because they are not part of any other series.

The types of bet on the American roulette table

Another important thing to know before finding out how to play the American roulette is the type of bets that can be made.

Also in this case, as in the French version of the game, The types are divided into 2 main groups that we see below: internal episodes and external episodes.

Internal episodes

The internal episodes of the American Roulette are of various types and, of course, have names in English:

  • Single or Straight: episode that is made on a single number.
  • Split: Bet that is done on two numbers close to each other in a vertical or horizontal way. For example 8 and 9 are close horizontally, and 14 and 17 vertically.
  • Street: This is a bet on 3 numbers close to each other horizontally.
  • Corner: Bet on 4 numbers arranged in the shape of a square such as Serie 23, 24, 26 and 27.
  • Double Street: It is made on two street streets close to each other, or on 6 numbers lined up horizontally as the series consisting of 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18.
  • Tris: Bet made on 3 numbers, one of which is 0, such as 0, 1 and 4.
  • Basket: episode made on 0, 00 and 2.
  • First 4: You bet on the first 4 numbers in sequence which are 0, 1, 2 and 3.
  • First 5: Here you bet on the first 5 numbers that are 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3.

External episodes

The external episodes when playing the American roulette Instead, they are quite similar to those that are made in other versions.

  • Red or black
  • You seem to be disappearing
  • 1-18/19/36 (low numbers or high)
  • dozen (there are 3: 1-12/13-24/25-36)
  • Colonna (one focuses on all 12 numbers in a column)

The wheel of the American Roulette

To the American roulette, as we will see in this chapter, It is not played as in the French or European one also because the wheel is completely different.

The main reason is the presence, in addition to the classic 0, of a double 0 (00) that It completely changes the arrangement of the numbers on itnull Both the 0 and the 00, in this type of roulette, are green in color.

First of all, In the diametrically opposite part of 0 there are no numbers 5 and 20, but the double 0.

On the sides of 0, in the American Roulette, there are two black numbers, on 2 and 28, while On the sides of double 0 there are two red numbers, on 27 and 1null From 1 to 28, which are found on the same side, the numbers are always alternated between the red and the black color, and the same goes for the numbers on the other side of the circle ranging from 2 to 27.

Another important thing to note in this type of roulette is the non -random position of the numbers. Indeed All consecutive numbers are each positioned in the diametrically opposite box of the other, and they are of the opposite color.

The table

Another difference between the American roulette and the other versions can be seen on the table, in the area where the episodes are made.

In fact, considering the fact that In this version of the game there are multiple numbers and moreover they are arranged completely differently on the wheel, the same happens on the table.

The grid of the episodes in the American Roulette

Traditional American Roulette Table raster illustration

Viewing the grid of the episodes Starting from the left area, you immediately notice the presence of 0 and double 0, followed by Various numbers distributed on 3 horizontal lines that end with 3 boxes in which item 2: 1 is present.

In the lower part of the grid of the episodes in the American roulette there are, however, various items.

Under the first 4 columns of numbers you can see 1st 12 written, which means "the first 12", understood as numbers. Under this box there are then 2 more: 1-18, which are the low numbers, and the inscription "Even" which means "equal".

Below the second group of 4 columns of numbers is the word 2nd 12, or the second group of 12 numbers, and below it i red and black colors.

And then, Under the last group of 4 columns containing the numbers, there is the box with 3rd 12 written, which means The third group of 12 numbersnull Immediately under this box there are also 2. The first with the voice odd, which means "peer" for equal numbers, and the other with written 19-36 which are the high numbers.

How to play the American roulette

Here we are at the explanation of How to play American roulette.

In reality, Speaking of game phases, it does not change much from the European or French version of the game. In fact, the phases are exactly the same, as we see below:

  1. Episode: In the American Roulette you start aiming when the Croupier tells players "make your game". At this point the participants can put the Fiche in the position of the table that corresponds to the episode by them.
  2. Lampa of the ball on the wheel: The Croupier collects the ball located in the position in which it ended during the last play and says "games are made" or, in French, "Le Jeux the Sont Fait". After saying that he will make the wheel turn and launch the ball in the opposite direction. It is important to keep in mind that, despite the phrase called by the Croupier it may seem that it goes to close the episodes, in reality you can continue to place.
  3. The episodes are closed: when the CroPArs He says "nothing goes anymore" or, in French, "Rien Va Plus", it means that the episodes are closed and you can no longer bet. The episodes made after the Croupier says this sentence will be removed from the table.
  4. Announcement of the result: This part is the one in which the Croupier, after the ball stopped in a wheel box, announces the result. He will say the number, the color, if it is equal or odd and passe / manque.
  5. Final payment phase: The Croupier pays winning bets and the game starts again, later, from point 1.


American roulette is definitely a fun game That, after understanding how you play it, we suggest you first try in demo mode.

It is found in some of the online casino we reviewed and certified bywho, which guarantees its reliability and legality.

It is a gambling, and therefore we recommend, in the event that you decide to aim for real money, not to bet more than what you feel willing to lose.

In conclusion, We hope that this guide by our professional, Federico, can help you understand how to play American roulette and that you can, after having read it, have more fun using it online or in physical casinos present around the world.

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