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In this guide ours Federico, professional player and roulette expert, explains in detail a variant of the famous casino game also known as Multi Wheel Roulette.

it's a game Developed by the famous micro -like providers and Playtech, and there are two different versions on the market.

Ma Let's find out this innovative game in this short guide where we will illustrate its characteristics and how to play it.

What the Multi Wheel Roulette consists

First of all, it is necessary to know that the Multi Wheel Roulette, in all its versions, It is not an extremely different game from the classic roulette.

Its particularity, from which the name also clearly derives, is that The game develops on several wheels which, to be precise, are 8.

These 8 wheels can be activated or deactivated at will by the player And when they are all active, they allow, in case of victory, to reach much higher figures than when playing with a single wheel.

The versions of this roulette

As mentioned, there are two types of Multi Wheel Roulette, A European and a French.

Overall, as we will see below, The game and the episodes work exactly in the same way as on the classic versions of these two games.

The french roulette

The game of French roulette, of which we have already spoken in detail in This dedicated guide, It is the most famous and ancient version of the game.

Was developed in France in the 18th century, and the version that we all know was then introduced in 1790.

It is a roulette with 37 numbers ranging from 0 to 36, colorful of red and black in an alternating way, excluding the 0 which is usually green.

As we have better explained in the special guide on this type of roulette, it is characterized by a particular rule called, in the original language, "en prison", and known by us as "in prison".

Based on this historical roulette, Playtech and Microgaming They decided to put his own and develop the Multi Wheel version.

European roulette

European roulette, of which we talked about in this guide and of which the two providers created a multi Wheel version, It is a game very similar to the classic French version.

È Also known as English Roulette and differs from the French one primarily because It does not have the rule of "en prison".

Another difference between the two versions is that in this The writings and words said by the Croupier are in English language, while in the French one, as you can imagine, they are the French language.

Also, on Green table, which in the European version of the Multi Wheel of Microgaming and Playtech is actually different, the episode areas located near the numbers are positioned in a completely different way to the French way.

With regard to The game method, excluding the "en prison" rule, operation is almost the same.

Aim at the Multi Wheel Roulette

With regard to The episodes, do it on a classic roulette, whether it is French or European, does not change compared to aiming at Multi Wheel.

Obviously, each of the 2 versions has its own methods, but The only substantial difference between the classic ones and the Multi Wheel is that when you make an episode you do it automatically on all active wheels.

Types of episode and game systems

Also As for the types of episode and the game systems that can be used does not change anything from the classic versions of the roulette.

For example, in the French version of the Multi Wheel Roulette they are always carried out Internal episodes such as Plein, Cheval, The Transversale Plein, Carrè and Sestinanull The same goes for the external ones that are Dozen, column, peer or odd, lacks in red or black.

The same goes for the game systems of the French roulette. They can always be used The orphans, the neighbors of 0, La Nassa, Zero Spiel and 5/8.

How to play the Multi Wheel Roulette

Playing the Multi Wheel Roulette, as on the other hand playing all the other versions of Roulette, it is relatively simple.

We start by selecting the chips To point the desired value e they are positioned on the point chosen in the table area where the episodes are placed, also selecting the number of wheels on which you decide to focusnull Remembering to select the number of wheels is very important, e You can start from a coming until you select them all 8.

Once this is done, the game can start. The wheels, or the wheel, selected will turn and the ball will stop on one of the numbers present.

When the ball stops il CroPArs, which in this case is a computer, will go to mark on the table where all the numbers and the various winning bets were carried outnull Automatically, therefore, The winnings are paid and appear in the total of their account.

Where to play this version of Roulette

A very important thing to know, is that The Multi Wheel Roulette is found only in some online casinos And in no physical casinos.

It is not a game at the time present in many American casinosnull However, we are sure that, given its growing popularity, I will soon be available in most of those reviewed.


La Multi Wheel Roulette It is a decidedly fun and innovative game.

We recommend, however, to try the most classic versions of the game first to take our hand and learn the systems and how to make the episodes.

Anyway, Our suggestion is to play it in the casino certified by ADM (who) which are safe and legal in USA.

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