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In this article our professional have focused on an aspect that the players are particularly interested in, or how much the dry number to roulette paysnull We will analyze all the aspects including the differences according to the variant of the roulette you choose, when you have to aim and how to do it. In short, at the end of this article you will know with certainty how the dry number to roulette pays and above all how to play it. Finally, we will also give you some little advice to follow to increase your chance of victory.


We are talking about one of the most important games in the world in the casino sector and known all over the world. Its popularity is due in particular to some characteristics in this game: or the adrenaline that only that ball that turns into the wheel can give and the ease in bettingnull You don't have to know any difficult rule, but only to decide which number to focus on. The only two rules to know, in addition to the value of potential winnings, are "en prison" and "le partage". The first indicates that when the 0 episodes are released, the secondary episodes remain blocked and therefore also apply to the next lap. The second, on the other hand, indicates that when the 0 comes out, the money bet on the secondary episodes, is divided halfway between the counter and the player.

What does full number mean?

In this article we are trying to give a certain and precise answer to the question, that is "how much the dry number to the roulette pays". But first, it is necessary that everyone knows with certainty what it means full numbernull In the roulette there are different types of episodes, the main and secondary ones. Among the first, of course, the full number also includes, that is, when there is entirely a chips on a number box. Why entirely? You must know that it is also possible to focus on two, three, four or six numbers also with the same Fichesnull Let's see what these episodes are and how they place themselves:

  • With the term cheval or horse, it is indicated when there is a chips on the line that separates two numbers, such as 4 and 5. If instead we place the chips on the top of the other that separates the number 1 from 2, we would also include 0, and therefore we would focus on three numbers.
  • With carrè, then indicates, the episode that provides for the placement of Fiche on the summit that connects four numbers, for example 7, 8, 10 and 11.

The only episode with a full number is the one that involves the positioning of a token on a precise numbernull Obviously you can play on multiple full numbers at the same time.

How much the full number to roulette pays

Here we are at the fulcrum of our guide, namely the answer to the initial question "how much the full number to roulette pays". It must be said, however, that the potential winnings changes according to the roulette variant in which you play, obviously both terrestrial and in online casinonull If you are not an expert, in fact, you must know that there are several variants of roulette to be played and therefore you must first understand the one you are aiming for. But you don't have to worry because it will be quite simple and quick to be able to immediately identify the variant, thanks also to the tips that we will give you in the next paragraphs.

How much pays the dry number to French and European roulette?

We have put these two variants together, also because, they have the same number of slots in the wheel, that is 37, that is, the 0 numbers ranging from 1 to 36. In these types of roulette the full number pay 37 to 1, including the episode. This means that if you points 10 euros, win 360. This is obviously the highest prize you can find in a roulette. Between the two types of roulette there is no difference in full numbersnull The only differences, in addition to some graphic and language characteristics (for example the episodes are written in English in the European version) concern the "en prison" and "partage" rules, of which we spoke before and which refer to the secondary episodes.

As for the possibilities instead, consider that you have 2.7% to guess the exact number that will come out.

How much the full number to American roulette pays

In Roulette AmericanaInstead there are 38 slots compared to 37 of the European and French version. This is because, in addition to 0, there is also double 0. It follows the same identical rules of 0 and is green in color. Obviously an extra number decreases the chances of guessing where the ball will stop. The percentage, in fact, drops from 2.7% to 2.6%. On the other hand, however, The potential prize also increases. Instead of winning the mail 3 times, you will win 37.

Mini roulette

The mini-roulette (inserting links but I don't find it), instead it is a game totally different from those we have told you about so far. The differences compared to the French, European and American variants, in fact, are really many. Let's start by saying that the wheel is made up of only 13 slots, or by the number 0 and from the numbers ranging from 1 to 13. Obviously, therefore, the possibility of guessing the extract number is certainly higher, since it is 7.7%, But the prize is clearly lower. If you guess the number, in fact you will be entitled to a prize of 12 to 1. It means that if you points 10 euros, you will win 110 in total.

And how much pays the dry number to Live Roulette?

What changes in Live Roulette? How much is the number to the Live Roulette? These are some of the typical questions that players usually ask themselves. You have to know, however, that Live Roulette is not a vadent of the roulette, but simply a different way to play in the Authorized game roomsnull For example, you can play European, American or French roulette in the live version, or in connection with a flesh and blood dealers. This will not change the way to pay the bets and the episodes of the full number.

The zero pays more?

The number 0 is probably one of the roulette spauraccos, Also because it is the only number that when it comes out is likely to disconnect everyone, Obviously except those who pointed us over. In fact, it represents the advantage of the counter and then when the 0 comes out (or double 0 in the American roulette), all those who focused on red or black, even or odd, dozen or columns, lose unless the "en prision" and "le partage" rules that we saw before is valid null

Having said that, though, The answer to the question if the zero pays more or less than the other numbers is no, the 0 pays like the other numbers. Indeed, in reality this is the only method in which it is possible to focus on zero and obviously, since it has the same chances of any other number of going out, the win is also the same.

The game phases

Let's see now what are the game phases of the roulette and when it is necessary to aim, and when you can no longer do it.

The first phase, of course, is that of the episodes, or the dealer will clearly say that from that moment it is possible to aimnull All players can place their chips, both real and virtual, on the full number on which they want to bet.

After a few seconds, then, the ball will be launched in the roulette. At this game the Croupier will warn the players who are the last chance to place the episode.

When the Croupier then pronounces the phrase "The games are done", In the French version, and"No More Bets"In the English version, then no bet can be placed anymore. You just have to wait for the Termini ball in one of the roulette slots, that the Croupier announces the winning number and that you pay the bets. At this point you will start again from the first game phase.


As in all casino games, obviously also in the roulette, You can absolutely not predict the outcome and therefore there is no system to winnull Obviously, however, there are small and simple rules to avoid losing too much money.

Try the demo version: for example, if you simply want to try the lucky one, spend some time having fun and don't risk wasting money, You can definitely try the version of the game with a virtual accountnull In this way, you will not have any type of fear in playing as and when you want also because there is no need for money. In addition, you can also try to develop your personal strategy in the management of the budget.

Always play legal: Choose only online casino authorized bywhonull It is the only way you have to be sure that the roulette on which you play is not made up. Thanks to the control of the ADM, however, this is absolutely impossible.

Play responsibly: The green table gives great emotions, but also some bad jokes. Precisely for this reason he tries not to make you hang from emotions and accept any defeats that unfortunately can be there.

Do not believe in scammers: Remember that there is no safe method to win at roulette and, therefore, do not believe those who spoil that they have one. He is definitely lying and he just wants to scam you. For roulette there are only bankroll management strategy, or budget, But among other things, they are not even applicable to the full number.


Here at the end of our article on how much the dry number to roulette pays, that is, one of the main dreams of the players who aim for this game. We have seen how much the full number pays in all the variants of the roulette, at what moment we must aim and we have tried to also give you some useful advice to increase your possibilities of victorynull In fact, consider that nobody can ever give you the security of victory in this game, based only on luck.

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