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If you are new about the online gambling game, maybe you've never heard of the professionalvider software casino. This also happens when one's experience is instead of a longtime. In reality, casino software are very important and some important factors depend on them, including above all games and their qualitynull In this guide we will see the actual importance of the software provider casino and also which are the main ones that can be found in the various online platforms.

In addition, we will talk to you about the most important features to know also to understand which are the best providers software casino in the world.

What are the professionalvider software casino

Let's start from a point that must be very clear. Most of the online casino It does not make the games it offers on its platform, but buy them or rent them from companies specialized in this field. Here, these companies are the professionalvider software we are talking about and therefore we already begin to understand their importancenull Everyone, then, tries to stand out than the others for the fact of offering greater services, a wider will vary and other factors that we will talk to you in the next paragraph.

Especially from these companies, therefore, The offer of the various game platforms depends virtual and therefore it is necessary to know them in detail. The casinos, then, are used to tightening several collaborations so as to have a wider variety, even if someone has also thought of creating their own in -house society so as to real games exclusively. A choice adopted for example by 888CARET which uses secation8stduio. Despite this, however, 888 still makes several agreements to expand its offer. For example, only in recent times has signed an agreement with Playtech which, as we will see in the next paragraphs, is one of the most important provider software casino in the world.

professionalvider software: what are the aspects to be controlled

Let's see now what are the factors that can affect when it comes to the best provider software. This will also help us find the Best Authorized Online Casino to play.

Games range

It is certainly the most important aspect of all as well as being among those who really make the difference. Obviously all Casino professionalvider software offer online slot machines, board games such as roulette or cards such as the blackjack. The difference, however, make it the quality of the games and the variants availablenull Having only one Blackjack table is practically useless given the very high number of players who use us. Another problem, then, when you do not have a certain variety regarding the minimum and maximum episodesnull A maximum episode too low, for example, is certainly not very attractive by the players who are used to having an important budget.

For the roulette, then the same difficulties that we talked to you for the Blackjack are valid, to which you must also add the possibility of trying the different variants. The traditional roulette, in fact, is the French one But there are still very important versions, such as the European and the American onenull A software provider casino that wants to consider yourself among the best must certainly have all the versions.

The games of the best producers
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Le slot machine

Separate discussion regarding the slot machine online, both because they are the most important game and because you will find many really around. Each provider software casino to stand out from the others tried to create the best games on the market and sometimes he did it by achieving a great successnull You must consider, in fact, that blackjack, roulette and or baccarat are still very standard games, everyone can also have particular characteristics. The slots, on the other hand, are a whole other world and each is completely different from the othernull If you are thinking that in the end it is just about pulling a virtual lever and seeing what happens, know that you are wrong. The simple setting is already able to make a difference. To this, then, you must add the number of rollers, the payment lines, the progressive jackpots, the special symbols and the Risiko functions. Deepen all these characteristics, of course, It would be really complicated and we would end up making a guide on slots rather than one on the casino manufacturersnull However, we want to dwell, for example, on the Risiko, Gamble or Double -speed function. In a nutshell, many software provider casino choose to insert a function to aim at doubling the winnings obtained with the rollers.

Two other important features of the online slot machines established by the Casino Software manufacturers are RTP and volatility. The first value concerns the percentage of money that returns to the prize pool and, therefore, in the availability of players in the form of winningsnull The higher this parameter, the more it is better to play. This is also equivalent to the software games of the various Casino producers. Obviously the Return To Player is also based on what was established by the national bodies that manage the game at a distance. In USA, for example, there is thewho who wants an RTP above 90%.

Volatility, however, serves to understand the methods of victory. In practice there are three levels: tall, low and medium. With high it means that the slot offers important value prizes even if with poor frequency. When The volatila is low, however, you have the opposite situation, i.e. frequent winning combinations but poor entities. The average type is of course a mix between and two.


Always connected to the games sector, there is then the demo mode factor. In practice, several providers make the demo version of their game available to users, usable with a virtual account. You can then play fake money and discover the rules, how the game you are trying and also study your personal strategy.

Graphic quality and video

The games sector is changing and now, in addition to the game functions, users are always looking for a really high video quality. It must be said that many Casino software manufacturers have been really attentive to this request by bringing their games, in particular the online slot machines, at a very high level. This means that the players are not bored during the episodes and therefore remain more time to play.

Audio quality also has its importance, even if to tell the truth, it is a secondary aspect of graphics.

Mode with live dealers

Be careful at this point because it is already extremely important today, but it will increase day after day. The game with live dealers, in fact, is now the fashion of the moment but its trend shows no sign of decreasing and certainly in the coming months and years to become one of the most played modesAnd. That's why there are some providers, such as Evolution Gaming which, thanks to the fact that he understood his strength before the others, managed to invest economic resources to create the best games with live dealers, creating transmission studies in diverted areas d’Europa.

By now all the best provider software casino are investing in this path, Also because one of the most requested by online casinosnull Of course it is not easy to reach very high levels, as well as being able to have a wide choice. In fact, many Casino producers have only tablers with dealers who speak in English and this is certainly a problem for most of the players who want to enjoy their games to the end. Another criticality are often the minimum and maximum episodes, often too limiting.


The last aspect to check when making an analysis of the Software Casino manufacturers is the mobile game. Do you think everyone has a mobile version? professionalbably yes, but not everyone has the same qualitynull Some games could be usable as if you were on the PC, others could have the states too close and, therefore, make you fall into error. Also consider the possibility of playing to be able to play as an app and directly from the browser of yours Mobile device whether they are smartphones and tablets.

The mobile game, then, is growing more and more and therefore becomes a factor to which it is necessary to pay much attention.

The main provider software casino

Now let's take a look at the main internationally provider software casino that also operate in USA and collaborate with the most important casino sites.


There is very little to say about this software provider casino. We are talking about one of the world pillars of Gambling. In recent years he has also purchased Snaitech, or the platform Snai leader in USA both in the betting sector and in that games sectornull Citing its most famous titles is really impossible given the amount of slot played online, but certainly among all the Age of the Gods saga stands out.


You are also a minimum of experience you will have heard of Gonzo’S Quest, one of the most famous slot machines in the world. Here, to make this game, in addition to hundreds of other games, was precisely this manufacturer of Swedish casino software. It focuses a lot on quality and mobile game.


Historical brand in the online gaming sector, International Gaming Technology has been active in this field since 1981. Over time, then, it has been renewed starting to churn out successful titles also for online, among which one cannot fail to mention Pharaoh's Fortune.

Pragmatic play

Mobile games, prizes, awards and different appreciation allow this company to be counted among the best manufacturers Casino Software Online

Play’n Go

Another Swedish brand listed on the stock exchange and capable of creating titles that have become real in the world of online game. Among these we find Book of Dead and Rise of Olympus. He has also created several live games and is known all over the world.

Evolution gaming

professionalbably from the point of view of the offer for slot machines this is the manufacturer with less offer. On the other hand, however, if you have ever played in live mode with a live streaming dealer, you will have used a game of this software provider. He was the first to understand the importance of this mode and in the end he was right.


It is not known as some pillars in the sector, but we are still talking about a company born in 1994 and therefore has been active for over 25 years in the sector. It offers live games as well as hundreds of slot machinen. Its offer is very large and consists of over 500 devices to choose from.


This is another of the provider software known in particular for a game, or the famous Book of Ra, set in theAncient Egypt and played by millions of people all over the world. However, it also produces live games, in addition to having a catalog where there are over 300 titles.


It is the professionalvider software that has fewer years of activity, but it is not less important than others. He can count on excellent technology that allows him to be at the top both in the mobile game in the desktop one. As for slot machines, The Lucky Leprechaun game is well known.

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