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One of the best methods to try to increase winnings in casinos is to know the rules of the games well and their phases. In this way you will avoid errors and above all you will not throw your money in smoke. In this guide, i our experts in the sector and professional players They deepened one of the most important games in the history of casino: the roulettenull We will tell you everything there is to know, the rules, how to bet and What are the main types of episode, the most frequent strategies and terms to knownull At the end of this article you will know perfectly how to play roulette, and above all you will find out if it is the right game for you, or if you should discover the others present in the various online casinos.

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Short history of roulette and curiosity

Before starting to see how to play roulette, however, Let’s discover its history and some curiositiesnull Tracing back to the first appearance of the wheel game is quite complicated since it seems to be present until from ancient Romenull Despite this, however, it seems that the version of the modern game dates back to the 18th century and that comes from France. That’s why most of the terms used is in French. It was mentioned for the first time with the name of Roulette in 1716, precisely in Bordeaux.

Did you know that Roulette is also called the devil game? This particular name is due in particular to a legend that features François Blanc, owner of the Montecarlo casino. These, in fact,, He asked the devil what the secret was to ensure that his casino started earning money and the answer was the roulettenull Thanks to this game, in fact, his casino began to attract more and more players, and therefore a considerable entry of money. professionalbably this myth was born from the fact that the sum of all the numbers of the roulette, ranging from 0 to 36, 666, a number that has always been linked to the malignant entity.

Green table and wheel

Before finding out how to play the roulette, now let’s move on to the technical issues, that is, we discover how the wheel and the green table are made. As for the wheel, it is obviously perfectly circular shape and provides 37 slots. A color and number is indicated on each slot. The numbers, as mentioned even before, range from 0 to 36 and are divided fairly between the red color and black. So we will have 18 red numbers and other 18 blacks. Be careful though, because there is also a number that is green in color, and it is 0. In the next paragraphs you will also understand because the 0 represents the advantage for the counter.

The green table, on the other hand, is the place on which the episodes are placed. There are all the numbers divided into 37 boxes, in addition to the other types of bets, like red and black, equal or odd, as well as several sidebetsnull If something is not yet clear to you, don’t worry because we will see everything in detail during this guide.

How to play roulette

Let’s now move on to the fulcrum of our guide, or how to play roulette, how to place an episode and what are the most frequent types, as well as some advice to increase your possibilities of victory as much as possible.

Roulette rules

As for the Roulette rules, know that there is not much to know, also because it is a fairly simple game and there are no particular rules to follow, if not to make the episode until possible. Once the episodes are closed, in fact, you will no longer be possible to place your chips on the green tables.

Obviously, then, both in a traditional and online casino, you have to maintain a certain behavior, avoid excesses, to raise your voice or offend anyone with you at the table. The most important factor in a roulette concerns the knowledge of the game, that is to know the possible episodes and understand, from the statistical point of view, what are the chances of victory.

Game phases

In all types of roulette there are five game phases, all indicated by the Croupier or in American, or in French or English. Let’s see what they are.

  • Episode: when the Croupier will pronounce the phrase “Place your bets”, That is, make your game, it means that you can place the chips on the green table based on the episode you want to do.
  • Lampa of the ball: the dealer will take the ball in his hand which is still in the slot of the number released previously and announces “Le Jeux the Sont Fait” – the games are made – and will make the wheel turn around and then launch the ball in the opposite directionnull Do not be fooled by the phrase “The games are made”, Because in reality during this operation it is still possible to aimnull Indeed, many players are waiting for these moments to place their chips.
  • Closing of the episodes: The Croupier will announce that the episode is definitively closed by saying “Rien Va Plus” – “Nothing goes more” in American. At this point it will no longer be possible to place bets.
  • Announcement: once the ball stops in a slot the game ends and the Croupier will announce the outcome of the lap, saying the number, the color, and whether it is equal or odd, manque or passe.
  • payment: At this point you just have to pay the winning bets, and then you can start again from the beginning.

professionalbability of winning

You will certainly be curious to know if the roulette is a game where you win easily or if there are any particular probability compared to other casino games, and we will try to answer your questions. We assume that, as well as many other green board games, Roulette is based only on luck. It is impossible to predict which slot will stop the ball, also because if this were the case, you know that the wheel is made up.

From a statistical point of view You have one out of 37 to guess the number, so 2.7%null Obviously the percentage increases if you focus on red or black, and reaches 48.6%. It does not come precisely halfway through the presence of the number 0, which is green. Same thing also for peers or odd.

Banco advantage: 0

In the first paragraphs of the article we told you about the advantage of the counter. In each game from casino, indeed, the counter always has a small margin of victory more than the playersnull It is precisely this margin that allows casino to exist, otherwise between winnings and losses their budget would always be equal to 0 and therefore they could not go on. As for the roulette, the advantage is represented by the number 0. You can in fact focus on the fact that it is the next number that comes out without any problem, but it does not fall among the various bets as peers or odd, red or black, dozens or columns. In fact, if it points on equal, know that this number is not considered, and therefore, if it should come out the 0 you will lose your bet, just as everyone who focused on red or black, dozen or other sidebets will lose it.

Difference between French roulette and American roulette

At this point, since you know the advantage of the counter, It will be clearer to you how to play roulette and also the difference between European and American roulettenull In the latter, in fact, there are 38 numbers and not 37, given that there is another green number, the 00, which follows all the conditions foreseen for 0. In practice it is a double advantage for the counter, which It has 5.4% of more victory possibilities than the players who place episodes on red and black, even and odd, columns or dozensnull This is obviously the main reason why many players decide to focus on the French roulette avoiding the American onenull Obviously it has some advantages. For example, many players choose the American one to implement the hunt for zero, and in this case the probability are double. As for the game phases and the episodes, they are practically the same.

Main episodes

Let’s now see how to play roulette and what are the main episodes on the roulette table.

  • Single number: you can focus any number you find on the green table from 0 to 36 and hope that it will come out. In this case you will win 3 times the sum episode.
  • Cavallo o cheval: This episode is realized when you place a chips between one number and another. That is, points on two numbers simultaneously and obviously the sum won halves and is equal to 17 times the mail played.
  • Equal or odd/red or black: We put these bets together because they follow the same mechanism. In practice you can focus on the fact that the next number is red or black, or even or odd, or of course both also together. The win is 2 to 1, so you will double the initial episode. As you already know, moreover, if the number 0 you will always lose.
  • Lack or pass: with these French terms, the numbers ranging from 1 to 18 (manque) and those which, on the other hand, go from 19 to 36 (passe) are indicated. Also in this case the win is equal to double the initial mail.


In addition to the simplest bets we have just told you about, There are also slightly more complicated or at least that they need more in -depth study because they are not as intuitive as the othersnull Here are the three most famous and known groups all over the world:

  • Neighbors of zero: with this name the 16 numbers are indicated on the wheel are close to 0, of which eight on one side and eight on the other. To these then add the 0, and therefore in total the numbers on which they focus simultaneously for a total of 9 chips are seventeen. The numbers in question are: 0-2-3, 4-7, 12-15, 18-21, 19-22, 25-26-28-29, 32-35.
  • Serie 5/8: this group, on the other hand, includes the numbers opposed to 0 (always speaking of the wheel) and their name is due to the lower torque, obviously 5 and 8. In addition to these there are then 10-11, 13 -16, 23-24, 27-30, 33-36.
  • The orphans: it is an episode that involves The remaining 8 numbers that are neither part of the first group nor of the second and for this reason they are called “orphans”null The numbers we are talking about are: 1, 6-9, 14-17, 17-20, 31-34.

Strategies on how to play roulette

In this paragraph we will talk about the strategies to try to maximize your money, but first keep in mind one thing, that is, nobody can ever guarantee you to win one hundred percent at the roulettenull As you have understood, in fact, it is a game based exclusively on luck, and therefore there are no tricks or stratagems to predict the next issue that will come out. So you’re wide from those who offer you scientific methods or more to win, because there are two cases: Either he wants to steal money or the roulette is made up. In both situations, however, it is much better not to play.

Remember, then, to play only in Legal and authorized casinos by ADM or AAMSnull In this way you will avoid rigged games or scams.

Another useful advice, especially suitable for players who overlook the world of online roulette for the first time, is to play a few games in the demo mode. Many sites have this function that allows you to play without real money but with a comfortable virtual account. You will acquire experience in the game, you will understand what the types of episode are and, above all, you will find out if you like this game or not.

Even the count of the previous numbers released can be misleading, especially if taken with a certain rigidity. There is no written rule that provides that a number cannot come out several times consecutively. Each number, in fact, once launched the ball has the same possibility (2.7%) to go out on the wheel.

On the contrary, however, there are strategies on how to play roulette and to better manage their bankroll, or the budget. In the next paragraphs we will present you the two most popular and simple systems, and therefore also suitable for players without particular experience: The Paroli method and the martingale.

To talk

This system provides that the episode is doubled in the event of a win and that the same value is maintained in case of loss, and is implemented on those bets that provide almost 50% of the probability of victory as red-black, even or odd or 1-18/19-36. Let’s take an example to understand it at best. Let’s assume that a feic of $ 10 on the red color points. At this point there are two possibilities:

  • A red number comes out and then get $ 20. At this point you continue to play by aiming 20 $ on black.
  • The number that comes out is black or 0: you will have lost and you will have to continue to focus on red always with a Fiche of $ 10.

This method provides for some conditions, and the most important are:

  • In the event of consecutive winnings it only doubles the amount of the episode three times. For example, if you get to aim first $ 10, then $ 20 and then 40 $ since you won three consecutive times, at the fourth victory you will no longer have to double the episode and always continue with 40 $.
  • Every time you lose you have to go back to the initial episode. So if when you bet 40 $, you have lost, you will have to go back to point only $ 10.


This system is instead the opposite of Paroli, or double when you lose and keep the same episode when you winnull Also in this case we do an example to be as clear as possible. Suppose that you have focused 10 $ on the red and, therefore, there are two possibilities:

  • The red comes out and you won $ 20. It means that the next episode will be on the black color but always 10 $.
  • Black or 0 comes out: points once again on red but this time doubles for $ 20.

Roulette online

If you usually play on an online roulette, you absolutely don’t have to worry, since the rules are practically the same as the real version. There will be the same game phases, the identical types of episode and the same possibilities of victory. Obviously you will enjoy the tranquility of being able to play from home or mobile without any problem.

Live dealer

This game mode is enjoying great success in the various online casino for a series of fairly clear motifs. It is a live streaming connection with a real roulette table where there will be a croupier in flesh and blood To manage the game phases and the episodes, and who can also interact with the people sitting at the table. Obviously the CroPArs He will know the game perfectly, so he can explain the roulette rules or melt any doubt.

Many players prefer this mode because it offers greater safety, fun and chills. In reality the game is always the same, but seeing the ball from a real person rather than a software, offers a feeling of greater tranquilitynull Obviously it is a simple semblance, since playing on legal and certified platforms, however, you will have the same identical possibilities thanks to the ARG. With this abbreviation we indicate the random number generator, or a generator of random numbers that guarantees the absolute randomness of each game.


We have reached the end of this guide on how to play roulette and we are sure that you now know all the main information you need. Our guide, who as we always remember was made by industry experts and professional players, was made for a double reason. The first concerns the fact that you have to understand the game and roulette rules well before using your moneynull The second, however, is that you have to know the game to understand if it is the right one for you, or if it is better to try others like the slots or the blackjack. In any case, we recommend that you always play a few games in demo mode so as to understand it directly by playing us.

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