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In this guide we will see in detail how to play Blackjack and, to do it, we will take a look at a series of aspects that you absolutely must know if you want to bring you closer to the game of 21. We will see the Blackjack rules, the game phases, some terms used and much morenull Thanks to the help of our pros, experts in the world of Gambling and professional players, Once you arrive at the end of this article you will be clear how to play Blackjack and above all you will know if it is the right game for you.

History of Blackjack

The origins of this game are still uncertain today, But many scholars believe that he was born in France in the 17th century and that his name was Twenty-one. The game first spread throughout Europe, also arriving in USA where it was known as the game of 21, and then be exported to America in the 19th century. And it is precisely in New World Which takes on the physiognomy of what is the modern game, also changing the name. As some variants and bonus winnings are added. For example, if the score of 21 was obtained with a black ace and jack, you were entitled to the highest winning. And that’s why the game begins to call yourself Black Jack (i.e. Jack Nero). From that moment its popularity has grown dramatically, becoming, together with roulette and poker, one of the symbols of Gambling all over the world.

How to play Blackjack

If you are wondering how to play Blackjack, know that it is very simple, it being understood that there are some rules, but fortunately few, and phases of the game that you absolutely must know to avoid throwing money into the wind. The goal of the game is to achieve the score of 21 or at least obtain a point higher than that of the Croupiernull If, on the other hand, you overcome 21, you will highlight and then lose your episode in any case.

il Blackjack is played with French cards without Jolly and the number of decks present in the Croupier deck varies according to the online casinonull There are those who decide to put four or even more. This choice is taken into consideration of the fact that some players could count the cards, that is to remember what the exit cards are and predict if in the next laps the cards that will be distributed could be particularly high or low. This is a practice prohibited in most of the online casino and, where it is not prohibited, it is practically impossible to implement precisely because of the high number of decks present.

The game phases and the value of the cards

At the beginning of the game, the Croupier will distribute two cards discovered to all the players sitting at the table and two even to himself, only one of them will remain covered. The score of the various cards al Blackjack game it is the following:

  • And 2 at 10: These cards have their nominal value. That is the 2 Vale 2, on 3 is worth 3 and so on.
  • Jack, Regina e Re: All figures have the value of 10.
  • Asso: This is the only card that can have a double value, that is 1 or 11. The choice of value naturally depends on you. For example, if you have an ace and a 3 in your hand, you can choose to ask for another card which, for example, will be 8. If you asserted the ace with the score of 11, you would have a total point of 22 and therefore you would have busted null Of course it is much better to be worth 1 and therefore you would have a score of 12 and you can still request a card to try to get closer to 21.

Once you have decided to stop, it will be up to the Croupier to discover his covered card and decide to take a new card or stop in turn because he has a point already useful to win.

What to know when you play Blackjack

As mentioned even before, There are no particular Blackjack rules to know also because it is a fairly simple gamenull In addition to the game phases and the value of the cards, in fact, there are no other rules to respect. It is very important, however, to know some actions that you can decide to implement according to the various situations.


This term indicates the possibility of dividing the two uncovered cards received at the beginning and play as if two first cards had been received. Obviously you will have to make an episode equal to the initial one. You can only put the split when you receive two equal cards.

Let’s take an example to be clearer. Let’s assume that the Croupier gives you two 8 and that before the distribution of the cards he pointed $ 10. At this point you can ask the dealer of splittare the cards, paying a new episode of 10 $ And you will play with two hands simultaneously and the counter will have to assign you more two cards, one for each 8. In this way, you will have the opportunity to double your chances of victory, but obviously you will have to make this choice only when it is worth it. For example, if you receive two 3, maybe it’s not the case with splittare. On the contrary, on the other hand, with two 9 or two 10 it could be a gluttonous opportunity to be grasped on the fly.


You can ask for insurance when the Croupier has an ace discovered. In practice, by paying half of your initial episode, You will ensure you against a possible dealer blackjacknull If these had a ten or a figure like covered paper, you will re -face your initial episode, but obviously not the sum paid to ensure you.


Some online casinos allow the player to retire after seeing his two uncovered cards and that of the dealer. By withdrawing you you will re -back half the initial episode. This operation is never allowed if the dealer has a blackjack.


Another practice, not always allowed in all online casinos, is to double the initial episode after seeing the first two uncovered cards distributed by Dealer.

The advantage of the counter and the rule of 17

Just as it happens in most casino games, the counter always reserves a small advantage. In the roulette (I would insert links to the article written previously), for example, is the number 0, while in the blackjack it consists in the fact that the Croupier plays after you And therefore, if you overflow, the counter would win in any case. The same goes even if you had a good point in hand. However, the dealer would first know your score and therefore can decide peacefully whether to continue taking cards or if it is better to stop.

In many casinos, however, precisely to reduce this advantage of the counter which was certainly not well accepted by the players, It was decided to also introduce a restriction to the Croupier, or the rules of 17null The counter, in fact, must stop when its point reached the 17th, even if one of the players at the table had a higher score. The only exception to this rule lies in the fact that it is not obliged to stop if the 17 is made up of an ace (which could therefore also be worth 1).

In the same way, the dealer is forced to ask for paper if he has a score ranging from 12 to 16null We must reiterate, however, that these rules are not always present in all traditional or online casinos in which you play, so it is certainly better to inquire first.

Blackjack winnings

Now you will probably understand how to play Blackjack, the phases of the game of 21 and the Blackjack rules. But let’s see how much you can win at the green table.

If you get a greater point to that of the Banco Vinci the double of the post -episode. If you have bet $ 10, then receive $ 20 in total, including your episode.

If you make a blackjack instead, get a win of 1.5 times the initial episode. Consequently, if you have aimed $ 10, you receive 25.

Blackjack glossary

At this point, after understanding how to play Blackjack, having seen the rules and phases of the game, you must also know the right terms to use during a game. So here is a comfortable real glossary always at hand:

blackjack: In addition to being the name of the game, it also indicates the highest point that can be obtained in the game of 21, and is made up of a ace and give a 10 or a figure.

Stai: You will say or click on the appropriate button when you think the point is satisfactory you don’t need other cards.

Carta: In this case, however, you will say paper when you want the Croupier to give you another card.

Clove: indicate the moment when you passed the score of 21 and then you lost.

Insurance: You can ask for insurance when the Croupier has an ace as a discovered card. By paying half the initial episode you will guarantee the possibility of getting back the sum played in the event that the dealer does blackjack.

Split: indicates the action to divide the two uncovered cards received and then play with two hands simultaneously. To split the cards you will have to pizzle another bet equal to the initial one.

Tips and strategies

Is there a system to always win at Blackjack? This is the main question that the new players who are learning for the first time how to play Blackjack are asking. The answer, as well as for all Other casino games, it’s undoubtedly not! In Blackjack there is a need for a great dose of luck to win and therefore it is really impossible to be able to predict the cards or have a technique that can always win.

That’s why we advise you to avoid buying guides to win blackjack or follow tricks of phantom players who promise insured winnings. They just want to steal money, so don’t be fooled.

Obviously there are strategies or in any case techniques to avoid first of all to waste your money and then increase the chances of victorynull Here are some:

Study and head your skills: First of all you have to know the blackjack rules and the various game phases. This is certainly the first is more useful advice that we can give you. Secondly, he plays first in the demo version with a virtual account. In this way you will acquire experience and you will be ready when you start playing real money.

Manage your Bankroll: Try to have a mental strategy during your games and to better manage your budget. Don’t let yourself go to exaggerated play but always be constant. In this way, any losses will never be excessive.

Know the various possibilities: especially for the less experienced players there are comfortable tables in which the best played played on the basis of the cards that have been given to you and that of the dealer are marked.

Here is an example. This is the renowned basic strategy:

How to choose the right online casino

Around you will find many online casinos that offer this game in their selection. Choosing the best for you can therefore not be particularly simple. Seen, however that the rules are always the same, you have to base yourself on some aspects in particular that will surely help you make the decisionnull Here are what are:

Legal and reliable site: first of all you have to find a online casino that is authorized by the Customs and Monopolies Agency (ex Aams). In this way you are sure that nobody will ever be able to scam and cheat you and that the game is regulated by a reliable rustable rng (generator of random numbers). The RNG will guarantee you the absolute randomness of the cards distributed by the Croupier.

Demo version: as seen having the opportunity to test the game first in demo mode and then with real money. I will definitely come in handy. So try to understand if it is possible on the site you have chosen.

Episode limits: another important factor to keep in mind, especially for players who are at the first experience and have a not very high budget, It is to choose the right room that can allow him to play even with a few centsnull On the contrary, however, if you are a player who likes to aim strong and who obviously has the maximum financial availability, make sure that the maximum episode limits are not too low and limiting.

Mobile game: if you are a fan of the game from smartphones or tablets, make sure that the online casino you are choosing is prepared for the Mobile gamenull Usually the platforms have a special application, or can be reached simply through the browser of your device.

Attention to variants: The rules of classic blackjack are always the same, but you can run, even unconsciously, in some variant that has some variants and peculiarities that you are not aware of. Always check that you are playing classic blackjack before starting to aim with real money.

Popularity of Blackjack

Blackjack, as we have Vito since the beginning of this guide, is one of the most popular games in the history of casino. Despite this, however, His fame and the number of players who choose him for their games is increasing more and morenull It is due in particular to the fact that everyone manages to quickly understand how to play Blackjack and above all that the games do not last long, as for example happens in poker.

This has allowed all players, both those without experience and those already enrolled for some time and online casino visitors, to approach the 21 game. The fact, then, that there are no particular blackjack rules to be known and respected has certainly helped.

Live blackjack

Blackjack online with live dealers is one of the ways that is enjoying the most success in online casinos. In a nutshell, Sari connected through a direct streaming to a real Croupier who will manage the game phases and distribute the cards.

American players greatly appreciate this type of game both because it almost offers the feeling of being in a real terrestrial casino, and because it seems to be safer than a software. In addition, you can interact directly with the dealer, ask him for clarification on the game and speak via chat with the other players sitting at the green table.

By now all online casino and provider software are adding this mode to their offer and therefore it will not be difficult for you to find itnull You have to be careful, but to two factors in particular:

  • Minimum episode. Often you know few connected rooms in streaming to play to and there may be a minimum episode quite high and out of your reach.
  • Language of the Dealer: the Croupier could in fact speak English or French and therefore you may fully understand it.


We have reached the end of our article on how to play Blackjack And we can say that we have seen everything there was to know to start looking out in this worldnull Obviously, it goes beyond the Blackjack rules and the game phases, it is also necessary to acquire a certain experience also on the green table, possibly in the demo version. With this guide, however, you will know if it is the right game for you. Alternatively, you can always take a look at the other famous casino games that you can find online, reading the various reviews and guides, made as always by our professionals in the sector.

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