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The Roulette is one of the most famous games in the world And there are several variants that you can find around in traditional and online casinos. The most important are the French, the European roulette And the American. Obviously each has its own characteristics and particularities, but without too much specifically (you can deepen, however who the topic) we put you to tell you that in the American version there is both 0 and double 0, while in the French and European only the 0.

In this article, however, we want to dwell on a topic that will surely affect many players: that is, which one They are the best roulette strategies to increase the chances of victory.

professionalbability of winning and roulette strategies

Before starting our in -depth analysis, however, we want to underline an appearance and that is, if you are looking for strategies to win at roulette with certainty, then you have the wrong site because in our pages you will never find anything gender, but not because we do not want to reveal secretnull There are simply no infallible roulette strategiesnull This game, in fact, is based on luck and certainly no one is able to predict which number will come out or what color. It is all enough on a simple statistical data. The ball, in fact, whether it is played in the terrestrial casinos and on Online platforms, has 2.7% of the possibility of stopping on the slot of one of the numbers on the wheel. This applies to the European and French versions that have 37. slightly lower the probability for the American version that has 38 numbers.

And this probability is unchanged on each lap. Do not think that since a number has just come out, this cannot be able to even succeed. There is no foundation in this thought.

Percentages for secondary episodes

As for the other episodes, then, know that there is the 48.6% of possibilities that a red or black number will come out, or even or odd, or even going from 1 to 18 or from 19 to 36. If you are wondering why you don’t get exactly 50%, know that the answer is very simple. In these bets, also called secondary, you must consider the advantage of the bench represented by 0, which is excluded from secondary betsnull Of course, this also applies to double 0 in the American game, where the advantage is higher.

So, after this long premise and after understanding that there are no infallible roulette strategies and that they allow a safe win, you will be wondering what the methods we want you are for. Know that they are used for the management of your Bankroll, or the budget, and to limit the losses and play consciously and without excess. In this way it could also be possible to obtain potential gain.

Some tips before roulette strategies

Before moving forward and discovering in detail what are the main roulette strategies that you can apply to this game, we see some tips that will surely return you useful.

Play legal: whether it is an earthly casino or an online one, always make sure it is legal in USA. As for the real structures, you should not have some problems, also because there are very few authorized casinos and they are that of Sanremo, the casino de sort and that of Venice. The situation for the online game is very different since there are dozens of platforms where you can aim. Some, however, may not be completely authorized and therefore it is better to check that there is the symbol of the Customs and Monopolies Agency, the only legal body in USA. If this is present then it means that the game is safe and reliable, and that there is an RNG that guarantees the absolute randomness of the extracted numbers.

Focus on your limits: Choose the right table to ensure that your Roulette strategy makes sense. In many types that we will talk to you shortly, for example, you have to focus on a certain prediction, for example red, and then perhaps double the episode in case of loss. This, of course, involves that you must have a budget at your disposal that allows you to face even the darkest momentsnull That’s why it is useless to focus on tables in which the minimum token is too high for you.

mobile: choose an online casino that also has the mobile versionnull This way you can carry on your online roulette strategies without any problem also from smartphones and tabletsnull This possibility will help you when you are away from home but you still want to play.

Live game: If you don’t trust software games, you can also try the live mode thanks to which you will be connected live streaming. In fact, there will be a real dealer that will launch the ball into one real traditional wheel.

Beware of the Roulette version: As we mentioned above, there are several roulette to be played and also different variants. Choose the French or European one, in which the victory percentages are slightly higher.

Welcome bonus: even if in reality it has little to do with the online and traditional roulette strategies, it is always a point in favor the right offer which allows you to get extra money to be used for your episodes. In doing so, you will increase your chances of victory and the losses will decrease clearly.

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The best roulette strategies

Here is a list and a small explanation of all the roulette strategies that you can find in this game. If one of these strategies interests you, All you have to do is click on the link you find at the end of each paragraph and see it in detail.

Before starting, however, it is good to underline a point so as to avoid confusion later. When we talk about the extent of the episode we will express ourselves in unity. That is, we will say that you will have to point a unit, then any mind double and so on. It will then be up to you to decide the value of the unit according to your budgetnull The unit, therefore it can have the value you want. Of course, however, when you are asked to double it, you will have to have the money necessary to do it.


This is certainly one of the best known roulette strategies also because it is very simple to apply. It can only be used for external episodes, namely red and black, equal or odd, 1-18/19-36, that is, those that provide almost 50% of the possibility of victory, of course excluding 0. First of all you need to establish which episode you want to bet. We will make an example with red.

At this point there are obviously two possibilities, namely that the predicted color comes out or not. If it does not come out, you will have to double the episode. If, on the other hand, you guessed, you will always have to continue with one unit but on the opposite episode. There may be particular conditions to be respected, including for example the case in which 0 comes outnull If you want to know more click here and find out everything about this roulette strategies.

Anti Martingala

This version of Martingala is based on so -called colors sequence and on a different principle from the previous one. In practice, if you lose it, you do not always focus on the same color, but but we behave practically on the contrary. Also for this reason that the roulette strategy in question is called anti martingalanull If, for example, you have focused on black and you have lost, you will have to focus on red, in practice the color that has just come out. If you think you have to deepen the topic, you can see the functioning of this online and traditional roulette strategy in detail.

To talk

The Roulette strategy called Paroli works in an opposite way to the martingal. This too, however, is applicable both to the online version and the traditional roulette one but only in secondary betsnull To understand how it works, we always hypothesize to focus on red.

We aim our usual unit and wait for Chela Pallina stops. If the result should be right you will have to double the episode on the opposite prediction, in this case blacknull If, on the other hand, it should be wrong, you will have to continue with the episode begins and that is red and always one unit as the value of the episode. To know the advantages and disadvantages of this system, read our complete guide on the Paroli system and its variants.


Here we are one of the roulette strategies that has been more successful especially because it can be easily adapted and is very simple to use. To start applying this system, you must first decide on which type of bet to focus between the secondary ones and which provide almost 50% of possibilities.

Unlike other roulette strategies, however, here we do not start from the episode of a unit, but but from five episode unitsnull This means that if your episode unit is one euro, then you will have to bet five euros at the beginning. This is because if you win you will have to remove a unit from the initial episode (therefore 4), if you win, instead you will have to add it (then 6 units) and this after each lapnull There are also variations that can make the episode much more aggressive and that you can discover in our complete analysis link.


Consociation the Fibonacci sequence? It is a numerical series in which a number is the sum of the two previous numbers and D has a really important meaning in different areas of human life as well as having a certain veil of mystery. This roulette strategy is based on the top ten numbers of this series, namely 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 and 55null The method applies only to binary bets, that is, the red and black ones, equal and odd and so on.

All you have to do is focus on a unit on the first bet, still auna on the second, 2 units on the third episode and so on, following, in fact, the Fibonacci series. The episode, then, must never change based on a win or a lossnull If this particular strategy interests you and you want to deepen the most important aspects, then take a look here.


This is a method that has also applied for years in other types of casino games, for example the blackjacknull The aim, in a nutshell, is to limit losses to the maximum and therefore point only the money that is winning every time. Let’s take a quick example. If you points ten units and win a binary episode, for example red and black, you will get a profit of ten units. And it will be exactly what you will focus and every time you win, only the money I earn and not that of the initial betnull This is one of the most used systems especially by players who fear to lose their money immediately. If you want to know more here is a complete guide not to be missed.

lab coins

The labouchere is a system that deserves a certain attention and which provides an articulated episode strategy that changes according to the fact that you win and lose. What we can tell you is that if followed, and if of course you have a pinch of luck that never hurts, this system can lead to important winningsnull Obviously you have to have a certain budget available since the episodes also rise quite quickly. To deepen in detail this type of episode read the in -depth guide that we have created on the Labouchere system.


Unlike the other strategies to win at the roulette seen so far, This method does not apply those secondary episodes, but on the numbersnull In particular on the carré, or on the fact of playing at the same time on four numbers by applying a chips on a verti that connects four numbers, for example 10, 11, 13 and 14. This strategy is called 3q because it plans to place three episodes on as many top management and therefore three squares and twelve numbers in totalnull If you are interested in one of the few strategies that includes the episode on the numbers, discover more on the 3q method with our in -depth analysis.

Constant episode and constant proportion

These are the two of the strategies to win at the decidedly more elementary roulette that can be found in this area. They are, however, perfect for having constant management of their budget, avoid sudden episodes too high and therefore risking losing everyone in a few lapsnull With the constant episode we aim to always carry out the same episode, whether there is a victory as a defeat. In this way there will be no excessive changes in the budget and your Roulette experience will last long.

The strategy of the episode with constant proportion is quite different. The main difference is that, instead of establishing the value of the episode, the percentage value of the budget to be pointed must be decided and therefore potentially the episode always changes. Let’s take an example and assume that you decide to aim 1% of the budget so as to have at least one hundred hands availablenull This means that if your budget is $ 100 then you will fear one euro. But if you get a win, Your budget will increase and therefore also your episode always respecting the value of 1% of the budget.

You can definitely know more by taking a look at our complete guide.


Here comes to the end of our in -depth analysis on the roulette strategies that you absolutely must know if you want to try to manage your money in the right way. These will also be used to clearly decrease the losses and avoid too reckless a gamenull If you are not particularly convinced of these strategies, or in any case you want to first test them to understand which one is the best for you, We recommend that you do it in demo mode.

In a nutshell you can play roulette with a virtual account and then test your strategy in peace. POtreste also create your own if those we talked about you don’t particularly convince younull In practice, you will have to play as yourself by aiming for your money and at the end of a series of games you will understand if actually of the roulette strategies has produced a result and which, on the other hand, no.

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