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Bonus available to new players who have verified the account
Bonus available to new players who have verified the account
Bonus available to new players who have verified the account
Bonus available to new players who have verified the account
For new players 100% of the first deposit up to $ 1050 with a minimum top -up of $ 10

Casino bonuses are one of the main features of each game platform and above all are the most sought after promotions by American players and beyond. Of course there is not a single type of bonus and, even among the similar ones, There is always some difference that makes them better than others based on your needsnull That's why our Top-Us-Casino experts decided to give you all the information necessary to find the best casino bonuses, to understand their strengths and above all their flaws, which could also create some problems. In addition, we will explain how to request the various bonuses and not miss any opportunity. But now let's not lose in chatter, and Let's see what a bonus casino is and its various types.

What is a casino bonus

A bonus casino is an offer that can be reserved for both players who have already enrolled and for those who are instead about to register. It is a promotion that does not provide for any cost, but only the satisfaction of some conditions which, as we will see later, mostly consist of a mandatory deposit on the game account. In practice, the casino rewards you for depositing a certain amount of money with advantages Which very often are additional credit, free laps for slots or for some special games, and in some cases cashback. As mentioned above, in this guide we will see a roundup of the best casino bonuses, but at any time you can decide to know more on or one or more types, reading our complete articles. The latter, as always, are drawn up by our experts in the sector, who have analyzed and experienced firsthand the bonuses and therefore can give you a serious and reliable judgment.

Casino bonus for new subscribers: what are they?

Here we are at the fulcrum of our article. We will explain to you what the bonuses are reserved for new subscribers that you will find around on the various game platforms, how they work and for which players are preferable. Of course, if you are particularly interested in one or more casino bonuses, you can get to know the topic better through our insights.

Welcome no deposit bonus

List of no deposit bonuses
Bonus available to new players who have verified the account
Bonus available to new players who have verified the account
Bonus available to new players who have verified the account
Bonus available to new players who have verified the account
Bonus available to new players who have verified the account
Bonus available to new players who have verified the account

This is probably the most sought after bonus casino by all players, in particular from the beginners or with a limited budget. Their mechanism is really simple. We are talking about a welcome bonus, so it is possible to request it only during registration. Usually these are not very large prizes or figures, but they still remain an excellent opportunity both because they are free and because they do not provide even a minimum outlay of money. il Best no deposit casino bonus It is usually the one with free spin or small figures to play in all sections of the platformnull As said, just register to have access to this opportunity.

Welcome bonus

Welcome bonus list
For new players 100% of the first deposit up to $ 1050 with a minimum top -up of $ 10
For the new players of 50% reimbursement on the games lost up to a maximum of $ 200 with a first minimum top -up of $ 5
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For new players with a first minimum top -up of 20 $

professionalbably you too have taken a look at the offers of the many online casinos in search of the most generous promotion. In most cases these offers include an extra credit. Il Welcome bonus, in this case with mandatory deposit, provides that immediately after registration (usually the time is pre -established in the conditions) performs a first recharge. At that point you will get an additional credit based on the promotion and amount you paidnull Let's take an example to be clearer. Let's assume that you paid $ 100 knowing that the welcome offer included a 200% bonus on the first top -up. This means you will get $ 200 extra credit. Usually this is playable on all the platform games, but you will not always receive it all together. In some cases it could arrive in small weekly tranches, after reaching a certain share of betsnull This is one of the best casino bonus for players who want to deposit an initial figure of a certain value on their game accountnull If you want to know more, click here and discover everything you need to know about the welcome casino bonus with deposit.


This is one of the least frequent offers but you could still find it around. Cashback is nothing more than a refund of part of the lost bets. In practice, if a casino offers you a 50% cashback for blackjack or slots, it means that in a given period, for all the bets lost in these games, you will get a bonus credit equal to half the amount played.

Bonus for customers already registered

Casino usually also offer several promotions for their already registered customers. They are the best way to always keep the attention high on the Piattorm oneto and to entice their users to play and top up the bill.

Free spin bonus (with deposit)

This casino bonus includes free spin for one or more slots. In a nutshell, the virtual games room can give you the opportunity to take advantage of these free laps only if you make a deposit. It is a possibility that many exploit as they should make a payment to play and in addition they have the opportunity to play2020re for free to the slots and try the fate. Find out more with these complete guide.

Free spin without deposit

Even in the case of Free spin bonus no deposit, you will have no problem understanding what it is. The only difference between this offer and the previous one is that there is no need for any depositnull Usually the casinos give these free laps to make known a game recently releasednull If you have any doubts, read our in -depth article, written as always by specialists in the sector.

Deposit bonus (if you are already registered)

Each casino, then, reserves to its members of periodic offers thanks to almost it is possible to increase the amount of your payment with extra credit. Each platform will give its own indications on how to get it and, of course, on what is the percentage of credit in relation to the payment. For example, some platform can offer 50%, others 30%or 200%. In many cases these are periodic promotions, so you always have to take a look at the offers section and discover the latest newsnull In any case, read the articles and reviews of Top-Us-Casino experts, because they will help you discover the pros and cons of each offer.

Bonus loyalty and high roller bonus

Here we are two other promotions often present in the range of possibilities offered by online casinos in USA. The loyalty bonus, often also called the VIP program, is a simple ranking based on several levels. As you play, top up and win, buy points. These points will make you level up, each of which has several advantages. In most cases these are extra credit, free laps, but also of a personal account manager, or the possibility of obtaining faster withdrawals than usual.

The casino bonus high roller Instead, it is dedicated to those players who recharge and bet truly high figures. The game platforms reserve very special promotions for this category.


As in the case of the bonus for new members, even for users who already have an account there is the possibility of obtaining a refund on lost bets. It is a comfortable option especially if among the games for which cashback is expected there is your favorite.

Bonus from mobile

When casino have a new application to play from smartphones or tablets, or have a new mobile game, then they will give you the opportunity to test them. Very often it will be a free spin or a small free credit to use as you want.

How to claim a casino bonus?

This is a very important section you must pay attention to. In fact, many players make the mistake of not knowing how to request their bonuses and therefore end up losing it. In the next paragraphs we will tell you which are the main methods to request and take advantage of the best casino bonus without problems.

Automatic credit

This is of course the most immediate and simple type of credit. All you have to do is perform the required steps (registration and crediting in the case of the welcome bonus casinos) and you will receive the credit or free spin directly on your game account.

Validation of the game account

When you request an initial no -deposit bonus, you will almost always ask you to validate your game account. To satisfy this condition, all you have to do is send a copy of a valid identity document and the contract signed. Without having made this step, you will not get any advantage. Finally, remember, that you have a pre -established time to complete this request, and if I have to overcome it, you will risk losing any opportunity.

professionalmotional code

The promotional code is a simple code that you need to enter during the recording phase when we talk about Welcome Bonus, or when you request the casino bonus you have chosen for your games. You will usually find it in the explanation of the bonus and it is a fundamental element without which you can never have any free credit or free lapnull That's why many players use their bonus in vain.

How can you not be wrong?

In order not to risk making these trivial errors too, our advice is always to take a look at the explanation of the bonus, and above all to read the terms and conditionsnull Inside you will find any reference to the method of requesting the promotion in explicit form, so you will not be able to make mistakesnull If you don't yet be sure of what to do, try to customer service, or entrusted to professionals in the sector, such as Top-Us-Casino experts. These will give you all the precise and complete information of each transition to follow, so it will be really impossible to make mistakes and throw your gift to the wind.

How to find the best mess with bonuses?

We have almost come to the end and you will have understood that there are really many bonuses to choose from, and above all that each casino offers different types and variants. Finding the right platform also depends on your needs, your personal tastes and many other variables.

However, if you want some suggestions to choose the best mess with bonuses, continue reading and discover some secrets so as not to run into bad surprises.

  • Choose legal casinos in USAnull This is the first point to reflect on. If you find an online platform with the best bonus casino that has a stratospheric promotion, but does not have the AMS license or Adm, then keep off the wide. You will run unnecessary risks and above all your bonus casino could prove completely useless, since from one day to the other the platform may no longer be available.
  • Second point to pay attention to. The online casino that this promotion offers, does all the games you like? It could also be one of the best casino bonuses in the world, But if you can't use them in your favorite games, then they become uselessnull So it always evaluates if the online casinos with bonuses have a wide selection of games.
  • The third and final point concerns the mobile game. Nowadays almost all online casinos have a mobile version, but there is still someone who shows no sign of developing game technologies for smartphones and tablets. Always try to understand if the online casino you have chosen has this possibility, otherwise it will be much more complicated to play and use the best bonus casino it offers.

How to choose the best bonuses: some tips

Now that you know how to choose the online casino with bonuses, you have to understand how to find the best offer for you. Parts of the assumption that there are no best casino bonuses in general, But there are simply the most suitable Cain bonusesnull For example, if you have never played slots and you don't even want to play, it will be completely useless to take advantage of the free spin bonus. On the contrary, however, if you are a fan of machines and you want to try new ones, then the free laps are the right opportunity for you.

The other great factor, to whom not all players dedicate particular attention, are the terms and conditions. Instead, it is an aspect on which you must certainly waste some time but that will be able to give you all the main information. And then we reveal a secret to you: if the casino bonus has flaws, you will find them in terms and conditions. The less experienced players don't employ us much concentration because they probably don't even know what to look for. Instead you have the opportunity to know perfectly to what to pay attention to, both in order not to lose your bonus and to understand if it actually does your casenull Now let's see some elements that you always have to know before using a bonus.

  • Minimum deposit: When you join a bonus casino with deposit, you always have to know what the minimum limit you can bet is.
  • Temporal span: The bonuses can be played very often in a precise time span, for example 7 or 30 days. So if you get as a casino bonus free spin or free credit, and do not play it in a period of time, it will be lost.
  • Payment methodsnull Some casinos may establish that some payment methods, although accepted for deposits and withdrawals, are not valid for the first top -up or for the bonuses, among them there are usually electronic wallets such as Neteller, Paysafecard E Skrill.
  • Percentage of the bonus and limit: The offers that give credit indicate the percentage of extra credit that you will get, for example 100% or 200%, but sometimes they do not precisely explain the maximum limit in euros to which you can arrive. For example, if a bonus has 200% of extra credit up to 50 euros, it means that it is enough to deposit $ 25 to obtain the maximum bonus available. So depositing beyond that figure, unless you immediately want to bet it would be useless.
  • Happy method: This is a really important point. Let's assume that the online casino with bonuses you have chosen has on the front page its wonderful bonus with 200% of extra credit up to 500 euros. At first glance it seems to you the right opportunity to take advantage of this offer, but, taking a look at the terms and conditions, discover that the bonus reaches 500 euros, but that this sum will be given to you in 50 small tranche weekly or reaching a precise amount of bets. With this we do not want to say that the casino bonus is less effective or interesting, but simply that you have to know first how it is obtained, and if the casino does not specify it, then it is better to personally give a thorough look.
  • Betting requirements: This is the last point we will analyze, and it is perhaps one of the most important. The online casinos with bonuses give you money, but at the same time they also give you the conditions you need to respect. Of course you cannot collect the extra credit, but you must first play it. However, many platforms provide that you have to revive them many times before you can start withdrawing the winnings, often even 35 or 40 times (indicated as 35x or 40x). Keep this aspect in mind, because it means that if you get $ 10 extra credit, you will have to play $ 3,500 before collecting potential winnings. Also in this case you will then have to decide, in a conscious way, if that is the best bonus for you or if it is better to look for other options.

If you want to always remain informed about all aspects of the world of casino, including the various bonuses available, follow the articles Top-Us-Casino. They are drawn up by real experts in the sector who personally test both the platforms and the casino bonuses, to give the reader the opportunity to choose their platform in the most conscious way possible.