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SNAI WELCOME BONUS: 100% up to $ 1,000

Bonus available to players registered for the first time.

In this guide we will find out how the Snai Welcome Bonus for reserved registration works, exclusively, to players who decide to register for the first time on this platformnull Know the Snai casino bonus, as well as the other promotions proposed by the various game platforms you will find around, You will surely need to understand which one is the best for your game needsnull In fact, there are those who are looking for free spin for slot machine, those who prefer extra credit for episodes at the green table. In short, it will be up to you to decide what the best promotion is and to do it you have to know them first.

Snai: Safety in the sector

On this brand there is very little to say also because we talk about one of the symbols of the game in USA given its thirty years, the thousands of centers scattered throughout the American territory and the variety of bets and markets available. Obviously it is absolutely legal in USA, given that it currently has the license of the Customs and Monopolies Agency and in the past that of the AMS. Perhaps only the available payment systems should be improved, since they are missing Neteller, Paysafecard and the cards of the master circuits, but we are talking about a marginal aspect, however, seen the wide selection available.


In addition to being a leader in the world of sports betting, Snai also offers interesting section dedicated to the world of online casino. You can count on many board games and cards such as Baccarat, Roulette e blackjack, In addition to some interesting show games. The section with Croupier lives also well provided where there are dozens of tables connected in live streaming with real dealers both in American and in English.

Several Snai welcome bonuses

Snai It presents several promotions for new players, both for the world of sports betting and for that of online casino games. Obviously in this guide we will focus in particular on those for slot and green table games.

The Snai Casino Blu welcome bonus

Let’s find out how the welcome bonus to the Snai Casino Blue Casino works so as to avoid wasting time in search and comparison, and above all you will not risk losing any advantagenull First of all you have to know that the Snai Casino Bonus includes an extra credit equal to 10% of the first top -up, up to a maximum of $ 100. It means that if the first time you load $ 100 on the account, you will receive 10 in homage. If, on the other hand, you carry out a deposit of $ 1,000 you will get the maximum credit available, or $ 100. Remember that, if your first office is greater than $ 1,000, you would still get a credit of maximum $ 100.

This credit is accredited in the form of a game bonus and therefore, Obviously not withdrawablenull To turn it into credit game, you will have to bet the amount twenty times. This is a very important fact to know, also because you have to consider that if you get the maximum bonus, that is 1,000 $ you will have to play 20,000E before starting to withdraw. What may seem like a figure freakIn reality it is not very high for players accustomed to daily episodes and a certain sum. It can represent a problem, however, for the players who have attempted to make the most of the bonus, only to have a reduced budget for their adventure in online casino.

Then consider that not all games contribute in the same way to achieving this threshold, and So it is always better to take a look at the Termini e Conditions sectionnull For example, the played jackpot players are worth 100%, while the banquet games or in the live section of the casino do not contribute at all and therefore reaching the threshold will be even more difficult.

Here is the complete list of contributions for each game on SNAI:

Slots Machine senza jackpot 100%
All Arcade games except Spin a Win and Wheel of Light 100%
Casino Hold’em 50%
Tequila Poker & Red Dog 25%
All types of Blackjack & 7 and a half (except BJ Live) 15%
All types of roulette (except Roulette Live) and Spin a Win 10%
All video poker (excluding games for doubling) 5%
baccarat 0%
All episodes of doubling video poker 0%
Slots Machine con jackpot 0%
Casino Live 0%

Finally, you have to know, that the bonus cannot be used by the apps or by the mobile version And this, it must be said, is truly a shame.

First deposit bonus

This promotion is available for all players who choose to register for the first time on this platform and who want to use A SNAI bonus valid for all sectorsnull If in the registration phase, in fact, enter the “BB_Tutto” code, obtain the possibility of receiving an extra credit equal to 50% of the first top -up up to a maximum of $ 30. Obviously the credit cannot be taken but there are no betting requirements to be respected. It is therefore the best offer for those who are still undecided and above all for whom has a very limited budget and just wants to have fun Or try some particular episodes with money not his.

Bonus Casino

For online casino lovers there is also another possibility: The Snai Casino welcome bonusnull This particular offer can bring up to $ 50 but is not based on the first top -up, but on the games made within the first seven days from the moment of registration. The percentage of reimbursement of the games can vary from 10 to 50%, and depends on the number of Snai platforms on which you play. If, for example, you only play in the casino/slot section of the site in a desktop version you will get 10%, if instead you also play on the mobile version Then it will increase to 20%. If you also bet by the apps, then the percentage rises to 30% up to 40 or 50% if you also use mobile applications. In short, the more you play and the more you use platforms, the greater the chances of obtaining the maximum credit available which, as mentioned, reaches maximum $ 50.

Obviously also in this case the credit cannot be taken and can only be used on casino games. To take advantage of this offer, all you have to do is enter the “BB_Casino eutto” code during the registration phase.

Snai Welcome Bonus Poker

The variety of SNAI bonus offers does not end here, given that there is also the possibility of using the promotion reserved for poker lovers. In this case, however, the snai welcome bonus is progressive, and it means that it will not be accredited immediately, but you will have to conquer it by playing on the platform.

You can get up to $ 1,050 with a bonus on your first 300% top -up as well as other advantages. Among these is certainly the possibility of obtaining $ 5 in token to register in the various online tournaments and more two euros to play from Mobilenull To get it you have to register and top up. You will get an extra credit equal to 300% of the amount, but it will be displayed in the form of an pending credit. In a nutshell, to receive it on the account and be able to play it you have to reach thresholds that will allow you to have accreditation of $ 10.

As you games get status points (every euro played are equivalent to 20 status points). Once you arrive at 1,000 status point, $ 10 from the pendant bonus will be creditednull You have 60 days to get the whole bonus and part that you will not be able to unlock will be lost. If you are interested in this promotion you must add the BB_Poker code during registration.

Terms and conditions

During the previous paragraphs we have already told you something about any conditions to be respected for each individual bonus. But now let’s see what the terms and conditions are that are worth for all bonuses reserved for casino or poker gamesnull First of all it works that the registration bonuses are obviously not combinable with each other, also because during registration you will have to choose only one and therefore you will have to be sure of your choice. As for the methods of payments, there are no problems, given that Snai does not provide any access and you can deposit with all those present on the platform.

Obviously, then, you have to be of age and never enrolled first on Snai.it, and remember that even if you had done it in the past, your name will remain in the system and therefore you will not be able to use the Snai Bonus Welcome.

All the bonuses we have just told you about, then, also provide that the possibility of taking advantage of the no deposit bonus. If you want to know more, then we invite you to read the complete guide you find here.

How to choose the bonus

As you have understood, there are more bonuses at your disposal to registration, but you can only choose one. At this point you have to make a decision and understand which one is the best for your games. The Snai Casino Bonus are different from each other and therefore it is good that you know them and find out how the Snai welcome bonus you have chosen, so as to avoid errors.

The Snai Blue Casino bonus is certainly the most interesting and that offers a large amount of extra credit, even if then there are the episode requirements to be respected. For players with a low budget, however, there are the Snai Bonus Welcome and those first deposit.


In order not to be wrong and therefore do not miss the opportunity to get one of the Snai Bonus Welcome, Here is a convenient guide step by step to register on the platformnull Obviously you have to go to the Snai website and have an identity document, the tax code and a valid email address. As for the latter, make sure you can access you at any time.

  • Once on Snai.it, click on the upper right button of “Register” green color.
  • Choose username and password and insert the email.
  • Switch to your personal data, including date and place of birth. The tax code should appear automatically, but check that it is correct.
  • Now choose the bonus you prefer and Remember that once decided you will not be able to take advantage of the othersnull You will also have to decide the maximum charging amount that you can make every week. Remember that you can always change it in the future.
  • Now you will have to enter the details of the document to check your identity. you can choose Between driving license, identity card, passport, professional orders cards and also the license of the port of armsnull At this stage you can also decide whether to add a photo of the document or do it later. Remember, for example, that if you do not do it within a few days, the account will be suspended and, moreover, you will not get any no deposit bonuses.
  • Once this process is completed, then, you will arrive an email and you will have to click on the link inside. At this point you are ready to start playing.

FAQ on SNAI Bonus to registration

The Snai bonuses are accumulated, how does it work?

No, the bonuses cannot be combined also because they choose one, You will miss the opportunity to use othersnull Also for this reason, it is necessary to know them all well and then decide which one is the best for your game needs.

How does it work, can I get the snai bonus even if I am already registered?

Absolutely no. The bonus is reserved exclusively for players who register for the first time on this platform. Also consider that, if in the past I had signed a contract with Snai, even if then canceled, you cannot still take advantage of the offer.

Can I play mobile?

Of course, but in some cases you will not be able to use the SNAI registration bonus. For example, with the Snai Blue Casino bonus you will not be able to point the mobile bonus creditnull With the Snai Bonus Welcome Casino to registration, however, playing from Mobile is convenient because it allows you to obtain a higher credit percentage.

Conclusions on Snai Bonus

Here we are at the end of this complete guide on the Snai Bonus Welcome to registration. We saw all those promotions that were intended for the world of casino and slot games. Now that you know how the Snai bonus works you will only have to choose the best for you and start playing. Our professional have created this guide precisely because we have to decide only one and, once this choice is taken, you cannot go back.

You can trust our pros, precisely because they are experts in the sector and professional players, who therefore have to do every day with the world of online gamblingnull Furthermore, they are impartial, reliable and precise.

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