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When we talk about foreign online casino there is always a lot of confusion among American players. And that’s why i our professionals and experts in the sector they have decided to create this complete guide that will allow you to have no more doubts, choose the best platform among foreign casinos who accept Americans, and ensure that you can always play in the maximum of tranquility, avoiding unnecessary dangers.

First of all we will explain What foreign casinos are, what are the differences with the American gaming halls, how to find the best platforms and what are the potential risks to meet when you play in the wrong place.

Foreign casino: what does it mean?

If you hear about a foreign casino, there is a first analysis you need to do. The site you are about to play on has all the most important services in American and is authorized to operate in USA, or does it have a foreign language and there is no trace of any license? Ask these questions when you are in front of a foreign online casino, And you will begin to avoid unnecessary dangers. In fact, there are many foreign online casinos who have everything you need in American, such as customer support and site pages, as well as having a license to operate in USA. In this case you will not even notice that you are dealing with a platform whose location is not in USA, And you can play without any problem.

Authorized foreign casinos: are they safe?

Unfortunately, the main problem of foreign casinos who accept Americans is precisely security. If they are not equipped with a ADM or AMS license are technically illegal, and therefore dangerous. To avoid bad surprises, read the next paragraph and find out how to understand if a room is legal or not.

How to understand if the casinos are authorized?

There are mainly two systems to understand if a casino site is authorized, and therefore legal in USA, or not. Here are what are:

  • You can check directly on the site who The government body that for some years has incorporated and replaced AAMS, acquiring all the functions. This is the only government body in USA to manage the game at a distance and to issue authorizations.
  • The second system is probably easier. Just check if in the upper part of the site, or at the bottom of the home page, there is the symbol of the ADM. It is a star surrounded by other twelve starsnull Alongside him you will then find the writing ADM or its extensive form. If a site has this symbol it means that it is legal, if instead it has not then stayed away, because it may not be legal in USA and therefore potentially dangerous.

Successful foreign casino: William Hill

william hill It is certainly one of the clearest examples of foreign online casino who, however, ensure efficiency and reliability. We are talking about one of the oldest bookmakers in the world, born in England in 1934 and became online in 1998. It is a company listed on the London Stock Exchange. Despite having its registered office in Great Britain, all pages and customer support are in American, as well as the terms and conditions. In addition, it is absolutely legal in USA, since he obtained the ADM license.

In the last few years, In addition to the sports bets in which he is a true leader, William Hill also focused on the casino section, offering all the main card games and table games, as well as hundreds of slot machines and lesser known but equally intriguing and particular games. Its popularity, very high in different countries of Europe, is also growing in USA thanks to its services, the excellent customer service and its wide selection of games available on the platform.

Why do players look for foreign online casinos?

We come to a point that will surely interest you. We try to understand, in fact, the reasons why i American players are attracted to foreign online casinos, including naturally foreign mess with no deposit bonuses.

Signing up

The most part of foreign online casino registration phase is not much faster than the Americans. In many cases, foreign casinos who accept Americans do not require even an identity document, an element fundamental in the game rooms authorized in USA.


Another advantage then concerns the deposit methods. In addition to the usual credit cards, debt and electronic portfolios, many foreign online casinos have cryptocurrencies among the payment systems, such as bitcoins. This is still very not widespread in USA, and it is really difficult to find platforms that premise deposits and withdrawals with virtual coins. It must be said, however, that even American casinos are slowly opening up to this world, even if more slowly than other countries. In addition, virtual coins are also accepted in the mess with foreign no deposit bonuses.

Welcome bonus

This is probably the main point for which many American players choose to make their episodes in foreign platforms. THE Welcome bonus are higher than American ones, or at least that’s what it seems, and there are also promotional methods that have not yet arrived in USA, or which are in any case very rare. One of these is certainly the possibility of being able to play for 60 minutes in a platform with a virtual account, and the potential winnings will then be turned into the game credit. This would give you the opportunity first of all to test the platform without using your money, and moreover aiming for real winnings.

However, it must be emphasized that, although in recent times there have been several foreign online casinos with no deposit bonuses that presented similar offers, even abroad they currently seem to run.

Attention to betting requirements

One of the problems of when playing in the casinos without deposit is that the promotions seem higher, But there is the risk of not fully understanding the conditions to be respected, since they are written in another language, for example in English. In any case, know that when choosing foreign mess with no deposit bonuses, there may be very high bet requirements, even equal to 60 or 70x. This means that if you have received 100 euros in free credit, you will have to play six or seven thousand to start withdrawing your potential winnings, and this is certainly not easy for those who have a limited budget.

The problems and dangers of foreign online casino non Aams

Now that we have seen some strengths of foreign online casinos, let’s go to see what are the main problems and potential dangers that you could encounter by playing in a room that does not present particular services for the Americans.

Different currency

The first problem concerns the current currency used by the casino you are playing on. This could, for example, use the American dollar or the English pound. If it doesn’t seem like a big problem, since yours payment system performs an instant gearbox, Know that this function is not free and that you will have to pay a commission expenditure, and that the exchange rate may not be so advantageous. This expense could then be double, given that there is the risk of having to pay both the casino and your payment system. The result is that you will have less money to play when you deposit and receive less when you withdraw your winnings. Maybe now you will have changed your mind about the fact that it is not a big problem.

Customer care

Customer support that does not speak your language is a really nice discomfort. Of course, we hope that it should never the operators of the casino, but if I meet a problem, know that interacting with people who speak a language other than yours, usually English, without knowing a word, will be really difficult.

In addition to making you waste a lot of time, This will also create several problems. You could use a automatic translator, but when it comes to talk about some technical or financial problems, then there is the serious risk that, even with a translation service, the context is completely incorrect and you will not understand anything. In the worst hypothesis, however, you could understand the wrong thing or receive a suggestion from customer service completely different from what you need, with the final result of worsening even more the initial problem.

Unauthorized casino at risk of closure

If you choose to play in a non -legal casino in USA it is your choice, but at the same time you will also have to take some responsibilities. For example, perhaps you do not know that the Customs and Monopolies Agency carries out periodic checks on foreign and American online casinos, and when it gets one who is not authorized, or to which the license has expired, will block the page of access. In a nutshell, the site will continue to work abroad, but when you fast the site address to make the log-in, you will find yourself in front of a page that will tell you that the site is not reachable, as it is blocked.

So if you still had money on the account, you will have to put yourself at work and try to recover them by sending different emails to the casino and of course writing in English, because in American they will not even read them. And if I don’t succeed, You will not be able to any entity that will protect you since you have chosen to play in one of the foreign casinos not AAMS.

Why choose reliable casinos for Americans?

In one of the previous paragraphs, we told you how to understand if the online or American casinos that you have chosen to play are legal in USA. Now, however, after seeing the dangers of unauthorized rooms, it is necessary to understand what are the strengths of platforms with authorization from the AMS or the Customs and Monopolies Agency.

Serious and reliable games

The first point to consider is that you will always find reliable and safe games. In fact, to request authorization from ADM, a casino must demonstrate that he has everything in order and that no one can tamper with devices to his advantage or to your disadvantage. In particular, there are two elements that must be totally efficient: the RTP and the RNG. Let’s see what I am in detail and why they are so important.

Rng by RTP

The Random Number Generator is a system that uses a Algorithm to guarantee that all possible slots combinations, or the cards distributed for example to blackjack, are always randomnull This means that you will have the same chances of when you play in a traditional casino. This system must be certified and ensure that no one, neither internal nor external to the casino, can interfere with the results of the games. This algorithm is used for all games in the casino. In this way you will have the certainty that everything will be entrusted to chance and you can play with the utmost serenity.

il Return to Player, on the other hand, establishes the percentage of money played that ends up in the prize pool, and therefore in the winnings, and the one who goes to the players. In Casino ADM this value must be greater than 90%, increasing the opportunities for players to get winnings. In practice, if you play 100 euros to a slot, ninety ninety will end up in the prize pool and therefore in the subsequent winnings, while only ten, or very often even less, in the dealers’ pockets. In foreign casinos not Aams, however, there is no certainty of what the actual value of the devices is, also because nobody has verified them.

professionaltected transfers

If you choose a casino authorized by the ADM you will also have the guarantee that any type of transfer, both incoming and outgoing, is always protected, and that no one can steal your data or scam you. In fact, the Customs Agency requires that casinos are equipped with advanced cryptography systems that secure all customers’ data, and that no one, even among those who work inside the casino, can use them as pleased.

Bonus with clear indications

We have seen that one of the reasons why players choose foreign casinos with no deposit bonuses is that they have more conspicuous promotions, but that sometimes hiding pitfalls. One of the advantages of authorized casinos, however, is that they cannot advertise deceptive and therefore all the offers that will be presented to you will be truly real. In addition, the licensed casinos must always make available to users a page relating to terms and conditions, within which there will be all the characteristics of the offer.

Safety in case of scams or bankruptcy

If you choose to play in foreign casinos not AAMS, as we have seen previously, you will run the risk that if there are problems with the game account nobody will return your money. In the rooms authorized in USA, however, you will always have someone ready to protect you even in the worst cases.

Let’s assume, for example, that you have chosen one of the online casinos with unauthorized foreign no -deposit bonuses and that, after using the initial promotion, you also made a deposit following the registration. This platform, however, at any moment closes for bankruptcy. Who can you ? professionalbably only at the casino himself, given that no entity in USA had authorized himnull It is very improbable, however, that, if the casino has closed for economic problems, there will be someone ready to answer your questions and return the money.

In an authorized structure in USA, however, if the casino closed for bankruptcy or other types of problems, after trying to the directly Customer care of the game room, you can the Customs and Monopolies agency directly, which authorized the casino, guaranteeing its reliability. The government body will help you recover your money and, in the worst hypothesis, it could also compensate you.


At the end of this guide on foreign online casinos drawn up by experts and players in the sector, We are sure that you have understood the reasons why perhaps it is not worth playing in foreign casino non Aams, and that it is better to choose the platforms, American or based abroad, which are authorized to operate in USA. If you were looking for foreigners online casino with no deposit bonuses, don’t worry. On our site you will find the best offers of serious and reliable casino casino complete with reviews drawn up by our prosnull You can trust our analyzes because, as mentioned, they are made by people who have a full -blown experience in the world of online casino, and above all because they are impartial. Finally, behind every study there is a job that lasts even days or weeks, just to guarantee maximum tranquility when choosing a casinonull In this way you will not have to waste time finding the right platform, but you can make one of the best in circulation only with a few clicks.

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