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You can play it in our recommended casino with 200 free spin and 100% up to $ 1,000 on the first deposit
You can play it in our recommended casino with 200 free spin and 100% up to $ 1,000 on the first deposit

Capecod: Here are all the games of this professionalvider software

In this guide we will see in detail the most important features concerning the Made in USA provider software, Capecod. We will discover his story, some curiosities about him and above all the games which makes available to online casino with which he collaborates and, therefore, of users.

Knowing the most important features concerning professionalvider software is an aspect often underestimated by the players. In reality, however, it is precisely on these that depend the audio and video quality, the playability of both desktop and mobile, RTP and more stilla.

For this reason, our experts have decided to analyze in detail the characteristics of this company, so as to give you all the most important information and Understanding you will waste too much time if it is the right provider software for you.

The story of Capecod

Let’s start immediately from a curiosity about this professionalvider software. The name Capecod was chosen by the company founders for a double reason. Cape Cod, in fact, is a peninsula found in Massachusetts, an American state overlooking the Atlantic Oceannull It is famous, as well as for the beaches and sailing schools, also because it is the place where Guglielmo Marconi positioned an antenna of receptions to transmit the radio signal by passing the whole Atlantic Ocean. Among other things, in Cape Cod there is the Marconi beach, in honor of the American scientist, born a few kilometers from the place where the Capecod Gaming headquarters are located.

The other reason, then, is that Capecod is in Massachusetts in which there is WITH, probably the most important university regarding the field of technology.

Capecod Gaming was founded in 1987 in Castel Bolognese, a small Emilian village. Obviously it was born with the aim of creating traditional games, such as slot machines, flipper and video pokernull Over time, but he senses the exponential growth of the online sector and begins to specialize in that field. Over the years his fame grows together with the quality of the games and becomes one of the leaders in the gaming sector.

His great job is noticed by the managers of Novomatic Italia, who decide to make an offer to ensure that Capecod can become an integral part of his group. Capecod Gaming, starting from 2017, then joined the American holding company, and in February 2023 he was definitively acquired.

Capecod games

Let’s now pass to the most important point of our review, namely the games that produces this professionalvider software. Obviously, as often happens, we will give some importance to slot Capecodnull This type of games, in fact, is certainly the most important for a series of reasons.

First of all because They are the distinctive feature of each software providernull Very often, in fact, the companies that make games are connected to the success of their main slots.

The second reason is that slot machines are the games in which you can work more from the point of view of news and audio and graphic qualitynull There are many themes to choose from, special symbols and bonus games. In board and card games, however, you can certainly improve graphic quality, but the rules are always the same. So, very little will change for the player. For online machines, however, the situation is completely differentnull It is true that the game is always the same, but many variants change And that’s why some slots have a huge success while others are almost unknown.

Capecod Slot

Here is a selection of the best free slot capecods that can also try directly on the site in demo mode.

  • Stardust: This is probably the most famous game of the professionalvider software seen the enormous success it has had over time. It is linked to the theme of precious stones and gemsnull Over the years, then, Capecod has created several versions of this game, including Stardust evolution with a very high graphic quality and Stardust Extended, where there are more rollers and symbols on the screen.

One of the themes on which the Capecod Slots make more relying and are more successful, it is the horror one. There are many games related to the world of vampires, zombies and more.

  • The dead: This is one of the most frightening titles as already guessed by the cover image of the Slot Capecod. It is a game with three lines and five rollers. In total, there are 15 payment lines and it is also possible to choose how many of them to focus on each lap. Among the symbols stand out skies, tombs and truly terrifying masks.
  • Brain Dead: literally the title means “cerebrally dead” and therefore the theme of the slot is already understood. The animations are really interesting and it almost seems to see a show. Every detail is curated and the symbols are really afraid. It has five rollers and three lines with 15 payment lines.
  • Ghost Quest: This is the last title we want to talk about, despite the fact that there are also others linked to the Horror title. Also for this slot we find five rollers and three lines with 15 payines. We still find the possibility of being able to decide on how many payines bettingnull The graphic quality is always very interesting and the symbols are also well integrated into the slot. For example, there are those related to the world of French cards that are well stylized.

Historic slot capecod

As in any self -respecting provider software, there are many slot machines that are linked to the myths and civilizations of the past. If you are a visitor to online casino, but also of traditional ones, for example, you will know that the slot machines related to ancient Egypt or the Greek divinity are among the most famous, among these, for example we find age of the gods oppure Book of Dead. Capecod, however, also wanted to create its own games related to the ancient world. Let’s see someone together and we discover their characteristics.

Er Colosseum: game obviously inspired by the Roman Empire and Al Colosseum which we also find in the background. It has five rollers and three lines with 25 payines. Among the symbols we find emperors, centurions and gladiators in addition to the classic jacks, women and kings of the French cards.

Mayan Temple: This Capecod Slot is inspired by the Mayan civilization and the mysteries of Central and South America. The game shows as usual an excellent graphic quality that can be seen immediately from the symbols and above all by the many details.

Cleopatra Temple: a game inspired by the legendary Queen of Egypt, the beautiful Cleopatra, could not be missing. There are five rollers, three lines and therefore payment lines in total on which it is possible to focus. The graphics are very pretty and symbols, even those of the French cards, are all stylized.

The other games of Capecod

The Capecod Slot sector is certainly one of the most followed even if the American software provider has also worked on the development of other games. To tell the truth, these are only two devices. Here are what they are.

Blackjack online: The game of 21 is a must in the world of online casino and Capecod has also decided to create its own version. The table is very colorful and the bright chips. Of course the rules are traditional ones, but this Capecod game is characterized by some particularities. For example, There is no rule of the 17 soft, so the dealer will always have to stop even if he has a 17 in his hand with an ace that is worth 1null The player, then, will always have to ask for another card if his score is less than 12. The game takes place with six decks of 52 cards and the virtual sabot is shuffled at the end of each turn. There is both the possibility to ask for the “insurance” and to split when the first two cards have the same value.

French Roulette online: is the French version of the Famous roulettenull The graphics are really very simple and particular animations must not be expected. There are all the types of usual episodes and you can bet from a minimum sum of 10 cents of euros up to 70 euros for each lapnull When clicking on the spin key, then, a wheel appears and you can see live in which slot the ball ends.

Mobile games

One of the aspects for which it is essential to know the characteristics of a professionalvider software, concerns the Mobile gamenull By now, in fact, more and more players deciding to aim directly from smartphones and tablets, both because it is much more comfortable and also because more discreet. Not all mobile casinos or provider software, however, managed to create games that can also be used with smaller screens than the traditional PC monitor. This, however, is not the case of Capecod, given that it was certainly one of the companies in this sector that believed before the others in the strength of the mobile game.

All the games created by this provider, including of course the Capecod Slot Free, in fact, They can be used by mobile devices, both Android and iOSnull It is no need to download software or register. The games, in fact, can be used directly from the browser thanks to the HTML5 technology, which has slowly replaced the flash technologynull And of this effort and the results obtained Capecod is certainly very proud of it. In mobile mode, then, card and table games are also available, such as Roulette and Blackjack online.

Also, he is giving way to that too which is currently called “Vertical Revolution”. In a nutshell, you must know that most of the games provide usable from smartphones, they foresee the need to be shot horizontally. Obviously, this is not a superhuman effort, but it still remains the most complicated position with which to keep the smartphone in hand.

The vertical view, however, at least until some time ago, was not recommended since the rollers were not seen very well and the keys were difficult to click. Capecod, however, with his game Stardust Extended, kicked off a new way of playingnull The device, in fact,, It can be used with the screen vertically and this allows a combination of comfort and gameplay which until now was not possible.

professionals and cons of Capecod

Let’s see now what are the strengths for which to choose the Capecod Slot or the other games, and almost instead the flaws that must be considered anyway.


Variety of slots and characteristics: Capecod Slot Machine are certainly the strength of this software professionalvider, especially for their number and the variety of themes. In addition, different characteristics are available, including for example, the possibility of deciding how many payines to focus on each spin.

Mobile game: This is the other strong point of this company that has invested and continues to invest in this sector. The play from smartphones and tablets is growing day after day, as well as i mobile casino, and the American company is in the front row among the best gaming companies in this area.


Only two card and table games: actually having only one blackjack and a variant of roulette is certainly a little little if compared with the other professionalvider software. Capecod, however, decided to focus decisively on the slots and for this reason he left the other games.

No live game: There is not much to say from this point of view. The lack of games with live dealers is certainly heard and we hope that in the near future they can improve this aspect.


We arrived at the end of this in -depth guide on Capecod, a totally American American software. Let’s start immediately to emphasize that it is useless to compare this company with others in the sector such as Playtech, which represent world pillarsnull This does not mean, however, that the American company from some points of view, such as slots and mobile playability, is still giving its concrete contribution to the whole sector. That’s why it certainly deserves attention.