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You can play it in our recommended casino with 200 Spin Free
You can play it in our recommended casino with 200 Spin Free
You can play it in our recommended casino with 200 Spin Free
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You can play it in our recommended casino with 200 Spin Free at the first top -up of $ 20.
You can play it in our recommended casino with 200 Spin Free at the first top -up of $ 20.
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You can play it in our recommended casino with 200 Spin Free For new players.
You can play it in our recommended casino with 200 Spin Free For new players.

In this guide we will analyze one of the most important suppliers of Software in the world: Playtechnull We will see the story of this company, the moment that currently lives, the main games available and where you can find them. At the end of this guide you will know everything about the Playtech group and you will understand if it is the right provider software or notnull Know, and above all recognize, software suppliers and their games It will make you an informed and skilled bettor to understand at first impact what is the perfect place to point your money. Not everyone thinks about it, but in reality these companies create and distribute games and therefore play a fundamental role in the Gambling and Betting sector.

That’s why our professionals have decided to pay attention to one of the pillars of the field and help you recognize it and discover its many games.


Playtech nasce nel 1999 a Tartu, city of Estonia, thanks to the commitment of entrepreneurs who worked in the casino sector, and experts in software and multimedia engineering. From that moment his path has always been growing continuously. This is demonstrated by the fact that after only 13 years he was listed on the London stock market And its title has significantly increased its value thanks to a series of investments and numerous collaborations with different casinos in the world.

To allow this there was certainly the great commitment of the whole company, the desire to invest and grow day after day thanks to the best talents in the sector, And above all the ability to conceive some of the best games in the field of Betting and online casinosnull In 2018 he also completed the acquisition of 70% of Snaitech, which holds the betting platform of Snai, then entering with force also on the American market with one of the most important and popular dealers.

Information on playtech

Playtech is certainly one of the gaming giants and casino games, despite having been founded for just over twenty years. In 1999, in fact, Teddy Sagi created this company at the Islands of Man, precisely in Douglas and from that moment his growth has been incrediblenull Its tax office is instead set in Cyprus, precisely in the capital Nicosia. In 2019, in fact, he recorded a turnover of over 1.5 billion euros, showing an increase of 15% compared to last yearnull Although the numbers of 2023 have not yet been made public, it is very simple to hypothesize that its absolutely growing trend is confirmed again. At the moment it can count on a network that includes over 1,200 employees.

It has been listed on the stock exchange since 2006, precisely at the London Stock Exchange for a value of 550 million pounds which then grown over time. To underline also a truly dark moment from which Playtech has managed to get up stronger than before. In 2007, therefore after only one year after its entry into the stock exchange, the Safe Port Actnull It is a legislative act that strongly limits the phenomenon of gambling, also imposing different limits and restrictions on dealers. This was obviously a serious blow for Playtech who came to lose 40% of his value in just one day. The blow would probably have shot down many companies but not Playtech who not only raised immediately but started a growth without limitsnull Over the years, then, he has carried out several operations and acquisitions. Among the latter it is certainly necessary to mention Snai, one of the most important portals in USA both for sports betting and for the world of casino.

During 2023, its title earned over 100 points from 377 pounds in January 2023 up to 487 pounds in 2023.

Playtech strength points

Playtech’s strength is due in particular to a series of initiatives that have guaranteed this society a constant daily improvement. This growth was felt by both players and game platforms who decide to collaborate with Playtech to expand their offer range.

Be a company listed on London bag (abbreviation Ptec), which can boast a turnover of billions of euros (in the next paragraph we will see it in detail), He then helps to have great trust in this society which, consequently, continues its commitment to the future avoiding to dwell on the results achieved, but pointing the gaze towards new objectives.

It can count on over six thousand employees and offices in many European countries, including London, Vienna, Ukraine, Scotland, Israel and Gibraltarnull He also founded his own academy, thanks to which he finds and prepares the best talents in the world from different points of view, so as to have already at home.


From this point of view Playtech does not fear rivals since he has obtained authorizations and licenses throughout Europe, including l’UK Gambling Commission, the Customs and Monopolies Agency in USA, and the Malta Gambling Authority. This obviously allows you to feel safe when you play on a device created by Playtech, since you can be sure they are always legal, not rigged and that nobody can tamper with them to make you lose.

Each game is regulated by a controlled and verified random generator, and the Return to Player is above averagenull In addition, the Playtech group offers the utmost commitment to safeguarding the data of its players, allowing him always safe operations and transitions.


The Playtech group, and all the brands with which it collaborates, can also take advantage of the mobile offer of this software provider. This company, in fact, has invested so much in this field, proving to be one of the first companies to believe in the mobile game. Thanks to HTML5 technology, most of the games are available directly from tablets and smartphone browsers, whether they have Android, iOS or Windows technology.

Responsible game

Also from the point of view of the responsible game, Playtech Casino undertakes daily to ensure that each event can be recorded and analyzed according to what reported in recent years on the risk of ludopathynull In a nutshell, Playtech obviously wants to profit from the episodes of the players, and the opposite would be abnormal. His goal, however, is that players see the game as a pastime and that they do not end up indebted or ruin their lives due to ludopathy. That’s why he put in place all possible innovations in the field of artificial intelligence, capable of instantly verifying the trend of players And understand if in some cases there may be at risk behaviors.


In 2019 Playtech’s turnover came to overcome the billion and a half eurosnull Also in 2023, despite Covid’s global pandemic and the blockade for several months of all sporting events, and consequently also betting, the budget should only suffer a small decline compared to the previous year.

Being a company listed on the stock exchange, it is really difficult that it can lead operations outside those allowed or that you can find yourself at any moment in red. This obviously guarantees a certain continuity of performance and the ability to make investments in the sector, including for example the acquisition of Snaitech.

The main games offered by Playtech

Playtech’s offer, from a game point of view, will make you understand why it is considered one of the best in the world in this sector. In the next paragraphs we will focus on the various available sections, we will tell you some of the main titles created and also some particular features.

Live Casino

If you like playing the main tables with live dealers, then even not knowing it you will surely have tried one of the playtech games. It is probably among the best software suppliers, if not the best, as regards this particular game mode.

All the main games are available, such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Hold’em e roulettenull These also present dealers of various nationalities and therefore that different languages can speak. Also keep in mind that many variants of the games are available, so as to satisfy everyone’s tastes.

Playtech has focused a lot on this section, foreseeing a rapid development, and it actually was. The rooms and tables are treated in the minimum particular, as well as the setting in the background. The dealers, in addition to being very beautiful, are prepared and able to answer questions and doubts about the various casino games. This is a point in favor because it will allow you to sit at the virtual table and ask for any information avoiding errors and losses of money.

This provider software is also working on a graphics in which virtual reality is implemented, giving a new version of the games with live croupier connected through streaming.


One of the main sections of this Estonian company is certainly the varied and large section dedicated to slot machines. There are, in fact, Over 700 Playtech slots spread in the various traditional and online casinos, both American and foreigners.

You can choose between the classic bar games, with three rollers and few payment lines up to the playtech slots with five rollers, three lines and dozens of payines. To these are added exceptional settings both from a graphic and audio point of view, bonus games and intriguing animations. The goal is to ensure that the user not only games hoping to find obviously the best possible combinations, but which is also enjoyed during the real game.

Then there are several playtech slots with progressive jackpot, which will premise to aim for really majestic winnings that can even reach several hundred thousand euros. To make the difference there is the search for the always particular themes, such as Marvel’s superheroes or fruitful collaboration with an international brand like Warner Bros.

For those who just want to have fun or start knowing the slot without any stress or anxiety, it can try the demo modenull In this case there will simply be a virtual account thanks to which you can play all the time you want without spending even a euro. Obviously there are no real winnings, but the fun is guaranteed.

Citing the best Playtech would be impossible, also because it depends on your personal tastes. We can tell you, however, that this supplier has conceived the series of age of the gods, which over the years has fascinated and satisfied many players. Then there are the Kingdom’s Rise and Fire Blaze games.

He poker

Playtech Casino also offers an excellent selection of poker games, available both in desktop and mobile version, both Android and IOSnull The virtual table, in fact, adapts to all types of screens making the gaming experience easy and intuitive.

Both Poker in Cash Game version is available with Buy-in for all budgets, che i Si& Go fino a sei giocatori oltre, naturalmente ai tornei con centinaia di partecipanti.

Bingo, bets and virtual

The offer is then completed with sports bets, well -kept virtual games in every aspect and continuously growing, and the bingo. As for the latter, then, it is one of the flagships of Playtech, already a point of reference in England, where it occupies almost 50% of the marketnull Its goal, however, is obviously to expand even outside the United Kingdom and, thanks to the collaboration with the various brands in the sector, it can be said that it is undoubtedly being able to succeed. There are several virtual rooms to play, and all have special prizes. The cost of the folders then varies according to each room, and therefore also allows players with a budget reduced to having fun without spending too much money.

Where to find the playtech games

This is probably the aspect you will never have to worry about if you choose to play on the devices created by Playtech. In fact, you will find the games of this software supplier in most of the legal online casinos in USA, as well as of course on the Snai website, given that Playtech is the owner. Among the many we can mention Digital game, Bet365, Betfair and Eurobet, so you will have no problem finding a Playtech Casino in which to register in USA.

How to choose the best playtech mess in USA

It is therefore clear that Playtech is one of the best provider software available on the market, but when you choose to play online you must also evaluate the dealer with which he collaborates. So here are some useful advice to follow to avoid problems:

  • Welcome bonus: The bonuses and promotions are some of the most sought after aspects by American players, and you will probably also want to seize all the possibilities offered by the various sites. Before registering and taking advantage of an offer, however, always checks the terms and conditions, so as to know what the rules are to respect and avoid losing all the benefits.
  • ADM license: The first thing to consider when you play in an online casino always concerns the license of the Customs and Monopolies Agency. Only in this way will you be sure that the game is always legal and reliable, and this also concerns the incoming and exit operations. You will find the symbol of the ADM or at the top right or at the bottom of the page. If you do not see it you can ask customer service on the site or directly check the list of authorized dealers on the government body website.
  • Deposit methods: Each Playtech Casino can make different modes available to customers To make deposits and withdrawalsnull It is always worth checking which are, the timing and any costs to be faced. Almost everyone will have the Visa and Mastercard cards, for example, while the situation becomes slightly more complicated when it comes to electronic wallets. That’s why you must be sure there is your favorite method.
  • Mobile games: Playtech has all possible technology to play tablets and smartphones, but you must always make sure that the same thing is also worth the platform in which you usually play. Usually there are two systems to play online: either through a specific app or through HTML5 technology, which is also the one used by Playtech.
  • Search for your favorite game: If you are a fan of a particular game, always check that the Playtech Casino has available in its catalog. Even if a platform tightens an agreement with this software professionalvider, it is not said that it has all the games created, and that is why it is certainly better to look for them first and then subscribe. In doing so, you will not run the risk of registering and then not finding what you wanted.
  • Customer care: To be sure to play on the best site in USA you must also check if customer service is actually up to the situation, which system uses (for example live chat, email or telephone number) and until it is available. In fact, some customer support services are available to a certain time and therefore you will not be able to them in the evening.


When we talk about Playtech we cannot fail to mention the creation of an app dedicated to bets for the main sports to be used on the Apple smartwatchnull Currently it is still an experiment and is only available in the United Kingdom, but this makes it clear how much this software supplier is oriented towards technological development. As mentioned, the offer for now is limited only to some popular sports such as football and tennis, but certainly over the next few years an implementation and spread of the game is expected, also as regards the Playtech Casino on wrist devices.

The future

Obviously it is not possible to foresee the future, even if as regards Playtech, unless there are big surprises, it is expected that his experience in the betting and gambling sector will continue for some time, and the signals are all there. We are talking about a company listed on the London Stock Exchange, with a growth turnover, and above all with particular attention to the user who is difficult to find elsewherenull We saw it when we talked about the innovations regarding the fight against ludopathy, the developments of the mobile game and even for the smartwatch one.

Finding negative sides of this provider seems to be really complicated.


At the end of this guide, we believe that now you know everything you need to understand if the playtech casino games can be the right ones for you, or if it is necessary to test some other software supplier available on the online marketnull Obviously there are many others who certainly play a fundamental role in this sector and therefore can certainly deserve your attention.

our pro’sIn any case, they tried to pay attention to all that information that are certainly noteworthy and above all are necessary to understand the actual value of this supplier. Finally we saw that the choice of games is really wide, both as regards the Playtech slots and for traditional green table games.