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Each online casino player, but also those who usually play in traditional American casinos or The last thing is what is, is always looking for each system to beat the counter. This also applies to the players of the game of 21 always ready to find some methods that explain to him how to win at Blackjacknull If you are among them too, then you are in the right place. During this article, in fact, We will see in detail everything that is important to know to understand how to win at Blackjack both online and in terrestrial rooms.

We state that there will be a fairly long in -depth study, but it will be really useful for making your way between the various methods created to increase the chances of victory to this game. Then pay the utmost attention and read everything our pro, namely the experts in the sector and the professional players with whom we collaborate to make our articles, put together on this topic.

Before starting, however, it is good to immediately underline a point not only important, but really fundamental. If you are looking for a system to understand how to always win in Blackjack, then you can also stop readingnull Blackjack, in fact, is a game that like all those you find in online casino It is based on luck. As we will see later, there are many systems that, without a shadow of a doubt, allow you to increase your chances of victory. However, none of these can ever guarantee a certain victory But simply because there is no system on how to always win at Blackjack.

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How to win in Blackjack: the terms

An important aspect to deepen, when you approach the world of online blackjack, as well as other casino games, are the right terms to usenull These, in fact, will be useful to follow the game in the best way and above all avoid making mistakes or getting lost the best opportunitiesnull That’s why we recommend knowing the main terms when you want to look for how to win at online blackjack. Also, since in many cases you will find yourself playing a table in which The terms will be English, we will also tell you the version in this language so you can never make mistakes.

  • Carta (Hit): You have to say so or click on the appropriate button when, after the first two cards, the score you have does not satisfy you and therefore you need another card.
  • Stai (Stand): If, on the other hand, after the first two cards or after he got other cards, the score is satisfactory, by clicking on this button you can stop and wait for the dealers’ moves.
  • Insurance (Insurance): Not all Blackjack tables, both online and terrestrial, have this option. In a nutshell, if the discovering card of the dealer is an ace, you can ask to purchase the payment insurance an amount equal to half the initial episode. The insurance, in fact, will take you back from a possible dealer blackjacknull If the latter realizes the maximum point with a card that is worth 10 and an ace, you will rearrange your initial episode back but you will lose insurance.
  • Split (divide): When your first cards are a couple, you have the opportunity to split, that is to divide them, putting another episode equal to the initial one on the plate. In this way you will play as if you had two hands composed of one of the cards you split and a card that will have to give you the dealer. For both, you can also play differently without problems. Usually this option is quite frequent.
  • Double (raddoppia): Unlike the split, this mode is not so frequent. In fact, the physical ones and also the physical casinos, in fact, do not always make it available to the players. With the Double, in fact, it is possible to double the initial episode after receiving the first two cards. Obviously the casinos allow this possibility only when you have a certain point in hand and usually it is 9, 10 and 11null In addition, if you choose this possibility, you can only receive another additional card, whatever its value is.

Blackjack online, live and traditional: the differences

Before starting our path in search of all systems on how to win at Blackjack, It is good to dwell quickly on the main types of games that you can find around.

Blackjack online: It is the typical game you find in all online casinos. In this case you will play against the counter which, however, will be a software. There are hundreds of games made by the various software provider And each of them follows the same rules. The only particular differences could be represented by the fact that some games have special options, including for example we find the split, the double and insurancenull As we saw just before, these modes could certainly make your game much more interesting and also increase your possibilities to win at Blackjack online.

Con dealer live: This is a mode that is acquiring a certain importance especially in the last few days. In a nutshell, in fact, It is an online game that will allow you to be able to see a real Croupier connected by a study on video and livenull He will manage the games of games and distribute the cards. You can also talk to the dealer and also ask him for information on some aspects of the game that is not particularly clear to you. You must know, in fact, that one of the tasks manages the green table is also to explain the rules to the players. More and more software providers and online casino are focusing on this game mode since users are greatly appreciating their characteristics.

Traditional blackjack: This game mode, on the other hand, is the one that takes place in traditional online casino. Also for this version of the game there are several system on how to win at Blackjack, including obviously the method that provides for the counting of the cards stands outnull Also in this mode it is necessary to make sure that options such as insurance and split are available. In addition, it is always better to inquire before sitting at the table On what are the minimum episodes so as not to run the risk of finding yourself playing with very high episodes compared to your budget.

How to win at Blackjack online

After learning some essential notions that it was important to know before moving on to the various methods on how to win at blackjack, we are ready to know all the systems that could be useful to the game table, both online and physical. We will also see some tips that, if followed, will certainly be able to return useful and increase your possibilities of victory.

Remember then that, as mentioned at the beginning, there is no method that will tell you how to always win at online blackjack, Simply because in casino games there is also a need for lucknull And as you will well know the blindfolded goddess is absolutely uncontrollable.

Some tips on how to win in Blackjack

Let’s now see some useful tips to know when you decide to play Blackjack and that will be useful even if you want to understand how to win in Blackjack.

Always play safe: always remember to choose online casino that have the authorization of the Customs and Monopolies Agency in USA. This is the only method you have to be sure that the games you are aiming for are safenull Otherwise, in fact, you risk finding yourself on focusing on devices that will make you lose. And so you can also forget the methods on how to win at Blackjack, given it will be practically impossible. Choose a online gaming platform Or terrestrial, he will also make you safe from any casinos who do not want to pay the winnings to the players. Just look for the ADM stamp on the online casino website and find out which one is authorized and which one is not.

Be responsible: Playing online or in a terrestrial casino and knowing all the systems on how to win in Blackjack, he will never ensure guaranteed revenue. So when you are preparing to play, remember that there is also the possibility of losing and therefore he plays responsible in a responsible waynull He only points the money you can afford and if, unfortunately, if you lose, do not be taken from the desire to recover by aiming even more. In this case, in fact, you can run the serious risk of ending up in a vicious circle and losing a lot of money.

Find the best welcome bonuses: all the best players know that to increase their chances of victory, or at least, avoid losing money, you have to go in search of the best Welcome bonusnull In practice, these are promotions that dealers put in place to entice the new players to register. In general, there are two different types of promotions: those with deposit and those withoutnull The latter allow players who register and validate their account (usually sending a copy of their identity document) to obtain a small sum of paid money to be used for the games. professionalmotions with deposit, on the other hand, usually offer extra credit equal to the amount of the first deposit And therefore they are certainly the best even if they foresee a disbursement of initial money.

Learn the rules and practice: There is no system on how to win at the Blackjack that works if you don’t know the rules well. That’s why it is important that you learn all the game phases and the related rules and that it also makes a lot of practice. One of the best systems, for example, is to play in demo mode. In this way you can first have fun without spending money. In most cases, then, you won’t even have to register or download software. This, however, will allow you to test your skills with the game, try the various systems on how to win at Blackjack online and, if you want, also to develop one of your staff.

Avoid online scams: We have already said it during the article, but given its importance, it is always better to repeat it, there is no method that will tell you how to always win in Blackjack. This means that if you find someone who will offer you a perfect system, it will simply want to make fun of you and steal your moneynull He therefore avoids falling into these traps and thinks only of improving your technique and hoping that luck is on your side.

Techniques and strategies

Here is to the centerpiece of our article on how to win at Blackjack, or the various Techniques and strategies that you can use during a game of this game. We repeat again that none of these system will allow you to get a certain win to this game, although obviously they will be able to help. Indeed, some theorists have estimated that the good use of some of the strategies that we are going to present you, could also totally reduce the advantage of the counter then bringing the percentages of Vittoria on par.

We will start from the Basic Strategy to win in Blackjack online and not, on which we will focus enough also because it is one of those methods that are truly usable by everyone and above all that can be used on every occasion. Subsequently, then, we will focus on the main systems to be used when you decide to count the cards an absolutely non -illegal technique, but still not appreciated by casino managers.

How to win in Blackjack: Basic Strategy

Basic Strategy, or Blackjack base strategy, is Certainly among favorite systems on how to win at Blackjack onlinenull This is because it is really very simple to put into practice and then because, in spite of the counting of cards that cannot be used in software games, this method can always be used, or almost.

In short words, It is based on a table in which there are the best choices to make, statistically speaking, based on the initial score of the dealernull Here’s how to read it.

On the left side you will find the potential score you have in your hand after receiving the first two cards. On the high side (the horizontal one), on the other hand, you will find the value ranging from 2 to ace, or the discovery paper of the dealer. Your aim will be to go to the line of your score and find the choice provided by the table based on the dealer card.

Among the possible choices to make, of course, there are you are, paper, but also doubles. Always pay attention to the type of table you sit and the table you choose. There Basic Strategy, in fact, changes according to the fact that the dealer should stop or not with a soft or hard 17.

This strategy, in fact, is based on two fundamental points. The first is that the casinos introduced the rule of 17 to limit the net advantage of the benchnull In practice, the dealer must always stop when it reaches a score equal to or greater than 17. And he must always call, even if the player’s point is lower, when the counter has less than 17. The difference between hard and soft occurs when it comes to a score of 17 with acenull Hard is said, when the ace has the value of 1 and therefore by calling another card you run the risk of bouncing. On the contrary, instead, it is said soft when the ace at that moment has the value of 11, and therefore if the next paper should be high it can always take the value of 1.

Just to give a practical example so as to make everything clearer, let’s assume that your point is 15 and that the counter has a 6 as a discovered card. According to your intuition and without knowing the rule of 17, you would probably call another crankcase as the dealer just have a 10 to exceed younull In reality, as the Basic Strategy table explains, the best choice is to stop. This is because, even if the dealer had a covered 10, precisely because of the rules of the 17th, he would be forced to call again and therefore the risk of bouncing would be very high.

The other basic strategy foundation lies in the fact that the Blackjack provides for limited combinations and therefore, with a pinch of statistics, the best choice can be provided. Obviously better does not mean winning, also because like any casino game, luck always takes over.

Among its strengths, then, we find the fact that it is not difficult to memorize, especially if you understand the mechanism. Also, when playing online, you can safely keep open on another page or on a sheet always at hand.


In this paragraph, however, we will go to one of the systems, or better to say, to a set of systems, widely used to try to increase their possibilities of victory at the Blackjack. We obviously talk about the counting of the cards. It is a method often known to all, also because it made famous by Several movies who made him known to the general public. Among the most important films that speaking of this topic, for example, we find Rain Man con Dustin Hoffman e and “21”, more recent and in which the counting of the cards plays a fundamental role.

When we talk about this way on how to win at Blackjack, a lot of confusion is always unleashed, This is because everyone believes that it is an illegal method and that therefore there is also the risk of ending up in some troublenull In reality, we start to immediately clarify an essential point. This system very followed by players who are looking for methods on how to win at Blackjack is legalnull It must also be known, however, that it is a series of systems (we will shortly see them one by one) quite complicated and in any case not at all appreciated by casino managers. This means that if you get a win with the card system they will never be able to remove it, but if they realize that you are using this method, they can certainly invite you to leave the room and no longer return to that structure.

Do not believe that it is a remote option, given that the managers of the rooms and safety workers know these systems well and also know how to find the players who use them.

In the next paragraphs we will see one by one all the most popular systems for counting cards. Obviously we will start giving you the first information on the method, but it will then be necessary to deepen the system that interests you most with one of our detailed analyzes.

Before starting, however, it is better to give you some detail immediately on the methods to win at Blackjack online and notnull The methods provide that you have a certain ability in counting in mind and that, above all, he can count and memorize everything in one instantnull In fact, all methods are based on a principle. That is, that in each deck of cards there are cards of low value and cards, instead of they have a high value. The goal of counting cards is to know if the deck has more high or low cards, or if the proportion between the two is balanced.

There are several systems because the counting is more complex and difficult, the greater the precision of the value that is obtained and which, therefore, can be used at best.

The other essential element is that neither this method nor other systems will ever guarantee a certain victory in any case. As mentioned also at the beginning, in fact, if you are looking for a system on how to always win at blackjack, know that this is not this but that above all does not exist.

It is necessary to underline, then, that these methods cannot be used in online casinos, or to be more precise in software games. You must know, in fact, that these games provide for the mixing of the cards at the end of each lap and therefore the counting of the cards is practically impossiblenull However, you could use it in games with live dealers that do not use a mechanical system of shuffle, that is, mixing, but manual. In this case, in fact, the dealers will mix the cards only after a lot of turns.

Let’s now see the main systems, they start from those of course simpler and then gradually increasing the difficulty.

HI LO system

Let’s start with this method that the abbreviation of high -low, or high-low. The name, apparently, derives from the fact that there are only three groups of cards, namely the high ones, low and those that instead have a value of 0. Here are the groups:

  • 2, 3, 4, 5, 6: in this case it is added +1 to the count.
  • 7, 8 e 9: the score is 0.
  • 10, J, Q, K e Asso: and subtract 1 point to the score.

The system, therefore, is really simple quite simple compared to other strategies used to count the Blackjack cards, in which, for example, There are the half unitsnull It starts from the initial score of 0, and during the running count, that is, the action of counting the cards while the dealer distributes them, add or subtract a point as we have seen.

To then have the True Count, a further action is needed, or divide the score for the number of remaining decks. This, therefore, means that you must also keep the count of the number of remaining cards in the sabot.

Remember that the greater the score the more the deck is full of highs. On the contrary, however, if the score is low it means that there are little possibilities to get a 10 OP a figurenull To find out more about this system, you can consult our complete guide.

How to win in Blackjack: Ko system

The name is Knock Out’s abbreviation and provides, as well as the others, the division of the various cards into groups. With the KO system, you start seeing a pinch of more difficulties because the cards that have a value of 0 and increase those that need a count. In addition, also in this case it is necessary to divide the score for the remaining decks.

  • Dl a h: we must add 1 to the count.
  • 8 e 9: In this case their value is 0.
  • 10, J, Q, K e Asso: must be removed 1 at the score.

Ten system

Among the systems to be used for the counting of the cards there is also the 10 system. It is the only one of the most popular and among those that we will present to you, which does not include a division of cards into groupsnull This is because you will have to take into account the number of output cards and in particular of 10 and figures. In practice it is based on a data, namely that in each deck there are 16 cards that are worth 10 (i.e. 10, j, q and k). The remaining 36, however, have a different score. The ratio between them is 2.25null To use this method, therefore, just recalculate the relationship to each card out. Obviously, with a deck of cards it is very simple. The problem is when casinos use several decks of cards (up to a maximum of 8).

Take a look at our analysis on the ten method.

Hi Opt 1 e 2

These two methods to count the cards at Blackjack are the first that we will see together in this guide who present the first difficulties. We put them together because they are connected to each other, since the second is a more complex version of the first method.

In the first it is necessary to divide the cards into three groups:

  • 2, 7, 8 e 9: These four cards are worth +1.
  • The map Dl Alinstead they are worth 0.
  • 10, J, Q e K are worth -1.

We therefore begin to note that the groups are slightly more articular but that, above all, the axes are missing. The reason why there are no fundamental cards in Blackjack, is that they must be counted separately. In practice, knowing that in a deck of cards with 4 axes you have to keep in mind how many have come out and then make the so -called “Adjustment of the axes”.

That is, you have to establish, keeping in mind the number of output cards, If the number of axes is average, or less or highernull If it is less, you have to add a point because it means that there are still important cards in the deck. If, on the other hand, it is superior, then you have to remove a point.

As you have understood this method is certainly complex, but it also begins to be much more precise.

Hi-Opt II

This method is, as mentioned, more complex than the previous one. As you will see from the division of the groups, you will notice that this time there are four (and not three as seen so far). Furthermore, the +2 also appears for the first time. Here’s how the cards are divided into this system used and studied by the players looking for methods on how to win at Blackjack online and not.

  • 2, 3, 6 e 7: we must add +1 to the count.
  • 4 e 5: these two cards, however, are worth +2.
  • 8, 9 and ace: their score is 0.
  • 10, J, Q, K e Asso: when these cards come out you have to deduct 2 dal Running Count.

How to win in Blackjack with the Omega method

Are you looking for an even more precise method than we have just seen? Then this can do to your case but know that the difficulty begins to become prohibitive. And how to divide the cards:

  • 2, 3 e 7: when these cards will be discovered you will have to add +1 at your score.
  • 4, 5 e 6: in this case it is necessary to add +2.
  • il 9 vale +1.
  • il 10, J, Q K e Asso instead they are worth -2.
  • The 8 and the axes are worth 0.

There are five groups to know and learn and, in addition to +2, we also find -2. Of course, all this makes the system even more complicated.

Do not forget, then, that the ace must however be counted also separately, so as to then provide for the aging.

Red 7

Red 7 is a very particular system, given that it works like everyone else, but the 7 red color are counted differently than black ones. Here are the value of the various groups of cards:

  • 2, 3, 4, 5 6 and 7 red: are worth +1.
  • 10, J, Q, K e Assi: -1.
  • 8, 9 and 7 black: 0

If you are interested in knowing this method in detail, try reading our detailed guide.

Zen Count

Another method deemed complex, but precise by the expert Blackjack players is the Zen Count. Here’s how the cards are divided.

  • 2, 3, e 7: these cards are worth +1.
  • 4, 5, e 6: in this case, however, they are worth +2.
  • The Axes apply -1.
  • 10, J, Q e K: are worth –2.
  • 8 e 9, on the other hand, are worth 0.


Halves presents different difficulties for players who do not have a great capacity for mental calculation, above all because there are half units and this makes everything even more difficult.

  • 2, 7, 9: are worth 0,5
  • 3, 4 e 6: are worth +1.
  • 5: vale 1,5.
  • 8: vale 0.
  • 10, J, Q, K e Asso: these cards, instead they are worth -1.

Martingala and Basic Strategy or Basic Strategy and Carte Counting

Another method designed to understand how to win at Blackjack, provides for the union of multiple systems so as to increase the possibilities even more. For example, a blackjack strategy can be combined with a bankroll management, such as the Martingala. The latter, is a system commonly used in roulette, but we can also borrow it for Blackjack.

In a nutshell, it is based on an assumption or that when you win it continues with your usual episode and when you lose the double. In this way, not only you will have more opportunities to win in Blackjack online and not against the counter thanks to the counting of the cards, but you will also know how to manage the Bankroll in the right way, thus avoiding squandering money by aiming in the wrong way. One of the mistakes that, for example, often make players, is to play and aim without any criterionnull In this way, then, they always tend to dilapidate their budget in very few laps. Thanks to Martingala, however, you will have a coherent management.

The other practice that many players use to win in Blackjack online and not, is to combine the basic strategy tables with the counting of the cards. In this way, a statistical knowledge of possible results will be combined with an awareness of the fact that in the deck of remaining cards there are more or less high cards.

Obviously you have to keep in mind that the difficulties increase enough, also because not only you will have to keep the score of the count in mind, but it also recalls on the fly what is the best choice based on the deck of remaining cards and the provisions of the basic strategy. In a traditional casino, then, the difficulty increases since everything will have to be rememberednull Instead, in the game with live dealers no one will notice that you have the table with you with the best choices.

Conclusion on how to win in Blackjack

Here we are at the end of our in -depth analysis on how to win in Blackjack. We have tried to analyze and deepen all the systems that exist in this sector and that are often used by the players. First, however, we focused on some points that is absolutely necessary to know in order to start playing with a certain awareness and also to know how to use these methods the bestnull We first saw the Basic Strategy and the table with the various possibilities and then all the systems that are part of the counting of the cards.

As mentioned several times during the deepening, then, these systems are certainly not infallible and never ensure a certain victory even if they still allow you to increase your possibilities of victory. And that’s why together with ours industry experts We thought of creating this guide who will surely be able to be a point of reference both for players with less experience and for those who have already known the game for some time.

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