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In this guide our Top-Us-Casino experts explain in detail what is the MGA Casino license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority.

In the following paragraphs they will not only talk about what it is, but also how it works and where this license is valid, and the differences between this and the license issued by ADM.

What is the MGA casino license?

The MGA License for Casino is a permit issued by the Malta Gaming Authority To companies operating in the world of gambling, both offline and online, and who want to do it on the island of Malta in a completely legal way. In this list of activities that for operate legally need the MGA license There are casino, online casino, betting offices, lotteries, and all business B2B e B2C that offer services in the Gambling industry.

To receive this license, online casinos who wish to be approved by the MGA must request a very accurate control process. One of the main things that an operator must be able to try at malta gaming authority (Maltese gaming authorities) is his ability to professionaltect customers (in this case players) in all the actions they can perform on the site.

Among the other important criteria to have the license, those who request it must present the documents that they attest to a clear property of the companynull Means that The business cannot be recorded under the name of an empty holding, but must be registered under the name of a person or a real company.

Then, the online casino that requires it must be able to demonstrate to keep funds for players separated from those relating to other activities of the company such as operating funds. In addition, applicants They must not be linked to crime to guarantee the security of both players and the origin of money.

And, like the last things, the applicant operator must also demonstrate that they have sufficient financial resources to offer services correctly and legally who claims to want to offer, in addition to showing that he has the competence to offer the services he promises.

MGA casino license: how it works and where it is valid

The MGA for casino license, released by the Malta Gaming Authority, is mainly valid on the Maltese territorynull However, despite being mainly valid in Malta, This license is also well seen from other countriesnull In many cases, in fact, they accept it as a valid license in their territory.

In fact, although most of the nations nowadays have their competent body for the release of licenses such as the MGA, Others still have to implement valid regulations and therefore rely on regulations of other countries.

With this license, A company can provide its B2B or B2C products within the economic area in which it has been approved in a completely legal waynull The license, in fact, allows those who use the company’s products to have a guarantee both as regards the legality of the games and in terms of the protection from unpleasant inconveniences such as the theft of personal data.

La Malta Gaming Authority

The Malta Gaming Authority, or the body that releases the MGA license, is Born to control and regulate the gambling market on the island of Maltanull Or the mission of the institution is that of Create a fair and transparent game sectornull This is to safeguard the sector from crime and corruption, and offer protection to minors and the most vulnerable people.

In the years The Malta Gaming Authority managed to have Malta positioned as one of the most respectable jurisdictions in the gambling industrynull And managed to increase standards in the Gambling sector worldwide, protecting the interests of consumers.

Furthermore, thanks to assiduous international cooperation efforts, it continues to ensure that the game is kept free from crime and money laundering.

The future objectives of the MGA are to consolidate the regulatory functions relating to game activities, of support the technological innovation of the sector and to provide authoritative and accessible information, all while maintaining the highest possible standards.

What online casino in USA do they have a MGA license?

Many online casinos operating also in USA have a MGA licensenull This is because, as mentioned even before, Malta is one of the world capitals regarding the companies operating in the world of gambling.

Among the various operators present in USA, the most famous ones with MGA license are that of PokerStars, StarCasino e leoves, but they are not the only ones anyway.

Most international operators require this type of license for its value. In fact, as already mentioned, It is one of the licenses valid also in other countries, and among the most important worldwide.

But without the ADM license they are still illegal

However, we must specify, however, that The operators with license for Casino MGA are not legally recognized in USAnull As far as MGA, carry out tight checks on operators and games, It is not based on the regulations of the American Statenull Therefore it cannot be considered as an entity valid in our area.

To legally offer its services in USA, an operator therefore requires the ADM license issued by the Customs and Monopolies Agency.

This is because the American state has this body predisposed to the control of companies operating in the gambling sector. So only his license is valid on the national territory. In fact, all operators listed in our online casino list have the ADM license.

Also To request the ADM license, operators must pass various checks carried out by the body, in addition to having to pay large sums of money for the application. The main checks that thewho performs on the operators are very similar to those carried out by the Malta Gaming Authority.

During the application process, companies must try have an RNG active in games (Random Number Generator) certified and fully functional. In addition to this they must also demonstrate that they have a section dedicated to the responsible game. This section must allow players who realize they have professionalblems in terms of ludopathy to find information about how to deal with it and ask for help.

In addition to these two things, however, operators They must try to ADMs who have all the credentials and that respect the laws of the American state.


In conclusion we can say that The MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) license for Casino is a high -importance permit, necessary to operate on the Maltese territory.

Although it is not considered valid in other territories, it is however always viewed by the other government bodies and notnull It must be said that in any case it certainly facilitates what are the processes of obtaining other licenses in other countries.

Certainly an online casino certified by MGA has no problems with money recycling or operations carried out in a non -transparent way.

However, we cannot recommend using an MGA licensed casino but without ADM licensenull This is because, as mentioned before, does not comply with all current regulations in USAnull For this reason, to those who want to try an online casino, We recommend visiting the our page with the list of AAMS or ADM certificates.

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