Casino Curacao license: what is this license, what is it for and who is issued by?

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In this guide our Top-Us-Casino experts explain in detail what is the License for Casino CuraCao released on the famous Antilles island.

In the next paragraphs, in fact, They will tell you about what it is, of its pros and cons, how to get and what casino they possess it.

What is the Casino Curacao license?

The license for Casino di Curacao, issued by State of Curacao that is a Caribbean island under the addictions of Holland, is a very sought -after license by casino games providers.

We must immediately say that This license is not valid for USA, or rather, the casino operating in USA However, they must have the license issued by ADM (Customs and Monopolies agency) to be legal.

Also, everyone Casino who have curacao license cannot be automatically inserted in the international white list of legal casino games sites, which is nothing more than the document that certifies its safety and reliability.

However, it must certainly be said that Curacao is trying to implement all the necessary measures to get to be like Malta O Gibraltar, or is trying to reach all the requirements to be in accordance with the Gambling Act.

The professional of the Curacao license

The mess that apply to Curacao to have the license enjoy Many benefits, not only linked to the legality of the license itself.

First of all the taxation is 2% on the profits of the game company, There is no VAT to pay e The license per se only costs 30 thousand $, with including the translation of documents, the appointment of the directors, the opening of a current account and all the necessary stamps.

So, compared to having a license in a European country, having it edited by It saves a lot of money from companies, needs less bureaucracy and the companies themselves are subject to less controls.

The cons of the Casino Curacao license

As already mentioned above, the license for Casino Curacao has against that companies must evaluate well.

One of the main ones is that This license does not guarantee insertion into the international white list, which means that companies can offer their products and services only where this license is sufficient.

On the contrary, Some jurisdictions do not accept casino applications that have a curacao license.

How the license is released

The curacao casino license is issued by Curacao Egaming Licensing professionalvider After the companies have requested it from Department of Justice, and paid a sum of around $ 30 thousand.

Paid the money, The body that releases the licenses makes all the necessary checks and, in case of approval, the company will be required to pay a figure of 10,000 Ang (4788 $) per month for the first two years of license.

Received this permit Casino may also request other sublhances to operate outside the Dutch Antilles, but still certified by the state.

Are there reliable online casino with curacao permit?

Online there are many casino sites that have received permission from the state of curecao, and the fact that they do not have ADM or AAMS license It does not necessarily mean that they are not reliable.

In fact, several players choose to use game platforms with this license, especially because The bonuses issued by these sites are higher than the ADM license sitesnull This, of course, is due to the taxes applied in USA.

Another important reason why players choose a recorded casino with Curacao is linked to payment methods. Indeed With this license, casino can also pay through cryptocurrencies, which in casinò Adm It is not possible.

Some examples of curacao casino with excellent bonuses and available for American players are:

  • Rabona Casino
  • Unique Casino
  • Nomini Casino
  • He has been talking about
  • 20bet
  • Cadoola Casino


In conclusion, speaking of the coda curacao license, We can say that it is certainly a valid license, as far as it does not guarantee how the who in USA.

For casinos it has a decidedly lower cost than other licenses, including the one released by Malta and, precisely, the American one. It also allows casino to operate with cryptocurrencies, not a small day and which is not allowed with an ADM license (Customs and Monopolies agency).

The guarantees that from the player are certainly lower than the licenses of other jurisdictions, but it does not mean that the casino sites with the curacao permit are all badly or that they are scam.

For sure We always recommend playing aams casino (ora ADM), because they respect American laws that protect players on our territory, but to those who want to try their luck on a curacao casino we don’t say not to do it.

However, we believe there is always attention to be paid. For example, we always recommend that you look at the history of a casino, their terms and conditions, which are recognized internationally and that both the site and the assistance is in American.

We can therefore conclude by saying that Even a mess with care permit can be valid and reliable, which can offer high bonuses and which often allows you to pay and be paid in cryptocurrencies. The only thing is that it is always, in fact, Important to sites that have all the information relating to the company that manages it and that put the terms in the clear.

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