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In this short guide our Top-Us-Casino experts speak of the License Gaming, that is, a license for companies that offer casino games both online and on the terrestrial level.

They will tell you that What it is, by those who are released and what guarantees it offers players.

What is Kahnawake Gaming License?

Kahnawake casino license, or License Gaming, is nothing more than another of the various licenses issued to casino such as the ADM, Curacao or MGA.

It serves to give guarantees on the safety of a casino or a game to users, and it’s issued after the duty controls to the companies that request it in the Mohawk territory of Kahnawake.

To obtain this license, in fact, companies must respect some rulesnull One of which, they deemed very important by them, is that Companies must focus on responsible gamenull The other regulations to be respected, however, are:

  • The games must be equipped and offer real winnings to players.
  • I personal data of users must be reserved.
  • The sites to which KGC grants a license must enable a mechanism in which the player can set a limit to the amount of money he can play through the game account.
  • A person close to the player, like a family member, may request that a certain site prevent the player from using it.
  • the games rules must be clear and published in English and, where necessary, also in other languages.
  • The contract between the player and the operator must be right And without illegal or meaningless clauses.

Once the regulations are respected, and the checks of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (kg bw), The operator will manage to receive his license.

La Kahnawake Gaming Commission

La Kahnawake Gaming Commission, con sede nel Kahnawake Mohawk Territory Quebec, It is the regulatory body that can release Kahnawake Gaming License.

it’s a Body founded in 1996 To manage the then new game law. Then implemented in 1999 with a new ad hoc legislation on interactive game.

There are 3 people who manage this body, and are nominated by the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake.

IL Kahnawake Mohawk Territory

Il kahnawake mohawk Territory, O Termary Mohawk di kahnawake, It is the jurisdiction area of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

This territory, more or less 50 square km and with 8000 inhabitants, it is Located on the banks of the Saint Laurence river in Quebec, not far from Montreal.

It’s a Mohawk Reserve since 1972 When the British governor Thomas Gage He said he was left to the natives, and all the inhabitants are of Mohawk origin.

Legal, as far as the reserve is located in Quebec, Kahnawake’s territory is practically independent.

I pro della kahnawake game license

The pros that push companies to request a Kahnawake Gaming License There are many, but among these they are certainly to be named:

  • I relatively low costs
  • The taxation at 0%
  • The ease of application by companies
  • È ideale per start-ups
  • Very high guarantees regarding the responsible game
  • The value of Kahnawake Gaming License internationally

The cons

Obviously, in addition to the pros, Also for Kahnawake Gaming License there are against.

The most important is certainly linked to the International License Validitynull However a valid license is considered, and for which various checks are made to companies, It does not have the value of a license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority and not even a released in USA by ADM.

Are the online casinos with Kahnawake Gaming License in USA?

Very important to know is that La Kahnawake Gaming License, as far as it can ensure that an online casino is safe, It has no validity in USA.

Indeed, The only license accepted by the American State is the one issued by the Customs and Monopolies Agency (who), previously called AAMS.

On a legal level, therefore, The American state does not take responsibility for guaranteeing the reliability of a site with Kahnawake licensenull And consequently it does not suggest to its citizens to pay money on a game account of a site recorded in Kahnawake.

All this, however, does not mean that there is always the risk of putting on us wanting to test an online casino with this license. Even among the casinos registered and approved with the Kahnawake Gaming License there are reliable casinos, but the checks that players have to make before paying money are certainly more than those who have to do on an ADM casino, on which you can pay directly by going on the safe side.

So, to conclude, We always advise you to evaluate well where you bet your money and to do it, possibly, on one of the ADM certified casinos on our list always updated.

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