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Blackjack is one of the most important casino games and millions of players choose it for their episodes both in City online, both in traditional structures, using the hi l’a blackjack method or other systems. This is because it is a fairly simple game that does not require particular knowledgenull Just learn those Few rules present and start playing.

Very often, however, players try to have some advantage over the counter using strategies. During this study we will analyze one in particular, The HI Lo Blackjack method that falls among the main systems of the cards countnull We will see how to best use this tactic and we will also give you some small advice.

Why count the cards with the hi lo method?

As with all cards counting systems, The goal of those who use the hi the blackjack method is to know if there are more low or higher cards in the decknull This is objectively an excellent advantage, since it allows you to know if it is worth closing other cards, for example, or if the desk has the opportunity to close a blackjack or to get busy. In short, it is important information that, if used in the right way, and perhaps even in combination with the Blackjack table, can certainly increase the chances of victory.

HI Lo Blackjack method: how does it work?

The first step obviously concerns card scores. To use this system, in fact, you must give a certain score to each card presentnull The hi system is one of the simplest because it provides only +1, 0 and -1. Other methods used for the counting of the cards, however, also have half units. Here are the scores:

  • 2, 3, 4, 5 e 6: +1
  • 7, 8 e 9: 0
  • 10, J, Q, K e Asso: -1

At this point, therefore, Know the points you have to add or add every time a card is discovered on the tablenull This applies to both the cards distributed and you, and for those of the other players and the counter.

Il Running Count

Here we are, now to one of the most important moments of the Hi Lo Blackjack method, or the countnull Remember that to start counting the cards, you have to wait for the dealer to mix the decks, and then start again. To each card, then, you will have to add or remove the relative scorenull Given, however, that at each Blackjack table there may be more or less decks, therefore, to have the real point (also called True Count), You have to divide the score by the number of remaining decksnull Let’s assume, for example, that the current score of your count is 4 and that 2 decks are still remaining in the sabot. It means that you will have to do 4 divided 2 and the True count would be 2.

This is certainly the most complicated part both because it is necessary to keep the count of the remaining cards and because you have to divide the score each time, Obviously everything in mind and without the use of sheet and pen.

The result of the hi Lo Blackjack method

Once the result is obtained, you must also understand how to move. In principle, the higher the True Count score, the greater the value of the episode. This is because it means that in the deck of cards there are still many axes and figures that are worth 10 and therefore there are more possibilities to do blackjack.

On the contrary, instead, If the score is low, it means that the deck is unloaded and therefore there are few high cardsnull Of course this is not always an evil especially if you are afraid of asking for another card and risking to get busy.


Before starting to use the hi l’a blackjack method, you need to know certain factors that may be useful to the green table.

  • Do not use in software games: be careful not to use this system in Blackjack games with software that you find in online casinos. This is because at each tour the deck of cards is mixed and therefore it is impossible to draw some advantagenull The hi lo system, however, could be usable in games with live dealers. These, in fact, often mix the decks of cards manually they have and therefore do it only when it will arrive at the black plastic card used to cut the deck.
  • Attention to the managers of the rooms: the counting of the cards, as you could see in some Blackjack movies, is not appreciated by casino managers at all. Obviously, being a mental calculation, Nobody can officially accuse you of cheating but, being private structures, they will be able to accompany you, gently the no, at the door and ban you from their online casino. In the past it has already happened to the person also very famous, such as the Hollywood star Ben Affleck.
  • Eyes in the deck: as mentioned even before, The greater the number of decks present at the gaming table, the less the chances of obtaining an advantage with the hi Lo Blackjack methodnull Of course, it is better to search for the tables in which fewer decks of cards are used because they allow a simpler count.

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