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In this guide we will talk about the main films on Blackjack. We will see what the most important are, their plot, the famous people who have recited you and what they are inspired by. We will also see why the 21 game is so popular and used in movies.

Blackjack is one of the casino card games, both terrestrial and online, which is not only never lost popularity, but has increased it day after day. In recent years, then, thanks above all to the advent of the game in online casino He has resumed vigor and has become a favorite of many users. In his favor, in fact he has two really important factorsnull The first is the speed since each hand lasts only a few minutes and therefore it is very quick. Also, compared to the roulette for example, in which you just have to choose the number and hope that the predicted one will come out, In Blackjack you have a fairly important margin of choicenull For example, you can split the cards, choose whether or not to make insurance and decide whether to stay or ask for another card.

We will see what are i Best Blackjack movies Or that, at least, have some important scenes set at the game tables, and in particular to Blackjack.

21 – The most important Blackjack movie

“21” is probably the film on blackjack more important ever made. And we say this for a series of reasons that we will explain to you shortly. First of all, compared to many other films, including some that we will see even later, Blackjack plays a really main rolenull We can say that he is one of the protagonists of the game since he is present from start to finish.

It is a 2008 film directed by Robert Luketic and obviously made in America. Among the protagonists, the presence of the premio Oscar Kevin Spacey, then fell out of disgrace, cinematographically speaking, due to some scandals. The other protagonist is Jim Stugess who plays the young and talented student Ben Campbell. The latter, is involved by his professor (played by Spacey) in a team of students who go to Las Vegas casinos on the weekend to play at the game of 21. Then after two days of play, the students and the professor return At home and the money won at the table are divided.

The group, however, is organized for the counting of the cards, a technique that allows you to know if the Blackjack decks are full of high cards or notnull This offers a very important advantage to the players, since they are able to aim strong at the right time and decide to slow down when there are too many unexpected points. The story is obviously quite intriguing and the film certainly deserves to be seen, above all you have ever played at Blackjack.

The real peculiarity of this film is that it is a story inspired by facts that really happened. Between the 70s and 80s, in fact, a group of young students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was organized to beat American casinos, bringing home a lot of moneynull That of the counting of the cards is a technique that is often used by the players, even if it presents some problemsnull For example, although not illegal, it is not at all well seen by both American and European casinos.

And if they ever find you to use it they will fall outside without too many compliments. One of the last important players to be thrown out because he was trying to count the cards, it was the Holliwood actor Ben Affleck.

Secondly, then, The rooms increased the number of decks of cards used during the hands thus making it very difficult to count the cards and above all to keep count in the long time. On many green tables, then, an automatic card counter was also introduced, which makes the mixing fast and therefore feasible after each hand. In this way you can safely say goodbye to the count.

Rain Man

This is a cult film that everyone in life should see both for the fact that we talk about the Blackjack game both for the presence of two sacred monsters of acting such as Dustin Hoffmann and Tom Cruisenull The film was released in theaters in 1988 and collected a huge success both at the box office and critics. Just think that he won four Oscar Award, Best film, Miglio Regia, best leading actor and best original screenplay.

The film begins with Charlie Babbitt, played by Tom Cruise, by car with his girlfriend, among other things played by the American Valeria Golino. During the journey he receives a phone call that communicates the death of his father, who, however, he has not felt for years. Despite this, they still go to the funeral and discovers that they have a brother of whom he had never heard anything, Raymond played by Dustin Hoffmann.

Raymond is suffering from autism and his deceased father has left him with a heritage of three million dollars. Charlie, therefore, tries to become his brother’s guardian and then start to spend time together. For a fortuitous case Charlie discovers that the brother has an incredible talent for the world of numbers, and is able to make exceptional calculations in mindnull At this point he has an intuition, that is, going to play Las Vegas and Blackjack. It instructs it on the basic rules and how the game works and enter one of the many structures of the city. Thanks to the incredible memory qualities, in fact, Charlie manages without any effort to win great sums.

The scenes at the green table in which Charlie wins one hand after the other by attracting the attention of the other people present at the casino and also of the hall managers who question how to win winning. Initially they think that he is located counting the cards, only to then change his mind.

A night of lions

We insert this movie immediately after Rain Man for a specific reason. One night from Leoni is the first episode, arrived in theaters in 2009, of the famous tricology that tells the events of a group of friends who go to Las Vegas to celebrate a bachelor party. After a night of Bagordi, three of the four friends awaken in a practically destroyed room and in absurd physical conditionsnull The biggest problem, however, is that they no longer find Doug, the friend who should get married after a few days. Thus starts Doug’s search trying to reconstruct everything that happened the night before. Needless to say, it is a comedy full of unexpected events and really well made.

If you are wondering that the 21 game has to do with it and because this can be considered a blackjack film, know that there is a moment of the film in which the three friends are blackmailed by a Chinese mafia gangster and are extremely needed of money. Alan, Doug’s brother -in -law who has some mental disorders, He claims to have all the rules for counting cards to the blackjack and therefore decide to invest the last dollars left at the green tablenull The scene is very reminiscent of that of Rain Man, which we talked about above. We don’t want to spoil anything, but know that the implications will be really unpredictable.

Indeed this is not a real film on Blackjack, just as it could be “21”, but the scene still has its own important role during the film. In addition, it represents a tribute to Rain Man, and therefore deserves some attention.

As mentioned, this film has achieved such an important success, thanks also to the really important cast with E and Helms and Bradley Cooper, which later two other films will be made.

007 – license to kill

This is the first chapter of the famous Saga of the secret agent James Bond, the English 007. It is inspired by one of Ian Fleming’s books and the first film has seen the well -known actor Timothy Dalton play the role of Bondnull During the films inspired by 007 there are several and famous scenes that take place at the game table and in the casino of Europe. In this precise film, then, there is a scene at the Blackjack table where you can see the agent intent on playing multiple hands simultaneously. The film was released in theaters back in 1989.

The Gambler – Another famous Blackjack movie

This is one of the films on Blackjack which is the reinterpretation of another older film, or “40,000 dollars not to die” that we will talk to you about in the next paragraph. The protagonist, played by the well -known Mark Wahlberg, is a university professor who loves gambling to whom things are not going well. Every time he plays, in fact, he ends up losing money and accumulates a truly enormous debt. The only solution that comes to mind is to recover the money by continuing to play the casino, and in particular at Blackjacknull After some losses, however, he tries to corrupt his own student, a youth basketball champion to make him make a game.

Just with this purpose, he lends himself a few thousand dollars and tries everything for everythingnull Obviously we will not reveal the ending, but in this film there are all the problems deriving from an addiction to gambling. The film appeared in theaters in 2014 and achieved good success.

40,000 dollars not to die

This is the film we mentioned in the previous paragraph. It is a 1974 film and is based on the novel by Fedor Dostoevskij “Player“. In the film we talk about Alex Freed, a literature teacher who has the vice of the game. Precisely because of this dependence, Freed accumulates a huge debt with strozzini. At this point he is forced to seek every way to put this money together and comes to ask the mother for helpnull Together they manage to put together the necessary money, but Freed caught by the will to make up for it returns to play, to the Blackjack.

Initially luck smiles at him and it also comes to double the money except then end up losing it all again. At this point, he remains to try with a last chance, namely that of convincing one of the students to corrupt a game, given that now his mother cannot certainly help him.

As you saw the plot is very similar to the previous film. We have not revealed the ending, so you can discover alone if it is the same in both films or if something changes.

Because there are films on Blackjack

The reasons why there are many films, even very important ones, in which Blackjack plays a fairly important role, are varied. First of all, let’s talk about one of the most popular game that exist in the world of the green tablenull Almost everyone knows what blackjack is or at least they heard about it, and that’s why it’s that easy to insert it in a film.

The other important reason is that it is a simple game, and therefore understandable to everyone. The rules are basic and the goal is to get to 21. This is also a great way to make the spectators participate who can understand what is happening.

Finally, compared to the game of roulette For example, There is a choice to makenull Practically, once you receive the cards, you have to decide whether to stay or request another cardnull In many cases, the choice appears quite obvious, if you have a low or high score. In other moments, however, when you have a score in the media or an ace, the choice becomes slightly more complicated. This situation, however, makes everything more interesting and adrenaline, and this is why many directors choose the blackjack among the various casino games that can be found in a traditional casino.


We have reached the end of this guide where we have seen almost the main films on Blackjack, why it was chosen and which role does the game of 21 play in the plot. If you are a fan of this card game, now you know what the movies that you absolutely don’t have to lose you are.

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