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Alexander Goncharuk, and PLAYON KYIV’S SETTERS, was killed in Ukraine During a fight in the war started on February 24, 2023 following the Russian invasion of the country.

The conflict has Many companies in the sector involved, given that a good number of operators and suppliers are based in the invaded country.

So let’s find out Who was Oleksandr, how colleagues remember and what the other employees of the company are doing who have decided to actively participate in this war.

Is Alexander Goncharuk Di Playson?

Oleysandr HonCharuk of Playson, I professionalduct Owner Killed in Ukraine, and Entering the company in 2023 and worked in Kiyv development studies.

Operated in the sector for over 14 years, era Casino Games Consultant ed Former Director and professionalduct Owner for the Techona company of the Czech Republic.

In the past he also had worked for Playtech as a software and director manufacturer, as well as Supervisor of the artistic director of Netten.

Olexnadar Hancharuk of E -Collegei Record

Oleksandr Honcharuk, Playson’s professionalduct Owner killed in Ukraine, was highly appreciated by colleagues both from a working and human point of view.

Will not be missing only in Playson, where Thanks to his creativity he managed to develop some of the best products of the brand, but also to all the other companies in which he has worked during his long career in the world of igaming.

These are the words of the colleagues and the company: We are upset by the loss of such a cheerful, witty, kind, honest and intelligent individual, which we considered an exceptional colleague, but also a great friend “.

Our most heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Oleksandrnull We will miss a lot. Rest in peace, Oleksandr. “, they concluded by saying the colleagues of Oleksandr Honcharuk in Playson.

The other employees in the conflict

Alexander Goncharuk di Playson He is not the only employee of the company who, as mentioned, has decided to take an active part in the conflict by entering the army.

Other Playson employees are participating in the fight in disinformation, also given their technological skills.

Some colleagues of Alexander Goncharuk di Plaison They are also dealing with logistics for refugeesnull They have them Help yourself to reset and collaborate to distribute food whoever needs it.

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