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When a player approaches the world of online game he must know that there are some very important factors to be known to identify the Best online casinosnull One of these it concerns certified online casinos Once O Adam, that is to say If the casino you want to use is in possession of a certification to be considered legal in USAnull Playing in an unprotected casino is a big risk, in addition to being illegal: you can come across scams or various problems. In this guide we will talk to you about all the aspects concerning this topic, how to recognize the legal ones, and the risks that run by playing in illegal ones.

Difference between Casino Aams and Adm

We start from an element on which unfortunately there is a lot of disinformation. AAMS certifications and the ADM are not two different certifications, complementary to each other, but but it is the same licensenull In a nutshell, until a few years ago, the body prepared to control and release the licenses regarding the gambling was AAMS, an acronym for the autonomous administration of the State Monopolies. Consequently, all certified sites had to have this license. In 2012 AAMS was then absorbed by the Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM) who replaced him in all his functions. To date, therefore, To be considered legal, an online casino must have an ADM license.

What is the AAMS or ADM license?

The ADM license is an authorization issued by the American government body with which the dealer is authorized to work in USA. Casino Aams or Adm, once the certification is obtained, are therefore casino authorized to accept the registration of new customers and make them play online. In the next paragraph, however, we will see that it is not so easy to get it. The agency performs several checks every day, aimed at finding active sites in USA which, however, do not have the due license. Once found, the next step is to block them. In practice, when you try to click on the casino, two screens may appear:

  • A notice that the page was blocked as it did not comply with American regulations
  • A standard page that communicates the impossibility of connecting to the server

So here we have already noticed a risk of playing in non -certified casinos: the site could be blocked or disappear at any moment, with our deposit inside.

What should the casinos do to get it?

We have reached a fundamental point of this guide, because we will understand why it is so important to play in one of the AAMS or ADM certified online casinos. In fact, to earn this license they must have respected a very iron and rigorous process, and must demonstrate the safety of their games. In this article we cannot talk to you about all the guidelines they must follow (also because they are defined in over one hundred pages, who). However, we will tell you what are the two main aspects that also affect your gaming experience: the RTP and the RNG.

RTP and RNG requirements

The RTP (Return To Player – Back to the player): indicates the percentage of episodes that are intended for the formation of the prize pool. Let’s take an example to be clearer. When playing in a slot that has a percentage of RTP equal to 90%, it means that on every 100 euros played, 90 will form the prize pool and therefore will be returned to players in the form of winnings. Only 10 euros will then end up to the dealer. In an online AAMS casino, it is the government body to establish what the minimum percentage of RTP offered by the games is, and this allows players to be safe from any fraud. In fact, the ADM establishes that for card games (poker, blackjack and baccarat for example) the RTP must not be less than 90%, as well as for slots. In addition, all dealers are planned to publish the return percentage to the player scheduled for all games on a specific page. The RNG (Random Number Generator – Random numbers generator): the algorithm that generates the random numbers and the combinations of the various games is in practice, including slots and roulettenull Also in this case it is better to give a concrete example. Let’s assume that you play roulette. If there was not an efficient and above all reliable RNG, it would be very simple for a dealer to ensure that the number on which the ball stops is precisely what you have not played on. Thanks to the legal ARG, however, you will be sure that the ball can stop on any number in a totally random way, just as it happens in traditional authorized casinos. In fact, the ADM provides that the certified casinos are equipped with a completely safe software system, subject to continuous checks, independent under the statistical aspect also for a third person who tries to intrude illegally in the system and which exceeds at least 95% of tests carried out.

Responsible game

Another important feature of AAMS certified online casino is the presence of the responsible game sectionnull One of the conditions of the ADM is that the game is rightly a pastime and a way of having fun. But unfortunately Many people are so attracted to the game that become ludopathic, a real pathology and addiction. That’s why it is necessary that the ADM casinos have a whole page dedicated to those who have this problem on their site, or to those who think they can have it, to understand how to deal with it. The information is also useful for new bettors to avoid spending all their money, and sometimes even to debt.

How to recognize AAMS or ADM online casinos?

Now you know why it is important to play in the ADM certified online casinos. But another potential problem arises, especially for less experienced players, namely: how do you recognize them? It is actually very simple and it is enough to have some attention. Each online casino ADM will care about the symbol of the government body on its site So as to make it clear that it is a legal platform. You may find two variants:

  • A half rudder with an intersected with a tricolor crescent and the “ADM” capital writing
  • A star with a tricolor band in the center and surrounded by twelve stars with the written in the capital Customs agency Monopoli and the coat of arms of the American Republic on the side.

Usually you will find them either at the top right, or at the bottom of the page together with the other certifications. If I don’t find it immediately know that there is something wrong. A game platform invests many resources to get this license and therefore does everything to show it proud on its site. If it does not do it, then it means that it probably does not have a license and therefore it is illegal.

In any case, you can consult our AAMS certified online casino list, which you can find here. If you are in doubt about the license of a casino in question, you can also consult your review page of our site: we at Top-Us-Casino verify in person if the casino have the license or not.

Payment methods in an AAMS or ADM casino

Playing in one of the certified AAMS AAMS Casino does not mean having to give up something compared to illegal platforms, indeed it is one more reason to feel safe and focus in peace. And this also applies from the point of view of payment methods, both as regards the withdrawals. You can use all the main systems, including naturally credit and debt cards, prepaid ones, electronic wallets and bank transfersnull It will be more difficult to find those that will allow you to use bitcoins or other virtual coins, not because they are illegal but due to the fact that, at least in USA, it is not yet well known as a method of deposit or withdrawal. Another advantage of the Aams online casino is that dealers must store and create a copy of each deposit or charging, so that if something should go wrong you will always have the opportunity to recover all the useful information for a possible complaint.

Welcome bonus in the AAMS Casino Online

One of the main factors for which a player decides to register in an AAMS or ADM online casino instead of in another are the welcome bonusesnull We are talking about promotions reserved exclusively for new players who register. If you are wondering which bonuses you can find in an ADM online casino, know that there is no difference with non -legal ones in USA. In each authorized platform you can choose the best offer reserved for new playersnull Usually the main bonuses are two: the one with mandatory minimum deposit and the one without. For the second, just register and send a copy of the identity document and the signed contract. This will be enough for the bonus to be obtained, which It is usually made up of free spin for slot machinesnull The deposit bonus is instead reserved for those who carry out, immediately after registration, a minimum top -up (usually 10 or 20 euros). At this point you will also get an additional credit to be used in your episodes. Always check the terms and conditions of the promotion before subscribing to an authorized mess, so you will always be sure that it is the best solution for you.

The Aams 2023 casino also have promotions reserved for users already registered but of course they change according to the platform and therefore you will have to evaluate them at a time.

What risks do they run in an unparalleled casino?

Now you know that playing in an AAMS online casino is an excellent thing, but at the same time you must also understand why it is so wrong and dangerous to focus in a non -legal platform in USAnull For this reason we thought of telling you some small episodes that happened to non -legal casinos players.

Site blocked after your deposit

Let’s assume that you have not read this guide and that you decide to play in a non -legal casino in USA. The site seems reliable to you, there are all your favorite games and the welcome bonus is also really inviting since you triple your first deposit. Indeed, it is so inviting that you decide to take advantage of it and deposits 500 euros, to have 1,500. So far everything is fine, only that the next day find out that that same site so reliable was blocked by ADM as it without a license. At that point what happened to your money? You could try to write to the casino, but honestly it is very difficult for you to answer you. You could do the same with the ADM, as a guarantor of the online game, but in practice it was your conscious choice to play on an illegal site, so the agency will not be able to do anything to us. At this point I think it is clear that your money will go in smoke. This is why you have to choose an ADM casino to play since in any case you will always be protected.

Dealers who earn more than necessary

Another typical example concerns the RTP percentages of the games. We saw a little while ago that the Return To Player is a really important factor for gamblers, because it establishes the percentage of money that ends up in the prize pool. Now the question is particular. For AAMS online authorized casinos, each game must have a percentage of not less than 90%. In illegal casinos in USA there is no security, and you run the serious risk of playing slots or card games where most of the money ends up in the pockets of dealers. Attention, we are not talking about rigged games (at least not now), but only a lower probability of winning and above all a potentially less rich prize pool. So, ask yourself this question: “I prefer to play in a slot where I am sure that 90% of the money will go to the prize pool or in a machine that does not have this feature?”. The answer seems obvious, as well as choosing to play in one of the Aams casino.

Make -up games

This is perhaps the worst of the things that can happen to you in a casino: to aim for rigged games. Unfortunately there is no method to understand if the Blackjack software, for example, is created to always make you losenull On the contrary, however, it is sure that This problem can never present yourself in an AAMS online casino, since the games are regulated and controlled.


Now let’s take a look at the main questions posed by the players and our answers, which will surely be useful to you.

Can an AAMS or ADM online casino have its own headquarters abroad?

Of course. A Casino Aams 2023 does not necessarily have to have the seat in USA, indeed most of the best platforms have a tax office in foreign countries. This choice is mainly due to a tax factor. To obtain certification, it is important that the requirements required by the Customs Agency and Monopolies, aimed at guaranteeing the security of the players.

Do Casino Adm and Aams have welcome bonuses?

Absolutely yes. Online casino ADM have all the main welcome bonuses, both with deposit and without. They offer free spin and other promotions reserved for customers already registered on the platform. If it seems to you that the bonuses are lower than illegal casinos, consider that by playing in these run the serious risk of losing all the money deposited in rigged games or because the platform can be blocked at any moment.

Are everyone blocked?

Unfortunately not, since new ones are born every day. The Customs and Monopolies Agency carries out periodic checks but sometimes someone escapes and remains in business. Precisely for this reason you have to be careful of the authorized mess that you choose for your own games, and look for the Symbolino of the ADM, a sign that you are playing in one of the online casino ADM.

What is RTP and why is it so important in an online casino?

The Return To Player (RTP) is essential for online casino players because it establishes the share of money played that ends up in the prize pool. The ADM establishes that at least 90% of the money aimed end up in the prize pool for slots and card games. This means that for every 100 euros played, Massimo 10 arrive at the dealer.

Are there safe methods to win in the ADM casinos?

Absolutely not, and this is because each game is regulated by the case thanks to the algorithm of the random numbers generator. If anything, someone offered you a safe method to win there are two possibilities: the first is that it is mind and hope only to grab your money, the second is that casino games are made up and therefore illegal. In both cases, do not fall into the trap, avoid throwing your money away and register in one of the authorized mess.


At the end of our Guide on Casino Aams Online we are sure that you have understood how important it is to play in a legal platform in USA, and how risky it is to choose one without a license. Now you can choose the best Aams 2023 casino in which to make your episodes without risk. We explained how to recognize them, what are the advantages and above all what are the main dangers you are going to meet. If you have doubts about the platform you have chosen, try to recover all the information, both through customer service and on the blog casinos. Top-Us-Casino, for example, thanks to the work of his team of experts, undertakes to search and test the best platforms. In this way it offers you the opportunity to read a real review that is not biased, so that you can choose with confidence among the best AAMS online casinos.

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