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In this short guide our experts speak of one of the most famous American provider software, namely Magly Electronics Srl, which is a company specialized in the creation of Slots.

What prompted us to write this guide is that In our opinion, Mag is a company to be known, and not only for the fact that it is American.

Was Founded in 1972 And, over time, Mag developed to become one of our giants in the development of Slots.

To find out more about this company with headquarters in Padua, but above all for understand if it is one of the providers who responds to your player needs, do not miss the next paragraphs written by our sector experts.

The history of the brand

Magly Elettronica Srl is a company Founded in 1972 as an individual company, but then transformed to what it is today in 1994.

Obviously initially He worked with physical appliances present in the terrestrial casinos or slot rooms, ma Over time he continued to update and modernize up to compete in the world of igaming.

With over 40 years of experience in the sector, today The company produces, markets and manages semi -automatic and automatic machines for both physical casinos and slot, but also for online gaming operators.

The most famous products of Magly Electronics

Obviously, The most famous products of Magly Electronics Srl are the Slots.

Among the most important series of the brand there is undoubtedly Fowl Play, that is, the one in which the protagonists are the hens, and which they are part of 4 Fowl Play, Fowl Play Egypt, Fowl Play Ice e Super Fowl Play Gold To name some.

The slot that made the brand famous, and which also allowed him to update himself to the latest regulations before other providers, was Haunted House of which they also created a series.

Magly Electronics Srl apps

Mago Elettronica does not develop only slots, or rather, It also creates products that are connected to the game.

Among these products there are just of the Apps that have been created to allow the use of certain games also from Mobile.

One of these is dedicated to Fowl Play Goldnull It is available for both Android and iOS and was developed by WMG (Joint Venture of Mag founded in 2023) under License of Mag and CMS Gaming.

The other is instead the app dedicated to Haunted Housenull Also available for both iOS and Android, it was developed by Mag and CMS.

The characteristics that users like

I reasons that push users to choose Magly Electronics As a games provider they are among the most varied.

However, those mainly indicated by users are the following:

  1. The safety offered by Mag: The slots are reliable and safe, the site is continuously tested and the risk that it is tampered with is almost void.
  2. Mag invests a lot in the technology and development of its products, and is above all seen by various themes offered in games.
  3. Maglia Srl’s products enjoy aExcellent playability which makes them suitable for more experienced players, but also to beginners.

It is reliable?

Magly Electronics is, without any doubt, a reliable provider And we immediately explain the reason for this statement.

First of all, Magda owns the ISO 9001: 2015 certification for quality management systems. This means that the management of the company’s projects is certified and reflects all the rules imposed by ISO.

Furthermore The company’s activities are always monitored, this to ensure continuity in the safety of processes which are certified by the body.

Then, Magna Electronics is also certified and approved by who, namely the customs and monopolies agency, which is the same that certifies the operators that we are talking about in the Our Casino reviews online.

So, as mentioned before, We can say with absolute certainty that this game producer, and consequently its products, are highly reliable and completely legal for the American game market.

American operators who have Mag games

Magly Elettronica Srl is a certified provider e It can provide certified operators by ADM operating in the American market.

Some of the operators we reviewed who, in their sites, have Mag games are:

Obviously, as usual, we always recommend to our readers, but more generally to any American player, of certified casinos such as those listed.

The reason for this is that, Although the games provider can be certified, if the online casino is not one, one cannot have any type of guarantee on the reliability and legality of the site you are using.


We have come to the conclusion of this short explanatory guide on Magletica Srl, the company that has become famous for its slots, and we can say that We recommend it as a provider.

Among the multiple reasons that push us to say this, one stands out on everyone, that is the reliability of the brandnull The company has a long history and has been linked to our country since birth, which has made it possible to make it Completely the norm, and an example for other international games producers.

Also The quality of the games developed by the provider However, it is an excellent reason to saw the name and look for it in your favorite online casino. Indeed, The graphics of Magly Electronics products is exceptional, not to mention that thanks to the latest technologies used in the development of them they also offer a series of special effects that are not found in many other games.

Therefore, Now that you also know this all -American provider, you have greater choice of choice on which the online casino is most suitable for your needs, including those concerning the games and characteristics of them.