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Ratestone Gaming: the Australian professionalvider software

Know the professionalvider software that make the games that you find inside online casino It is a quick and safe system to immediately understand the characteristics and functions you can find in the devices. And here because our experts in the sector They thought of analyzing Ratestone Gaming in detail, a very young company that can already count on several successes.

Ratestone Gaming enters the Playtech family

Ratestone is a company Born in Australia in 2017, therefore really a very short time, especially if we compare it with giants in the sector that can count on a long experience. Since 2019, however, she has joined the team of Playtech, certainly among the best provider software in circulation.

The listed company on the stock exchange immediately glimpsed the great potential for Ratestone Gaming and decided to acquire it. The Australian group, however, will continue in his work of development and games of games, which however will be used only by Playtech and the online casino with which he collaborates.

Obviously it is a choice that has led to benefits for both sides since Playtech continues to broaden the sections of his games even without his experts creating new ones. Ratestone Gaming, on the other hand, will be able to show his games to a certainly much wider audiencenull An opportunity that he would probably never have had previously.

The news of Ratestone

Being a company born recently and created by the best Australian talents, The games are very “youthful” with graphics and music of the highest levelnull Thanks to the collaboration with Playtech, then, all their games have among their main features Four jackpots can be overcome randomly.

Ratestone Gaming, as often happens for companies that overlook the sector in recent times, are investing a lot in creating online slot machines. This is because they are the games in which it is possible to make a difference and give your own touch of personality and creativity.

For example, the famous series of online slot machines Fire Blaze was created by this brand.

Ratestone Gaming games

At the moment, however, the Ratestone portfolio is not so large and It is divided between games created directly by them or by devices created on a commission of Playtech.

Let’s start with one of the latter, or from a chapter of the famous saga age of the gods, and in particular Epic Troy. This game is the first of the series that provides for the possibility of three Respine Bonus, a typical feature of rarestone gaming.

The Fire Blaze series, then, is certainly the one that managed to bring the name of Ratestone high and to make it known to the general public. Also in this case we see the great attention that the professionalvider software gives to graphic quality both in the background and for the symbolsnull Around you will find several devices that are part of this group, including, for example, Buccaneer Bells, Sky Queen Slot e Blue Wizard Slot.

Of course, a game could not be missing Dedicated to ancient Egypt and let’s talk about Pharaoh’s Daughternull The game, which as can be understood by the background is set on Rive of the Nile And to the Sahara desert, he has five rollers and three lines. The peculiarity is that there are 50 payment lines.

Asian games

A theme on which Rarestone Gaming He pointed a lot is the Asian one, often underestimated by other important provider software. Let’s see some of the devices inspired by the East.

Jin F U Long It is the first device created by Ratestone that presents the Asian theme. We are talking about a five -roller slot machine and with 243 paylines.

Tiger Turtle Dragon Phoenix It is a slot machine that, as you can guess from the name, is inspired by the world of dragons. In total it has five rollers and 243 payment lines. The graphics in this case is not exciting, but it is a very simple game.

Among other oriental themed games we find the slots “The gift of Tsai Shen” e “Fat Choy Choy Sun”.