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il Roulette game It is one of the most popular in the world. Although it is really impossible to understand, at least playing in legal online casino, where the ball will stop, There are more and more players who go in search of methods to winnull In reality, to aim for this game and increase your chances of victory or, at least, avoid wasting everything in a handful of minutes, There are methods for the management of the budgetnull One of these is the method D’Alembert Roulette, inspired by the homonymous mathematician.

Of course, it will not serve to be the certainty of victory that no system can ever give you. The game of roulette, in fact, It is for Antonomasia the one in which luck is the only factor in the fieldnull Your possibility, however,, It is to manage the budget in the right waynull In doing so, not only you will play longer, but above all you will avoid wasting your money in a few laps. In the next paragraphs, therefore, we will discover the characters that of the Alembert Roulette method, how it works, his strengths and also some flaws to knownull We will also analyze some series of games made with the Alembert system and understand its actual potential.

Alembert method: how does it work?

First of all, we must say that this system derives from the Parisian mathematician Jean-Baptiste Le Rond d’Alembert, lived in the eighteenth century.

The system in question is based on a very important prerequisite, that is, when you lose you, the episode of a unit must be increasednull When you win, however, you lower a unit. To put it into practice, first of all you need to decide the type ID episode. You can choose from all those who have almost 50% of possibilitiesnull In the roulette, if I did not know, there is no episode that will give you 50% of possibilities to guess. This because There is green 0, which obviously does not fall within the secondary episodesnull Precisely for this reason, therefore, the advantage of the counter is defined.

Having said that, the episodes at your disposal are:

  • Red or black: that is, predicting what the color of the next issue will be on which the ball will stop.
  • You seem to be disappearing: same thing as the previous one, only that you have to guess whether it is equal or odd color.
  • 1-18/19-36: it focuses on the fact that the next issue on which the ball stops is part of the first or second half.

The betting units

Another point on which a lot of confusion is often generated, instead, it concerns the episode unitsnull Obviously we refer to units to ensure that everything is simpler, also because we cannot know your financial resources. In this way, however, the choice is up to you. Our advice is to make you always have a lot of episodes so that, even if I met a negative series, you will always have the opportunity to refrain.

In practice, we assume that the episode at 1 euro fixed. If you have to lose the first episode, you will have to increase your bet by a unit and then add 1 euro again.

We apply the Alembert Roulette method

To better understand the operation of this system, we try to give an example of a series of five laps, assuming to focus on red and black. Our unit of the starting point will be 5 euros.

  • On the first lap we focus 5 euros on the red, but the black comes outnull This means that we have lost and therefore our budget is negative.
  • For the second lap, We must increase the episode by a unit and therefore we will aim 10 euros (two episode units). We still bet on the red, but the black comes out again.
  • On the third lap We increase our episode by another unit and therefore we bet 15 euros (three episode units) always on red. This time we are lucky because a red number comes out and therefore we win 30 euros. The our budget, therefore, is in a tie.
  • Now, since we have just won, we must return to decrease the episode of a unit and we will focus on black. Since previously there were three, now the episode will be two units and therefore 10 eurosnull We also win 20 euros again. The budget is active of 10 euros (two episode units).
  • To the fifth and last tour of this series, We still have to go down a unit of episode and, therefore we return to one, that is, the starting onenull We focus on red but we lose. At the end of our mini series, therefore, the budget is active of 5 euros, or a episode unit.

Which roulette to choose for the Alembert system?

If you are undecided between which roulette to choose To use the Alembert method, know that we always recommend that Europe or French compared to the American one. The reason is very simple and it is because in the American version, in addition to 0, there is also the double 00. This, therefore, does nothing but increase the advantage of the counter.

As regards, however, the type of roulette, or the way you play, is no difference. In spite of other strategies, for example counting cards in the blackjack, this system can be used for each type. This means that you can use it both if you are in a real terrestrial casino, whether you are playing with a software game or with one where there is a live dealernull This is certainly one of the advantages of the Alembert system (we will see the other benefits soon).

The method is completely mental, as well as absolutely legal. Furthermore, it is not used to win, since as mentioned no method you can ever give you this certainty, But only to better manage your money.

professionals and cons of the Alembert Roulette method

Let’s go see now the pros of this system and, above all, the flaws of the Alembert methodnull Only in this way, in fact, can you understand if this is the right system for you.

The advantages

We have already seen that it is a system that can be used in any type of roulette (live, software or in an earth’s casino). Let’s see now what are the other pros.

Minimum risk: Compared to other systems, the Alembert Roulette method increases the amounts of the episodes in a progressive way and does not double. In this way, you have to be really unlucky to be able to get to very high figures.

Simple to apply: Another important advantage, then, is that it is a very simple system to be used. Its mechanism, in fact, is really basic and therefore players with less experience will also have any problems.

The cons

Not very profitable method: Obviously, when there is little risk, there is also little profit. The fact not to double the episodes but to increase them progressively, does not allow important winnings unless you do a long series of victories.

Does not take into account the advantage of the counter: Unfortunately the Alembert system is based on a certain equivalence between victories and defeats. This, however, does not take into account that the counter, at least statistically speaking, It wins almost three out of 100 hands (precisely 2.7%), obviously at your expense.

Il of Alembert inverto

Many players, then, also thought of a variant of this system that is practically based on reverse operation. Instead of increasing the episode in case of loss and decreasing it when you win, The opposite mechanism is appliednull In practice, the episode in case of victory increases by a unit of measurement, and decreases after making the mistake of the prediction.

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