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You can play it in our recommended casino with 200 Spin Free
You can play it in our recommended casino with 200 Spin Free
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You can play it in our recommended casino with 200 Spin Free at the first top -up of $ 20.
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In this guide we will talk to you about one of the most important provider software in the world, that is Netentnull We will help you understand all the most important characteristics of this supplier, famous above all for his slot machinenull Over the years he has really made many, some of which entered the hearts of many players. We will see its main features and the reasons for this enormous successnull Know everything the most important information of this supplier You will help you understand if it’s the right supplier for you or notnull Many underestimate this aspect even if in reality it is really important.

Let’s take an example. We hypothesized that one of the Netent slots is the favorite tuto game, but feel the need to change theme and setting. Finding another game that corresponds to your needs can be quite complicated, also given the variety of existing devicesnull If, however, you already know that the slots of this supplier have the characteristics you are looking for, your research will be much simpler. Let’s start our guide and go to the discovery of Netent.

Netent’s story

This company was founded in 1996 in Stockholm, Sweden, and therefore certainly represents one of the suppliers who, first of all, contributed to the growth of the online Gambling sector. It is currently listed on the stock exchange in Sweden and its prospects seem really interestingnull One of his strengths of him was the understood before many others that the future of the games and Nettent slots would have been on mobile devices and for this reason he started investing in this sector.

At the moment all games are available From smartphones and tablets, both Android and iOS and there is no need to even download any applicationnull In fact, everything happens with HTML5 technology, therefore directly from the browser. Precisely in this regard we want to emphasize an appearance. At the beginning of 2023 Adobe Flash, or the program that operates most of the online games has been definitively suspended and therefore many of these applications are no longer usable. Therefore, many dealer have found several inconveniences. Netent, on the other hand, provided for the end of the flash era already ended 2017, starting to invest and create games with the support of the new HTML5 technology. This means having a clear idea not only of the current market, but also to know how to predict what will happen in the futurenull Obviously it is an indispensable quality in a constantly evolving sector.

Some data

Now let’s see some facts that will make you even better understand the strength of Netent. It has been active for over twenty years in this sector and collaborates with over 200 dealers all over the worldnull In 2019 alone he managed almost sixty billion dollars in transactions focused in the over 200 games created by Netent. These numbers are already clear enough in demonstrating the quality and strength of this professionalvider software.

Netent authorizations

The Neten games are all authorized, and therefore controlled by several European government and third party entities. Among these we find:

UK Gambling Commission: the English government body that issues authorizations for dealers and provider software.

mga: Let’s talk about the Malta Gambling Authority, recognized in most of Europe.

Play good: it is the Spanish government body that manages the game remotely in the Iberian country.

ecograp: is an international agency, and above all independent, which controls and certifies games and platforms of betting sites and online casinosnull Obtaining its recognition means that the games are completely safe and that by playing you will not find any problems.

If you don’t find the American license among these you don’t have to worry, because to be sure your data is safe and that the games are always legal, just choose you one of the casino authorized by the Customs and Monopolies Agency (ex AAMS).

Netent: the company data

This Swedish company was born in 1996 in Stockholm, Sweden where it also has its headquarters. He then has another official location in Malta and various offices in different European cities such as Sofia, Krakow, Gibraltar and Kiev. In total, about 1100 people work in Nutent. The Swedish company is currently therese Hillman, one of the most influential women in the gaming sector, which became CEO of Nettend in May 2018.

It is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange since 29 August 2016null He suffered a sharp drop in March 2023, as well as other providers software company in the world of games, but he was able to get up by bringing his title back to the highest levels in the last three years. To make the difference there is certainly the commitment to technological developments. This company, in fact, was the first to focus on the development of HTML5 for its games thus allowing its players to no longer have to use Adobe Flash or to download applications.

His bark is constantly growing, although especially in recent years, the increase was still quite limited. Although the data respect for 2023 have not yet been published, the first projections in the first half have already marked a growth compared to the same period last year of 30%. A value that has continued to grow and therefore when the final reports will come out, it could be much more important. In 2019, however, the gross turnover reached its historic maximum with almost 1.8 billion Sek, the current currency in Sweden which is equivalent to about 185 million American dollarsnull Its title in January 2023 stood at around 20 American dollars. Since the end of 2023, Netten has been purchased by Evolution Gaming for an operation that is around 2 billion dollarsnull Apparently the company is experiencing this merger in the worst possible way, given that a few hundred employees would be fired from the Maltese office waiting for EG to take control.

The comparison

It would be difficult to compare the company’s data with those of Evolution Gaming, its great competitors, at least until a few months, given that EV has purchased Netent for an operation of about two billion dollars. However, we can look for a comparison with Playtech, one of the pillars in the sector even if we only need to demonstrate that the way to go to become a world leader is still so much. Compared to Playtech, in fact Netent has a invoice equal to less than one tenth of the company based on the Man Islands, which in 2019 obtained a turnover of around two billion euros.

Also from the point of view of the listing of the shares, there is a clear difference. The title of Playtech, in fact, listed on the London stock exchange is worth over 650 American dollars. Much more than the “only” dollars of Playtech. The acquisition of Evolution Gaming, however, could certainly give a push and a new lymph to both companies that in the coming years could amaze players and investors.

Information about Netent

Company name NetEnt
Registered office Sweden
Foundation date 1996
International turnover (2019) 183.37 million American dollars
Number Liceenza UK Gambling Commission 39861
License number mGA M GA/B2B/109/2004
Telephone number
Email [email protected]

Netten Games

Let’s now see what NetenT’s games are focusing on some of the most important ones who made history in this sector.

NetEnt slot

Let’s start directly from this category because, in addition to being the most numerous, it is certainly the one that has given the most satisfactions to Netten and more joy to the players. There are devices for every taste starting from the classic slots with only three rollers up to the more particular ones with five rollers, animations and special bonus gamesnull List them all would be impossible, but let’s see what are the Netent slot games that have met the most successful.

Starburst: It is a true classic of this sector and is connected to the theme of precious gems. It has five rollers and a maximum winning that can reach 50 thousand times the toilet feed.

Dead or Alive 1 e 2: Other icons in the world of slots, these games are set in the old West, between sheriffi, delinque and saloon. It is a five -roller slot, it has Wild and Scatter symbols and a truly high quality graphics.

Gonzo’S Quest: if you are a slot enthusiast you will surely have heard of this neent slot, real icon of online machinesnull Also in this case the graphics are treated in the smallest details, such as the fountain in the background from which hot water comes out. It is linked to the theme of the conquistadors South American and has five rollers.

Jumanji: We have chosen this netent slot videoslot as an example of the various devices related to films and TV series, just like Jumanji. In fact, Netent holds several collaborative relationships and manages to obtain the most important qualificationsnull In this particular Netent Slot there are five rollers even if the symbols are divided differently than traditional games. The latter aspect testifies to Netent’s will to create particular and always new games.

NetEnt slot con jackpot

This supplier also created eight different games that have a progressive jackpot, that is, all devices are connected to each other through them and when someone plays us, a small part of that token ends up in the general prize pool and therefore becomes very interesting. Often it often exceeds hundreds of thousands of euros. Here are the slots with Jackpot Netent:

  • Mercy of The Gods;
  • Super Lucky Frog;
  • Mega Fortune Dreams;
  • Mega Fortune;
  • Arabian Nights;
  • Hall of Gods;
  • Divine Fortune;
  • Cosmic Fortune.

table games

A self -respecting professionalvider software must naturally also think about board and card games, and from this point of view Netent proves up to the expectations thanks at Blackjack, to roulette (both American and French), Jacks or Better and Baccaratnull In fact, there are not many games to choose from even if Neten has focused on the main ones trying to hold a high quality service.

Live casino

Also in this field Netent has focused on the main games by offering the possibility of streaming with a real gaming table managed by real Croupier. There are Blackjack tables, roulette, SIC BO but also less known games like Monopoly Live, Dream Catcher Live on Deal or No Dealnull You can play the live tables of the Netten Casino also from Mobile, And this is not always allowed with other professionalvider softwarenull The only precaution is that you must have a stable Internet line so as to prevent the live broadcast from being blocked.


The choice for poker is quite limited since there is only the Texana version. professionalbably in the next few days Netten will improve this section by proposing more and more games even for the famous five -cards.

How to choose a neenth casino

Now that you know all the games and features of Netent, Let’s see where you can find its games and above all how to choose the best platforms both in terms of quality and safetynull And also in this case, Nettend’s intervention is fundamental, since it is the first to make sure that everything is in compliance when it grants its games to an online platform.

Reliability and license

First of all, it is necessary to make sure that the online casino on which you have chosen to play one of the Neten games is authorized by the only American government body that can do so, or who (formerly Amms). To find out, just see if the Symbolino of the ADM is on the site. Usually it is located either in the upper part of the site or at the bottom of the pagenull If it does not have to have it it means that it does not have this license and then we advise you to pay close attention. It is true that Netent’s games are safe and reliable, But playing in an unauthorized casino puts you in serious dangernull Third people, in fact, can interfere in the algorithm at all times and make you lose.

Welcome bonus

Netent collaborates directly with the casinos with which he collaborates to create welcome offers and perfect promotion for their players. The most popular are certainly the Free spin To play in some of the most important slot machines of this supplier such as Starburst and Gonzo’s Questnull But there are also welcome bonuses without charging obligation, extra credit based on the first deposit and the cashback on the first play. In a nutshell, it will be up to you to decide what the right offer is to start playing on Netent devices. Always remember to pay attention to terms and conditions, in which you will find the rules to follow both to obtain the bonus and not to lose its benefits over time. Many players never read this page and often find themselves with unpleasant soprese. Don’t make the same mistake and always informed.

Responsible game

The importance of software professionalvider is also seen by the presence or absence of a responsible game section on the site And above all from what is on this page. Netennt widely meets the requirements since, in addition to talking about possible implications for players who suffer from ludopathy, it also offers them to self -assessment tests. In this way the players who believe they have a problem can discover it independently and then specialists in the sectornull Finally, there is also the Helpines list of all of Europe with related telephone numbers and websites.

Deposit methods

One of the most important points when choosing an online casino concerns the payment systems available to withdraw and deposit money safely. Furthermore, the times are very quick. In the Netten casino you can use credit and debt cards of the main circuits such as Mastercard and Visa, e-wallets like PayPal and Skrill and bank transfersnull Each casino, then, can also put other methods such as prepaid cards or other electronic wallets at your disposal. Usually, then, there are no commissions expenses regarding the deposits, but there may be on the withdrawals of the winningsnull That’s why you always have to check before subscribing.


One of the points on which Netent beats is certainly the security for its players and that’s why it invests a lot on the protection of personal and bank data. To make anyone anyone can enter the system and try to steal this kind of information, NetenT uses the highest system of SSL encryption system at 256 bitsnull In short, even from this point of view, the Nettend casinos guarantee tranquility and reliability.

Let’s recap: the qualities of Netent

We have almost reached the end of this guide on Netten and it is appropriate to make a short summary of all the characteristics we saw during our article.

mobile: Whether you play desktop or mobile, if you choose the games and the neent videos, it makes no difference. This company has invested a lot in mobile technology and all games are therefore available simply from your browser. In practice, you just need to connect to your Casino Netten from your smartphone or tablet without having to download any application and start playing. Everything with a click.

Quality and reliability: We are talking about a company listed on the Swedish stock exchange and with over 20 years of experience. Furthermore, it has various authorizations Like that of the UK Gambling Commission, of the MGA and the Spanish Yugar Biennull If you don’t find the American one, don’t worry because the important thing is that the online casino on which you playnull Also the Neten games have received the approval of third parties such as ECOGO, who confirmed the reliability of his games.

Quality and innovation: Netent, despite having created some of the most popular slot machines in circulation, He never placed himself on his successesnull In fact, he always tries to continue his growth with new games with the highest quality graphics and innovative functions.

Demo: All Netten Slot and table games are available directly on the official website of this supplier in the demo version. In practice you will have a virtual account thanks to which you can safely play only in fun mode and test the characteristics of the device. In this way you will sure that it is the right game for you.


We have reached the end of this guide on Netten. We have seen all the most important features of this software provider, The main games he created during his twenty years of experience and how to find the best Netten casino for younull Experts in the sector of Top-Us-Casino They analyzed in detail every point of this supplier so as to quickly and clearly give you all the necessary information. Remember that knowing your supplier and games produced, You will need to find the best device for you without spending money unnecessarily.