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With this page we want to be sure you know How to make a payment or collect your potential winnings and, above all that he knows the various payment methods in online casino. First of all, however, it is necessary to make a small deepening on the issue linked to security, fundamental when it comes to payment and online casino.

In the various paragraphs you will also find, Links to access the complete pages of payment systems, so as to deepen that particular topic and know as much as possible. Finally, you will find a dedicated section to some precise aspects that you need to take into consideration When you choose to subscribe to a new casino.

The most common payment methods:

What to take into consideration when considering payment methods for online casinos


Obviously, we like you, We want transactions to be efficient, quick and above all safenull Nobody should even have the slightest possibility of being able to steal your data and money, and that’s why we advise you first of all to play in an online casino authorized by ADM (ex AAMS). This will allow you to understand from the beginning if that site respects the rigid parameters imposed by the Customs and Monopolies Agency, or not.

When you find yourself choosing an online casino and you want to know if that platform is authorized, you can consult our reviews, which as always are drawn up by experts in the sector and professional players, or who. Remember that playing in an illegal platform exposes you to several risks And one of these is that someone can steal your data.

Obviously also the deposit or withdrawal system you use can make a difference. For example, some methods require a password or a pin when you carry out a deposit, just to verify that you do it. This guarantees you that everything goes in the right direction.


Another way to understand if the platform is safe both when you make a deposit and when you take, It is to find out if it uses a encryption system. In a nutshell, encryption is a sort of encryption of the operation so as to make it illegible if not to the people to whom the message is addressed, in this case we obviously speak of the payment methods used.

This procedure guarantees that no other person can intercept and decipher the message, so as to steal your personal data.

Different payment methods in online casinos

Here are some of the most frequent systems that you can find among the methods of deposits in online casino authorized by ADM (ex AAMS).


Credit or debit cards that use the Visa circuit are certainly among the most popular in the world and above all are accepted in all online casinos in USA and also for bonuses. They have several advantages in their favor that you can safely deepen in this complete guide on the subject.


For this type of paper, used both among the withdrawal methods and among the deposit methods, the same speech we have made for the Visa cards is worth. They are among the most used in the world and each casino will accept them without any problem, even when you need to take advantage of a bonus or a promotion. They therefore guarantee full efficiency and maximum comfort as it also has a truly exceptional customer service system. If you want to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of this method of deposit and withdrawal, read our detailed guide.


Although this digital payment system is part of Mastercard, it does not have its own prestige and, moreover, it is not as frequent as the two circuits we have just spoken. That’s why, if you have a credit or debit card that uses Master, it is always better to take a look at the payment methods in online casinos so as to avoid bad soprese. Obviously it also has many advantages that you can read In this detailed guide.

Bank transfer

This is instead the Perfect system for those who want to transfer or withdraw large sums of money, although at the same time, it is probably both the slower both among the deposit methods and among those for the withdrawal, and the most expensive. Sometimes, in fact, both the bank and the casino could apply management costs which, of course, will fall on your shoulders. Find out more about bank transfers.

Postepay and prepaid

Obviously, at least in USA, when it comes to prepaid cards the first thought that comes to mind is the postepay, A card created from placed over ten years ago and which over time has conquered millions of customers. This was above all possible for its truly small costs and for the simplicity of use. Players also casino online prefer it for a series of advantages, that you can read here, and above all because it allows total management of money, avoiding getting your hand taken and spending everything.


This is certainly among the perfect deposit methods for those who want to maintain a certain discretion and above all do not want to reveal any personal data. In a nutshell, it is a prepaid card sold in special stores or online. There are several cuts that can vary from 10 to 100 eurosnull Once the card is purchased, you just have to scratch the code behind which you will have to enter in the appropriate section on the online casino page. Laws Here his pros and cons.

Electronic wallets

If until a few years ago in this world to make it undisturbed master it was paypal, over time the situation has changed considerably with the arrival of Skrill e Netellernull We are talking about two other e-wallets two systems that have imposed themselves strongly in this sector. In USA they are not yet well known, But more and more users are starting to use Skrill and Neteller both to play in online casinos, both for personal acquired. Among their points ahead there is the fact that you must not enter your personal data or bank data.

What to pay attention to

When you use a payment method to play in online casinos, in addition to security, of which we have already told you before, there are also other factors you must pay attention to. Here are what are:

  • Timing: Obviously we imagine that once the money is filed on the account, want to have the opportunity to play immediately. If you please, much of the deposit methods that you will find in virtual game halls, they guarantee immediate credit. The situation for withdrawal methods are different, given that the operations are longer. The times are usually very similar in all rooms, even if someone may first check, then lengthening the wait.
  • Commission charges: nobody wants to spend more because of any commission costs of D for this reason that almost all the rooms have abolished them and, if sometimes they are present, are applied only on certain payment systems and withdrawal methodsnull Among these there may certainly be the bank transfer, which providing for a longer procedure, It also has major costs.
  • Possibility of use for bonuses: This is an aspect that not everyone knows and that ends up creating several problems when it comes to bonuses and promotions. Certain payment methods in online casinos, in fact, are accepted when making a normal deposit or withdrawal but they are no longer when it comes to promotions. In many cases some electronic portfolios such as Skrill, Neteller and Paysafecard are not usable to access the offers. This means that if you carry out a deposit with one of these prohibited systems, you risk losing the advantages of the bonus.
  • Minimum amount and maximum: Before subscribing to any online casino, try to understand what are the minimum and maximum amounts that you can deposit. Do the same also with the withdrawal methods, so as to understand if it actually falls within your expectations, or if there are other casinos that offer better amounts.
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