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One of the typical questions that the Roulette lovers are asked, both quite expert and the novice ones, is this: “Is it worth playing online or in a traditional mess? “null To answer this question we try to understand first The main differences between physical roulette vs roulette onlinenull After learning these notions, we will pass to see the RNG, or the most important factor to know when playing online and how it can be useful to answer our question.

Physical roulette vs roulette online

Obviously physical roulette is the one you will find in any traditional casino. In the French and English version (or European) it has 37 numbered slots from 0 up to 36. On the green table, then, there are all the numbers on which you can aim in addition to the side bets, or secondary bets. Among the latter the most famous are red or black, even or odd and dozen (1-12/12-24/25-36).

The online version is practically the same that is virtual. However, the rules are identical, as well as the way of pointing, potential winnings and game phases.

professionals and cons

In this paragraph we try to analyze some points in favor of one and the other version, and you will see that those in favor of one are practically those against the other. Let’s start with the online version:

Comfort and speed: playing online is certainly easier to play physical roulette. You can aim, where and when you want, without even needing to get up from the sofa and leave the house. You can also play while if on the train or during a break in the office, given that several casinos have mobile versions of their very interesting platformsnull From this point of view, the comparison physical roulette vs roulette online is absolutely learned, since the virtual is considerably better. Playing a roulette in a traditional casino includes some problems. Among the main ones there is to reach one of the earthquake casinos authorized in USA and there are very few and all located in the northern region.

Minimum episode: In the online version, then, you can choose the extent of your episode based on the budget. In a physical roulette, however, There will be few tables to choose from and everyone may have an episode that starts from a few euros to those in which much more is needednull Totally different from the online situation, where you can often play one or two cents at a time.

The most important point in favor of a traditional roulette concerns the feeling that it can offer younull Being in a terrestrial casino is very different from playing in an online casino. That’s why many choose to go to one of these sumptuous structures for their episodes to physical roulette.

How many possibilities are there to win on physical roulette and online?

Now you know the main differences and also the strengths of the two types of roulette. But if you are wondering if it is better to play online roulette or physical to get more winning opportunities, then you must first understand what are the chances of guessing a number.

It is a simple statistical data and the consideration that the number 0 represents the advantages of the counter. Keep in mind that since a European or French slot there are 37 slots, while in the American one 38, given that in addition to number 0 there is also double 0.

If we examine the French version, then you have 1 possibility out of 37 to guess the next issue to the roulette. In Percentage It has 2.7% of the possibility of predicting the exact number. If, on the other hand, you want to focus on red or black, your possibilities rise to 48.6%. It does not reach the exact half because you have to consider that there is the number 0 that is green in color and never is part of the secondary bets.

You will also have the same percentages in online versions. It is right to emphasize that these percentages always apply when playing in a legal or virtual casino legal and authorized by the Customs and Monopolies Agency, and therefore nobody can ever make the wheel This body, in fact, performs a series of periodic checks and checks that guarantee you maximum reliability and tranquility.

Il Random Number Generator

At this point, many players will be asking another question: “In a terrestrial casino I am sure that everything is legal because I see a real ball turn in the physical roulette. Who assures me that in an online casino everything is random?“. If you also asked yourself the same question know that it is a legitimate doubt to which there is a very precise answer. Let’s talk about ARG, acronym for random number generator. His translation into American is generator of random numbers.

This is an algorithm created specifically for games, including casino ones, so that users are sure that everything is absolutely regular. They are used for many devices, such as slot machines and blackjack. They guarantee the absolute unpredictability of the number extracted in the roulette or the paper distributed in a hand of Blackjack onlinenull In practice there are the same possibilities that, for example, the number 25 can come out five times in a row, as well as that it can never go out during the following hundred laps.

The presence of this algorithm is the only way you have, when you play online, to feel safe and be sure that no platform can ever scam you with a make -up wheel.

The importance of playing in authorized casinos

The Random Number Generator is the reason why it is essential to play in a legal online casino and authorized by ADM. This body, which in the last have taken the place of the AMS, is the only one to certify platforms and gamesnull To obtain this license, dealers must respect a series of rules, some of which are very stringent and precise. Among these is certainly the presence of an effective algorithm to manage the random numbers generator, but it does not end here. The platforms, in fact, must also ensure that the ADM that this algorithm can never be tampered with by people who work inside the virtual casino or from external people. In this way you will have the certainty that everything wires in the right direction and that nobody can ever scam and make you lose about it.

Furthermore, to answer the initial question, that is, which is more convenient between traditional physical roulette vs roulette, Know that the RNG of the virtual rooms guarantees, as mentioned, absolute randomnessnull Consequently, whether you play in a real structure, whether points in an online casino, you will have the same chances of victory. One of the risks of playing online roulette of an illegal mess in USA is in this. It is possible, in fact, that there is no reliable RNG or that someone can use him in favor of him to win more, or to make you lose. And even if someone should discover the scam, you will hardly re -crumple your money back since you will not be able to appeal to the ADM. This is because that platform was not under its protection and which was illegal for the government body.

The intermediate solution: Live roulette

In this comparison, physical roulette vs roulette online, however, there is a solution that could combine the various strong points of the games and being able to meet the needs of all players. Let’s talk about Live Roulette.

professionalbably also to try to dissolve all the doubts of the players regarding the reliability of the physical roulette vs Roulette online, Several provider software and online casino have made the Live Roulette available to players.

In a nutshell, it is a game that will allow you to connect through live streaming to a royal room. Then there will be a real Croupier who will manage the game phases and launch the ball in the wheel.

In this way, even the most wary players will be able to play directly from home but to a real roulette. Obviously it is not a safer system, also because as we told you before, The online roulette in software version are regulated by a generator of random numbers that guarantees absolute unpredictabilitynull This formula, however, offers a greater feeling of security to the players and this is never a negative thing. The rules of the game themselves themselves of a physical roulette.

By now this type of games is present in many virtual rooms. One of the major providers software to create these devices is Evolution gaming.

Conclusion on physical roulette

We have reached the end of this comparison between physical roulette vs roulette onlinenull You will have understood that in addition to practical issues, such as being able to play directly from home, or play small figures, The possibilities of victories are the samenull Obviously always on condition that you choose to play in a legal room and not in a bisca where the games could be safely made up. If you want to read other articles on the world of online gambling, curiosities, guides and reviews, continue to follow Top-Us-Casinonull Increase your knowledge in this sector!

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