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In this guide our experts will tell you about the famous French roulette, known internationally as a French roulette, how to play and the main differences that are between playing this type of roulette compared to the other existing on the market.

As much as the game may seem equal, or at least very similar to other versions, in reality It has particularity that distinguish it from the others such as, for example, the presence of the Rule called "imprisonment" or, in the original language, "en prison".

Ma Let's find out in more detail this game appreciated all over the world, and played by many roulette fans, in this detailed guide.


Roulette It is one of the most famous games present in physical casinos, but also in the online ones.

It is a wheel with 37 numbered boxes from 0 to 36, colorful red and black Alternate from number 1 to 36, e With the 0 of color usually green.

In the game, After turning the wheel, he launches a ball that will stop on one of these numbers and make the player win which has selected that number, color or played.

The game of roulette, as we will see in the next paragraphs, has a terminology of its own and derived from the French. Of this game There are various types that have been developed over the years, and one of them does not have 37 boxes but 38.

History of the game

Roulette is a game with vague origins, as You are still not 100% of its origin. On its creation there are various theories, including what the inventor is Blaise Pascal who developed it trying to create a perpetual motorcycle system, but the most listed is that it is a game derived from others that already existed, namely HOCA E IL Portico.

What you are sure is that a first version of the roulette was created in France in the eighteenth century And that the version that we all know was then introduced in 1790.

The components of the roulette

French roulette, as well as all the others found in physical casinos, are formed by various components.

The wheel, for example, is composed of 8 distinct sections, as we see below, then there are The ball and the table.

Numbered disc

The numbered disc of the French roulette, but also of the other roulette, It is the most external movement of the wheel.

It is positioned inclinedly and is the passage area of the ball before it stops in the area of the separator ring.

Being a mobile part, it can be easily replaced in the event that the numbers are ruined.

Separator ring

The separator ring It is the part of the wheel on which the ball stopsnull It is separated from the numbered disc with a space of 1 millimeter and is divided into 37 areas, or 38 in the American roulette.

Each of these spaces has one depth that varies from 8 to 14 millimeters, and'amplitude ranging from 27 to 35 millimeters, and I'm of Alternate red and black color, in the same way as the numbers.

That's central

At the center of the roulette is present An auction that serves both to stabilize the wheel during its laps and to the Croupier to make it turn.

In the case of French and European roulette there are also "arms", but not in the American one. The so -called "arms" they are always 4 And they have standard measures, but they are not always positioned in the same way on the wheel.

This last they are used to facilitate the work of the Croupier, but they are not mandatory.


The cylinder usually built in massive wood, has no particular functions and It is the most external part of the roulette.

There is a diameter that can vary from 60 to 80 centimeters, and is equipped with a track on which the Croupier slides the ball to start the game.


The bell It is the central part, in the conical shape, of the roulettenull It has no particular functions except that ofprevent the ball from jumping out of the wheel during the launch.

It can be decorated as desired and, in some cases, it works in a pneumatic way by getting up and lowering itself according to the need during the game.


The bearings are one of the most important parts of the French roulette and of all the other types of roulette.

Indeed, they are the part that makes the wheel turn and they must be certified by special entitiesnull Usually, so that they are certified, They must allow the wheel to turn at least 5 minutes starting from a speed of 30 rpm per minute.


These parts of the roulette serve, in case in which the ball heads outwards, to bring it back to the plane of the game.

I am nothing more than small "deflectors" built in metal materials and different forms, and are always present in equal numbers.

Central disk

The central disc It is nothing more than the "dish" impeller of the roulettenull It is usually built in aluminum or other metal materials.

The numbered disc, the separator ring and the bell are fixed on it.

French roulette ball

The French roulette ball is one of the main parts of the game.

Can be made of ivory, teflon or other materialsnull The size of it may vary between 18 and 21 millimeters, And in the same table they can be used of different croupier discretion.

Balls of different sizes and materials have different movements and speeds, thus making players more difficult to guess where they can stop.


Each roulette table has Three well -defined sections: an area for the wheel, one for the Croupier and one for the players.

They can be of different shapes depending on the type of roulette, In the French one there are 3 Croupier and therefore has a different form than the European or English and American one that have only 1.

The reason why the game table is called green table It is because, in most cases, it is really green.

The table in the French roulette

In the French roulette the table has the area where the episodes are made which usually presents squares with letters, symbols, numbers and writings in French, all divided by yellow or white lines.

On the two sides there are 6 boxes: Manque, Impair and red on one side, and on the opposite passers, pair and black.

At the bottom of the lines where there are numbers there are 3 empty boxes that are reserved for episodes on columns, e The dozen boxes are usually positioned alongside the box that serves to focus on black and red colors.

The types of roulette

As mentioned, over the years Different variants of the original roulette have been developed, which is the one known as French.

In this guide we speak in detail of the French one, but Several countries have adopted their version with rules not always identical to the original one.

Let's see immediately, therefore, What are the most famous existing versions of the roulette in addition to the French onenull And, if you want to find out more about the various versions of the roulette, don't miss this article.

French roulette

French roulette is the first to have been created, and takes its name from the place where she was invented. It is also the most famous roulette and, with good probability, the most played in physical and online casinos all over the world.

È Characterized by 37 numbers ranging from 0 to 36, with the 0 of green in color and the others in red and black alternating black.

This type of roulette, moreover, It differs from the others for a particular rule called "en prison".

Roulette Americana

American roulette is different from the French and English especially for a feature, has 38 numbers instead of 37.

In fact, in this roulette There is a double 0 (00) located in the opposite position of 0.

European or English roulette

Also there European roulette, known more as English roulette, differs in some characteristics from the French one.

First of all, in this roulette There is no "en prison" rule, and then the game carpet with numbers is also different.

French roulette: everything you have to know

As mentioned in the introduction, This guide is specific for French roulette, and therefore we explain this version in detail Going to touch various points, including how to play.

The French roulette, or the first created and also the most famous on the market, It is a game composed of a concave wheel with 37 numbers ranging from 0 to 36, and a green carpet with the numbers on which the episodes are made.

Each number, both on the wheel and on the green carpet, is characterized by a red or a black color, excluded the number 0 that is always green in color.

The roulette wheel is maneuvered by the Croupier, who is the person in charge, in addition to making the wheel turn, also to launch the ball that will then determine the winning number. The Croupier also has the task, in the event that they are requested, to set up some special episodes and, of course, must close the episodes and pay the winnings.

How to play French roulette

To play French roulette, First of all, it is necessary to know its basic rules, the types of episode that can be made and how much they can pay, considering above all that There are also episodes called "special".

In the next paragraphs we explain in detail all that there is to know about the episodes, as well as illustrating how the game develops.

The episodes to be met at the French roulette

As mentioned, to understand how to play the French roulette you must first know how the episodes must be made and what types of episodes exist.

The types of episodes are 2, also known as internal episodes and external episodes.

Part of the internal episodes, called in this way because they are carried out inside the square present in the green carpet, there are:

  • Full or single number (Plein), who pays 35 to 1
  • Pair of numbers or horse (Cheval), pay 17 to 1
  • Triplet (Plein transversal), pays 11 a 1
  • Quatrain (Carrè), who pays 8 to 1
  • Sestine (Transversale Simple), who pays 5 to 1

The external episodes are instead those carried out outside the square with the numbers and I'm:

  • dozen (Douzane), who pays 2 to 1
  • Colonna (Columns), pays 2 to 1
  • You seem to be disappearing (Pair ou compir), pays 1 to 1 and is also called simple or double chance episode
  • 1-18/19-36 (Manque au passe), pays 1 to 1 and this too is defined as a simple or double chance episode
  • Red or black (Rouge OU Noire), always pays 1 to 1 and is also called double chance or simple episode

The reason why the last 3 types of episodes of the French roulette listed in this guide in which we explain how it is played, in the group of external ones, are defined as double chance or simple episodes is why They allow to focus on a feature that concerns the number, and always include 18 numbers excluding, in any case, 0.

Some French roulette game systems

How to play French roulette it is not difficult, but it will be even easier by knowing the main game systems.

Among these are:

  • »Les Voisins of the Zedro ', or nearby Dello 0, which are a series of 17 numbers located in the cylinder on the right and left of zero between 22 and 25 (0-2-3, 4-7, 12-15, 18-21, 19-22, 25-26 -28-29, 32-35). Up to 9 chips can be focused on these.
  • "Tiers du Cylindre", better known as 5/8null They are 12 playable numbers with 6 chips out of 6 horsepower (5-8, 10-11, 13-16, 23-24, 27-30, 33-36). These numbers are in a diametrically opposite position to the "neighbors of 0" that we saw before.
  • The "Orphelins", or Orfanellinull These are the 8 numbers left and they are called in this way because they are not part of either of the two previous series. The numbers are 1, 6-9, 14-17, 17-20, 31-34. They can be played with 5 chips.
  • "Zero game" It is a small area that includes 7 numbers on the right and left of 0 and are covered with 4 chips. The numbers of this game system are 0-3, 12-15, 26, 32-35.
  • A widespread system in USA is called “Trap”null It looks like orphans and 5 chips can be pointed by covering 8 numbers close to 0: 26 and 19 full, and 0-3, 12-15, 32-35.

There are various races of the roulette game methods in addition to those just mentioned, and we listed them in this article.

What are the game steps of the French roulette?

To aim for French roulette, first of all you need to know how to play.

It must be said that how to play French roulette is quite simple, as The player The only thing he has to do is precisely choose the type of episode who wants to do and wait for the Croupier to do everything else.

In sequence, the Croupier will say these sentences and the actions that we explain below must be carried out:

  1. The Croupier says "Place your bets", the table is opened and you can start making the episodes;
  2. When he says "Games are made", which takes place in the race in the running, it means that the latest episodes can be made;
  3. The Croupier says “Nothing is going well” When it is no longer possible to make episodes, and this happens when the ball is about to stop;
  4. At this point the Croupier announces the number released, the color, if it is equal or odd and if it is between 1-18 or 19-36null After that will also call the players' winnings or, if there are no winnings, he will say “Nothing at the number”.
  5. Made these steps The Croupier will pay the winnings and start again from point 1.

Conclusion on French roulette

As we saw the French roulette It is a fairly simple game, but very funny.

You can find roulette of this type in various Casino we reviewed and certified by the Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM), which are the legal ones in USA.

We always recommend online casinos with certification who As there is no risk of incurring fraud or problems, unlike the non -certified casinos that do not give any type of guarantee.

Following our guide, If you are beginners, it will succeed more simple to understand how the game works and without a doubt you can enjoy it more.

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