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In many crossword puzzle This definition “who maneuver the roulette” could come out and know that the answer is “Croupier”. But what the Croupier does in the roulette, because he is sometimes also called Dealers and how he becomes the one who manages the game tables in traditional casinos and now also in the live games of the online casino? If you are interested in all this information then you have arrived in the right place, since we will give you all the answers to these and other questions.

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Who maneuver the roulette? Here are his duties

The Croupier, which as we said, is the one who maneuver and manages the game phases of the roulette, has a series of very important tasks throughout the game. His work, in fact, is not limited to just throwing the ball into the wheel but must follow a serious rules and rulesnull Obviously the more famous and important the casino will be, the more impeccable his work must be. We start to find out how to manage the game phases. In this case we will have the French roulette as reference And therefore the terms and expressions that we will use will be in French (of course we will tell you what they mean). In the case of European roulette or American, however, these sentences would have been in English.

Here are the various phases that must follow those who maneuver the roulette

  • His first task for roulette is to accept the episodes. You will announce the beginning of this moment with the typical sentence “Place your bets“, that is to say “Do your game“. At that point, therefore, players can place the chips on the game table. The Croupier must be very careful to see who the chips belong to, to avoid problems following the time of the announcement.
  • After a few minutes, then, the Croupier will take the ball in his hand and begin to turn the wheel. At a certain point, he will launch it in the opposite direction to the verse in which he turns the wheel and announce “Games are made”, or “games are made” since the ball is now in the wheel and nothing will change the result.
  • In the meantime, he must continue to follow the trend of the episodes since players can bet. This until the Croupier is pronounced the phrase “Nothing is going wellwhich in American means “nothing more”, that is, the end of the episodes has come and therefore the players can no longer place chips on the game table.
  • Once the ball stopped on one of the slots, the moment awaited by the players arrives, or the call of the winning number. Also in this case the Croupier must follow a fairly precise process. He must say the number, the color, if equal and odd, and also follow the winning episodes of the players. Among these, for example there is full number, horse and so onnull If, however, there had been no winnings, he will have to announce “Nothing at the number“, That is” no number “.

Other tasks of the Croupier

In addition to the management of the game phases and the payment of winning bets, the Croupier has many other tasks to face. Let’s see them in detail.

  • Welcome the players: The Croupier represents the casino when sitting at the table and therefore, as soon as some new players sits down, he has to welcome him in the best way. Of course he must not be too intrusive or speak confidentially. He must always be kind and polite.
  • Respond to people sitting at the table: One of the main tasks, then, is also to answer all the questions of people at the table, obviously inherent in the game. The Croupier, in fact, cannot allow people to point out without knowing The rules of the game And therefore if you notice that these have some difficulties, it must intervene and help them.
  • Check the behavior: another fundamental element, then, concerns the management of people at the table. It often happens that someone at the end of the evening is a little high or quite nervous because of the losses and therefore can use tones or a language certainly does not consume. And here the Croupier must intervene by trying to reassure the spirits. If he cannot do it, he must discreetly alert the safety so that they can intervene without creating confusion.
  • Make sure nobody does the smart: The world of players is so varied that it is not difficult to run into some players that he tries to be smart. For example, there may be people who move the episodes from the table by taking advantage of a moment of distraction. The most important element to which the Croupier must pay attention concerns the moneynull In some traditional casinos, in fact, players can change the money in chips directly at the table and therefore the Croupier must make sure it is real money. It is not uncommon, in fact someone tries to cheat the croupier by breaking false money.

How do you become a Croupier and how much does it earn?

To become a Croupier there is a need to follow a course which is divided both in part theoretical, and therefore in lessons, and partly practical, or directly at the game tablenull In fact, those who maneuver the roulette cannot invent Croupier at any moment also because no casinos would ever accept it. You must first follow this course which usually consists of about 120 total hours and pass the final exam. Only with that certification, then, can it aim to get a job.

The advent of games in live mode has brought new possibilities to the Croupier who therefore have more opportunities to find a job.

As for the salary, this still depends on the game room in which you work. In general, however, A newly trained croupier can aspire to a salary of about 1,200 eurosnull The important advantage, on which, however, it is impossible to rely, instead concerns the tips. You must know, in fact, that the players are often very superstitious, and therefore if they cross a croupier that according to them brings them luck, they will also be very generous when they get up from the tablenull Players who win always leave a small tips at the Croupier, even if it is not a general rule.

Difference between Croupier and Dealer. Who maneuver the roulette?

Many think that Croupier and Dealer are practically the same role. In reality, however, there is a clear difference between the twonull The Croupier is actually the most important because you can deal with all the games in a casino, including the different types of roulette obviously. It collects and pays the winnings, manages the phases of the game and more.

The Dealer, on the other hand, specializes only in typically American games such as poker and its different variants, and the blackjacknull This is a fairly specific difference which, however, has a certain value when it comes to casino and even salary and career. The Croupier, in fact, starts from a salary certainly higher than a dealernull In addition, it has many more chances to improve given the greatest number of types of table it can manage.

Who maneuver the roulette can direct the ball?

One of the questions that people wonder when they go to a traditional casino both in USA and a Las Vegas, It is if the Croupier can direct the ball to a precise number, or in any case a given dialnull It would certainly be a truly unfair way for the Croupier to direct the ball to a number on which maybe he played an accomplice of him.

In reality several studies have shown that This kind of makeup is very complicated for a series of unpredictable variantsnull A minimal force such as friction due to dust, air conditioning, the number of people around the roulette It may vary, albeit in the least, the rotation of the ball therefore making it unpredictablenull In addition, the Croupier should be able to dose the strength almost like a computer and launch the ball at the right time.

All this would already be quite difficult in conditions of absolute tranquility. Let alone if it is possible when there are dozens of people around looking at you fixedly and the roulette. Finally, we believe that first of all the casinos over the years would have reckoned such a criticalitynull Just as it happened, for example the system of counting the Cards in the Blackjack, the managers would have immediately identified some dishonest croupier. Precisely for this reason, therefore, we feel to say without any problem that the Croupier cannot direct the ball to a given number.

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