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How many decks of cards are there in Blackjack? This is one of the typical questions that players ask themselves to try to understand what their possibilities are to do a blackjack. For example, if there are only two decks, it means that in total there will be eight axes and therefore the chances are not so high, especially if there are many players at the tablenull In this article we will try to answer this question, also focusing on why there is a large number of decks.

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The blackjack

Before continuing, let’s make a very short summary of the game of 21null It is played with French cards re the goal is to achieve the score of 21 or exceed that of the counter. Of course you must never go beyond 21 also because it will be busy and will lose itself a priori. Having said that you will have understood, or you already knew that the tall value cards, that is, those ranging from 9, 10, jack, queen, king and ace are obviously the most important because they guarantee a high scorenull professionalbably this information at the moment will not seem much important to us but during this article it will certainly be useful to us.

The various types of Blackjack

To date, although the game of Blackjack is always the same, there are different types of the game of 21 that must absolutely be known. Here are the three most popular versions:

  • Blackjack in the traditional casino: Obviously we talk about the game sitting at a real green table, for example in Las Vegas, or in one of the American terrestrial casinos.
  • Software online: is the version you will find in online casinonull It is played against a PC, even if certifying the random distribution of the cards is the RNG, i.e. the Random Number Generator. Thanks to this, you will always know you are safe from any scams and scams of all kinds.
  • Blackjack live online: This is one of the most appreciated versions by American players and not only yours that is perfectly found halfway between the version in a traditional and online casino. In practice, directly from the PC of the house or from the phone you can connect in live streaming to a real study where there will be a dealer and a green table where you play Blackjack.

How many decks of cards are in the Blackjack

Obviously Blackjack is played with a deck of French cards without joker. The number of decks changes according to those who manage the game. Usually they range from two decks up to eightnull In traditional casinos, for example, there is always a number of bouquets quite other, while in the software games in authorized online casino, the number can also be lower.

Initially the blackjack in traditional casinos was played with one or two decks, even if a very particular problem began to take over. That is the number of players who counted the cards trying to take advantage, and managing very often, from the cards released in the previous handsnull In practice, as we said before, the cards with a high value are really important, also because only thanks to them is it possible to get high points. In the same way, then, even knowing if the deck is still rich in small cards, it can be useful when you have a low point with the first two cards and there is a need for another card. The fear, in fact, is always the one that can come out a more card that makes you get busy or lose, but if you are sure that in the deck there are more small cards than high, then it will be easier to go on.

This system became famous especially in the 80s and 90s in the Las Vegas casino And it was certainly not accepted in the right way by dealers who saw people or groups of people win thousands of dollars every evening thanks to this system.

Casino solutions

In addition to intimidating people, the casino had to undertake some action to remedy the ever growing number of people who counted the cards. And for this they decided to increase the number of decks present during a game, bringing them even up to eight (in total there are therefore 416 cards) and use automatic mixers. The latter serve to speed up the mixing of the cards which therefore could take place even after each lap.

In traditional casinos, and even during live games, in fact, there are two types of mixing:

  • Automatic: The cards are positioned in a sabot and this provides very few according to mixing the various decks. It is certainly the fastest mode.
  • Manual: It will be the dealer to mix the cards manually. Obviously he cannot do it after each game and therefore he will do it only when the cards come to the size, or the black plastic card that is used to score where the deck has been cut. Once the cards are played and you reach the cardboard, then mix.

For players who want to take advantage of the Blackjack decks, the fact that they mix manually is certainly an important point since it allows you to countnull Of course, the casino, introducing a large number of decks of cards have tried to interrupt this practice, according to their fraudulent even if someone who uses it is still there.

How are the cards mix in the Blackjack variants?

As we have seen, there are three particular versions of Blackjack, the one in traditional, online and live but online casinos. The way and timing of the cards mix are quite different. As for the online software version, know that the cards are mixed with each hand since it will be a software to do it and therefore it will take a moment. Impossible, then counting the cards.

In the version from Physical casinos Both in the live, it works the same way. That is, when there is an automatic mixer, mixing each hand is mixednull When instead this practice is manual, the deck arriving at the black plastic card is expected. In the latter case it would be possible to count the cards even if in reality there are equally different difficulties. First of all you must always be attentive to every hand that comes out and you cannot lose even one. In addition, the number of cards is really high and therefore the possibility of being able to understand if the maximum is loaded (i.e. there are many high value cards) or I unload (with multiple small cards) è really impossiblenull And maybe once you have almost managed to understand it you get to the size and therefore you have to start all over again.

How to know how many decks there are in Blackjack

Knowing the number of decks of cards with which you are playing is certainly important even if you will not change your way of pointing, always on condition that you do not count the cardsnull However, the data remains of knowing how many axes, kings, queens and jacks are in the Blackjack deck is still interesting. If you play in an American casino or for example in the Sanremo casino, you can simply ask dealer, which will be happy to answer you. If instead you play online in the software version, you can ask for the game information. Usually there will be a “i” button to click to find out both the number of blackjack decks used and everything and mix the cardsnull In the live online version you can also ask the Croupier in this case, or look for the information key.

An example

To make you an example, we searched for among the Blackjack information of Digital game, one of the most important in USA, owned by Entain. In the Live Common Blackjack Standard, or the version with live dealers, six blackjack vehicles are used and there is a double possibility of mixingnull If an automatic mixer is available, it will mix the cards at the end of each game round. If, on the other hand, this electronic tool is not available, The Croupier will go on with the same deck until you get to the black card that we have told you previously.

Is counting the cards illegal?

After we told you about this system, obviously you will have wondered if the practice of counting the cards using the Blackjack deck is actually legal in USA or abroad. Know that it is a mental practice and that you cannot use electronic devices in any waynull This means that you are certain quality of memory and calculation you can definitely use this technique to try to win at Blackjack because it is not illegal. Being a mental calculation, moreover, no one can have evidence of this systemnull Obviously, the supervisory and security officers are prepared in this case and, although they will never be able to report to the authorities, they can still ban it from the casino and accompany you in a sometimes not kind way to the door as unwelcome people. And this is something that often happens.

In Blackjack professional, however, which is the software version eight decks are used and you mix them after each turn.

Ben Affleck banned from the Casino di Las Vegas

In recent years, for example, it has happened to one of the most important Hollywood actors: Ben Afflecknull The actor who has also become famous for interpreting Batman, in fact, He was put on the door of the hard rock casino in Las Vegas for trying to count the cards of a blackjack deck. Hard Rock Casino employees discovered him and then put to the door, as reported by the magazine TMZnull Affleck, therefore, will no longer be able to enter the casino always on condition that his punishment is not extinct.

The counting of cards in the movies

Counting cards took on a certain popularity and has become a known practice thanks to some references in some important American films. One for all Rain Man, con Dustin Hoffmann e Tom Cruisenull It is the story of a man who discovers he has a brother who suffers from mental disorders, who, however, has innate mathematical and memory qualities. And then he decides to take advantage of it by taking him to play in a casino where he can count the Blackjack deck cards, obtaining great winnings.

The other film is “21” with Kevin Spacey who plays the role of a renowned professor of mathematics. He brings together a group of talented students, including the protagonist of the film, and brings them to Las Vegas to count the cards on the blackjack and win a mountain of money.


We have reached the end of this article on Blackjack decks you will have understood that knowing the number of cards used is a detail that can prove to be very important. Obviously it is even more so if you want to count the cards, but it can also be significant for a standard playernull That’s why i Noth these surt professionalfection. They made an in -depth analysis on this point trying to give you all the most important information on this characteristic of the Blackjack.

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