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Blackjack is one of the most popular games of cards that you can find in traditional and online casinos. However, many players do not know that there are some aspects that deserve particular attentionnull Among these are certainly the value of the blackjack cards and above all the score of the acenull For this reason i our experts in the sector They thought of summarizing the rules and offering you some quick but comfortable example to understand the most of the various situations that can present themselves during the games.

Why know the value of the cards in Blackjack well?

If you are wondering why it is necessary not only to know, but also to understand the score of the episodes, know that it is a fundamental factor, on which you have to think a few more seconds and be found ready at the right time.

And above all you have to know how to reflect on the discovery of the dealer, so that you can make a wider reasoning that can allow you to have the greatest number of probability of victory. This is why it is important to know the value of the Blackjack cards.

The value of the Blackjack cards

If you have already played a blackjack, then you already know what we are talking about, but if you are new in this world, know that the cards have the following value in blackjack:

  • Asso: 1/11
  • And 2 at 10: Vale their nominal value, or the two Vale 2, the three is worth 3 and so on.
  • J, Q, K: 10

So far everything is quite simple. Remember that, in addition to the two cards that are distributed to you at the beginning, you can also ask for other cards, whose score is added to the previous ones.

Obviously the goal is to achieve the score of 21, or at least to have a higher point than that of the Croupier, and above all you must never get busy. In any case, if you want to know more about all the Blackjack rules, as well as cul value cards, you can read This in -depth guidenull Returning instead to the discussion on the score of the cards, let’s see how much the ace is worth in the Blackjack.

The answer in this case is quite simple: that is, it can be worth 1 or 11null You will not have to decide the value of the cards first. It will take on the relative score based on the best situation, and above all it can acquire the useful score not to be busy.

That’s why you have to understand well and above all quickly the mechanism and the advantage you can obtain from this double valuenull Let’s do some examples to be clearer.

Let’s assume that the dealer gives you an ace and a 4null At this point your score, given the Blackjack card value, can be 5 (1+4) or 15 (11+4). In both cases, obviously you don’t have a very high score, and therefore you have to ask for another card, with the awareness that you can never get busy.

This hand, in fact, is called soft, precisely because even if the highest card should come out, for you it will be a soft landing since in any case you still have a choice to makenull Suppose, in fact, that a 10 or a figure came out. At this point your score It would be 15 hard, because the ace takes on the value of 1null Otherwise, in fact, taking on the value of 11, you would have a score of 25 and therefore you would have busted.

Two other examples on how the ace behaves

We make two other examples, not always frequent but still not impossible, so as to give you the highest number of information on the Blackjack card value.

Suppose the first two cards are an ace and a 3. Obviously ask for another card and another ace comes out. What happen? Don’t worry, it’s very simple. Also in this case you can choose if the axes should have the score of 1, or if one has the score of 11 and the other of 1. So the possible points you have in the hand are 5 (1+1+3) or 15 (11+1+3). In both cases, of course, you should ask for another card since it is a soft hand.

If instead they happen to you two axes as the first cards that happens? In reality, most of the players and professionals, he will advise you in any case Splittare the card so as to increase your possibilitiesnull However, if you don’t want to do it you can continue to play, and in your hand you will potentially have two scores: 2 (1+1) or 12 (1+11). Obviously you couldn’t have 22 because it would mean clove.

In summary, therefore, if in one hand there is an ace that, taking on the Blackjack cards of 11, will not lead you to clove even by asking for another card, it will be a soft hand. To give some examples, this is the case of A-5, A-6, A-7. On the contrary, however, a hard hand is the one in which, asking for another card, there is a risk clove. Among the latter we can mention 8-9, 10-7, 9-7.

If you are wondering the reason for so much precision in this definition, know that there is a very specific reason that concerns the obligatory choice of the counter when it has a 17 hand.

What should the dealer do with a 17 soft?

If you are new in the Blackjack game in online casino Or traditional, know that the dealer has the advantage of not having to play even in the event that he highls, since he automatically wins, and above all plays after you, and therefore he knows when he has to stop or go on.

For many players, however, this seemed too high an advantage. That’s why several gaming halls introduced a rule, that of 17, capable of balanced this great advantagenull In a nutshell, when a dealer has a score below 17 he must always ask for a card, when he has 17 on, he must always stop.

However, you must know that in every game you will find, both online and in traditional casinos, there are some fixed rules that never change. One of these is the value of the Blackjack cards, and others who can instead undergo changes.

Among these, for example, there is the rule of 17, and in particular the distinction between 17 soft (therefore with the ace) and 17 hardnull Several platforms, in fact, allow the dealer to call an additional card if they have a 17 soft 17, and this is obviously a small advantage for the counter.

Always check

Now that you know everything about the value of the blackjack cards and how much the ace is worth in blackjack, on the difference between hard and soft hand, and how the Croupier can be performed in this case, we recommend that you control the rules of the game before starting to aim with real money.

Each site will have a page dedicated to the rules, where you can first understand if the rule of 17 is present, if it is slightly modified, and if it is also valid for soft handsnull Remember to pay attention to this information, who may seem to you details but who actually risk making the difference between a winning play and a loss.

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