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The dream of all the Roulette players, But also of all the other casino games, it is to find a system that allows you to win at each turnnull In reality, if your only purpose is to find a 100%safe method, then we can advise you to stop wasting time, because in reality such a system does not exist. It is possible, however, to know and put into practice methods such as the 13 numbers method at the roulette that allow you to increase your possibilities of victory.

In the next paragraphs, for example, we will see in detail the Method of the 13 numbers at Roulettenull It is a technique that seems to have a certain following among the players and, therefore, we will try to understand the reason. This method, unlike other roulette strategies such as the Metodo the oldemert, for example, It is not based on secondary bets but on full numbers.

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Some tips for the 13 numbers method

Before starting, though, Let’s see some small but useful tips that could be useful to you.

Play in legal casinos

Whether you choose to play in traditional structures, or in virtual casinos, always make sure that they are safe places. It is important, in fact, that are authorized by the Monopoly Customs Agency, an entity that is part of the Ministry of Economy and Finance that manages the game at a distance. Only in this way will you be sure that the games are never made up.

Choose the right roulette

As you know, there is no single type of roulette, indeed there are different ones (Click here for our complete deepening). In this case, however, Our advice is to choose the French or European version and not the American versionnull This is because, to apply the Roulette method of the 13 numbers, it is certainly better to have only one 0, Instead of 0 and double 00 so it happens in the overseas roulette.

Test the Method of 13 Roulette Numbers

Finally, we advise you to test this system to increase roulette winnings with a few trial laps. You can use, for example, a game in demo mode, thanks to which you will have a virtual accountnull This way you can try to play and understand if the 13 numbers method really works.

Method of 13 Roulette numbers: how does it work?

The mechanism is based on an assumption, that is, that there are more possibilities to win by focusing on multiple numbers overallnull And the scholar who made this method, also known as “Lucky 13”, He thought that thirteen numbers could be the right ones to ensure that the chances of victory increase and the prize remains interesting.

How to choose the numbers?

To choose the numbers, a very simple reasoning is applied. You have to take the numbers in the order foreseen on the wheel and then jump one and choose the next between red and blacknull If it is not particularly clear to you, you don’t have to worry because now we do an example starting from the number 0, but simply to have a fairly clear and visible reference point, But you can choose any number you want.

If we take roulette, We see that after 0 there is the number 32 which is red, the 15th black, the 19th still red, the 4 black, the red 21, the 2 black, the red 25 and so on.

Now, seen we start from 0, This will become part of the thirteen final numbers on which we will aimnull At this point, a number must be skipped, in this case 32 e Then decide between the first black color (15) and the first red color (19) on which to aimnull We choose 15 black.

For the next number, therefore, We jump on 19 and we find that the first two numbers are 4 black and 21 rednull Having chosen a black number first, now we choose a red one and then the 21. And to do, mo this until we have reached the 13 numbers expected.

If you are wondering why this system is used to choose the numbers, you must know that the answer is very simple. This method is used to ensure that it focuses on numbers that are present throughout the wheelnull In this way, therefore, wherever you are about to stop the ball launched by CroPArs, there are always possibilities that it can go to a slot we have focused on.

If I had to choose random numbers, for example, You could have chosen close numbers and this would not have respected the canons of the 13 roulette numbers method.

How much to focus in the 13 Roulet numbers method?

Now that we have chosen the numbers to focus on, Let’s see how much to betnull The amount to focus on, of course, depends on you and your finances. What we can tell you is that you have to place a chips of the same value on each number. In practice you will have to point 13 episode units. In the event that I won, the amount of the prize would be 36 units.

When to start using the Roulette method of the 13 numbers?

Before starting to sit at the game table, Both in virtual and traditional form, we advise you to mark the numbers you have chosen so if you don’t be wrongnull Then, once sitting, you have to wait for three consecutive laps in which the ball does not stop on one of the numbers you want to play. That will be the right time to play, at least according to the scholar who created this method.

At this point, then place the chips and hopes that the ball stops on one of your numbers. If it doesn’t do it in three shifts, Then you will have to continue to focus on the same numbers, but double the episodenull And you will have to follow this scheme for subsequent laps.

Online or traditional roulette?

One of the advantages of this method is that it can be used both in Roulette online In software version, both in the one with dealer connected live streaming and in the traditional one in the terrestrial casinos. This method, in fact, does not provide for any difficulty, if not to remember the numbers on which it has focused and keep the laps of turns.

For the rest, then, this system is absolutely legal so you don’t have to bring any problems in putting it into practice while playing.


We have reached the end of This in -depth analysis on the method of 13 Roulette numbersnull As seen, in fact, it is one of the most particular ones for this game, since it is a method that does not apply to the episodes secondary but rather to full numbers And then it also allows you to have a certain choicenull The latter feature, however, is not allowed in the other numbers since you just have to choose between red or black, even and odd or 1-18/19-36.

Finally, we want to emphasize that this system It is not perfect and does not ensure guaranteed winnings, just as the other methods you find around do not do it either. Roulette is a game that is based exclusively on luck and, therefore, it is unlikely to predict which slot the ball will stopnull Our goal, however, is to be able to increase the possibilities and hope to have a stroke of luck.

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