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In this article we will see in detail how The Fibonacci method for roulette works worksnull We will find out how to put it into practice, where it derives from, an example within a series of games and also the pros and cons.

il Roulette Fibonacci method is one of those who has met with some success between the various players and we will try to find out if it actually worksnull Before starting our guide, which as always is made by our experts in the sector, we must immediately specify an appearance, That is, that the Fibonacci method will in no way guarantee a safe victory for roulette.

In fact, no system could give you such a certainty also because the roulette, in any version the game, is and will always remain a game based exclusively on luck. The Fibonacci Method on Roulette, however, it will surely be useful to avoid spending your money in the wrong way and therefore it will help you make the games last longer.

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Who is Fibonacci and his series

Fibonacci’s method derives from the homonymous series discovered by Leonardo Fibonacci An American study and mathematician born in Pisa. Fibonacci was studying the reproduction of rabbits and therefore had established this series to understand what frequency they could reproduce these animals. The series that came out was this: 0-1-2-3-8-13-21-34-55-89 and so on following a very specific schemenull That is, that each number is the sum of the two previous numbers.

At the beginning it seemed like a numerical series without any particular meaning But over the years several scholars have started to find this numerical series in many areas including, for example, music, biology, human body and morenull Just to give an example, we can say that the flowers have all three, five, eight, thirteen, twenty -one, thirty -four or fifty -five petals. All these numbers, as you have seen, are part of the Fibonacci seriesnull Obviously, this has done nothing but give him a halo of mystery and prestige that he has maintained to the present day.

And since many find something magical in the Fibonacci series, it was thought to use it also for roulette, as we will see shortly.

Three small clarifications

Soon we will see in detail how this Fibonacci method works but first, however, it is necessary to clarify some useful aspects both to put into practice the method itself both for the other methods concerning roulette. Let’s see in detail what they are.

Which roulette?

The first question to ask is what it concerns the roulette variant to choose fromnull Among the typical and famous ones we find French, the European And the American. In general it is always better to choose one of the first two simply because it has only one 0. The American roulette, on the other hand, has both 0 and double 0null And since 0 and double 0 represent the advantage of the counter, It is obviously convenient to choose the one that presents a minor advantage for online and traditional casino.

Choose the episode unit

In the next paragraphs we will also make an example of a series using the Fibonacci method. We will use the episode units since we do not know how much you can actually spend on the roulette gamenull In this case, therefore, everything will be simpler because we will talk to you in units of episodes and then it will be up to you to establish the value of this unit before starting to use the Fibonacci method at the roulette. For example, if you establish that the episode unit is 5 euros and during the system you must triple it, you will not have any problems.

Secondary episodes

The last aspect to know absolutely before starting to play concerns the secondary episodes. In a nutshell, in fact, this method is applicable only on the episodes that include a double outcome, for example, red or blacknull The other episodes on which it is possible to bet are equal and odd or 1-18/19-36. With all the others the Fibonacci method, in fact, cannot be usednull Then there would also be the possibility that the number 0 comes out, which is outside the double outcome. If it should come out, however, It will be as if the opposite outcome had come out for what you had aimed and therefore you lost.

How does the Fibonacci method work?

The mechanism of this system is quite simple. First of all you must always have the Fibonacci series in hand, or 0-1-1-3-8-13-21-34-55-89 and so onnull Consider, however, that this series is practically infinite and therefore you may continue until you want. It is therefore important to establish a number of turns to do with this series before starting to aim, So you know exactly when you stop whether you are losing whether it is winning.

The basic concept is that you have to focus on one of the secondary bets we have told you about following precisely the series in case of loss and going back in case of victorynull That is, on the first lap you will fear a unit of episode and, if you lose, you will still fear again a unit of episode and if I had to Losing again you will come to aim two episode units and always continuing so.

The trial series in the Fibonacci method

As you can see, therefore, it is really simple enough also because, unlike of other strategies like Martingala or Paroli, It is not based on doubled the episode when you win or lose, but you just have to follow a progression. But if it is not clear to you, there is no need to worry. All systems need to be understood and seen directly at the game table or in any case in a series of test, as we will do soonnull Indeed, to make you all even clearer, we will do three trial series, all composed of ten laps. In the first we will see how to behave with an unfortunate series, made of ten consecutive lossesnull For the second, however, We will see a series of all victorious gamesnull For the third and last series, however, we will make a mix.

First series

The first series we will see is the one with five consecutive defeats.

  • Al first lap We focus on Rosso 1 episode unit and lose.
  • In the second round We still focus on red and again 1 episode unit. This is because, as you have seen, the first two numbers of the series are 1 and 1. Let’s lose again.
  • With the third lap The episode that passes to 2 units is increased (the series in fact is 1-1-2). Obviously we hypothesize that we still lose.
  • For the fourth tour we come to aim 3 units, but we lose again.
  • On the fifth lap we have to focus 5 units. Remember, in fact, that in the event of loss, the series is always followed by progressively.
  • In the sixth lap We arrive at 8 units.
  • Al seventh lap The episode will be 13 units.
  • con The eighth round comes to aim 21 units.
  • In the ninth lap we will have to put 34 units on the virtual or traditional game table.
  • On the last tour of our series of episodes, we will have to bet 55 episodes units.

As you have seen, therefore, if you had to find yourself in front of a series of lost episodes, you will also get a lot of money. That’s why we advise you to always check the budget before establishing the value of your episode unit And above all, check what the maximum limit of the table you are playing is. In the event that the maximum limit is too low, in fact, you may no longer use the fibonacci method.

Winning series

In this case we will not waste much time to make a series and see the various episodes. When you win, in fact, All you have to do is always keep the same episodenull In reality you should relegate two numbers in the series, But since you started from 1 you will always have to stay at the same point.

Remember, however, that it is important to always change the episode. If, for example, you won by focusing on the red, at the next lap you will have to focus on black.

Mista series

Now things start to get slightly more complicated but it is also the time to have particular attention, Since using the Roulette Fibonacci method in a mixed series is one of the most likely possibilities when playing roulettenull Also this time, in order not to confuse ourselves, we will hypothesize that we still focus on red and black.

  • In the first lap we will choose to focus our episode unit on rednull The ball, however, will end on a black slot and therefore we lose.
  • Al second lap we focus on red again Always 1 only unit. Unfortunately for us we are still unfortunate and we lose again.
  • With the Third lap we arrive at 2 episode units and we will go back to focus on rednull Once again, however, the ball ends up on an opposite slot.
  • For the fourth lap we arrive at the episode of 3 units and we will have to continue betting that a red number comes outnull From the wheel, however, a black number comes out and therefore we lose.
  • We are al fifth lap and we find ourselves betting 5 episode units again on the rednull This time, however, a number of this color comes out and we win.
  • On the sixth lap, however, we have to go back with the episode. Since we had come to point 5 units, we have to go back two numbersnull Since the series is 1-1-2-3-5, it means that we have to jump the three and get directly to 2. consequently our episode, this time on the black since at the previous lap they had guessed the outcome, It will be 2 episode unitsnull It comes out, however a red number and therefore we lose.
  • On the seventh round, therefore, Let’s go back to increasing the episode following the Fibonacci series And we arrive at 3 episode units on black. We win again.
  • For the eighth lap, therefore, we simply have to repeat what was done before. That is to go back two numbers, and considering that before 3, there is 2 and then the 1. Then we will have to focus only one unit on the rednull In this lap, however, we are not lucky and we lose.
  • On the ninth lap we go back to climb up to 2 episode units and since we lost to the previous lap, we continue to focus on the red colornull The ball stops on a red number.
  • In the tenth and last tour of our series we have to go back up to a unit of episode. Obviously always to follow the mechanism of the Roulette Fibonacci method which plans to follow The series in case of loss and go back two numbers when you win.

Here, we have reached the end of our mixed series And we saw how to use the Fibonacci method both when there are losses and winningsnull As you have seen, at least in this series, which we remember is only an example, we have come to aim a maximum of 5 episode units When we arrived at a series of four consecutive defeats.

professionals and cons of the Roulette Fibonacci method

Now let’s try to see in detail the advantages and disadvantages of the Fibonacci method.

I pro

Simplicity: it is a fairly easy method to understand and put into practice. A face realized that when you win we go back two numbers in the series, there are no particular problems.

Suitable for everyone: The Roulette Fibonacci method is based on episode units so it is really suitable for all budgets. It will be up to you to establish how much you want to spend. In addition, as we have also seen in some examples, you have to be really unfortunate and run into a long negative series to get to aim very high figures. This is certainly good also because, compared to other systems in which you go doubled after each defeat, in this you follow a well -defined progression.

Long and funny: This system can be safely used in the long time also because, as we have seen previously, you do not reach high figures and, every time you win, you go back.

Suitable for all types of poker: this system can be used both in Traditional version of the game both in the online one And with a Croupier connected in streaming.

link: the Roulette Fibonacci method, as well as the Other systems for this game, are absolutely legal.

The cons of the Fibonacci method

Potential not very high winnings: the safety of this system, or the fact that even in the long time it will not lead you to spend a lot of money, It is reflected in a negative factornull Or that The potential winnings will never be so high And this is because every time you win does not increase the episodes, but rather go back two numbers.

The series must be remembered: as seen in the previous paragraphs, This system is really very simple even if there is a difficultyor remember all the numbers of the series. But we can say that you can do it after a little practice.

The reverse fibonacci method

As happens for many systems, Even for the fibonacci method there is a version that works in a diametrically opposite waynull In short words, When you lose you go back two episodes And when you win, however, continue with the series.

This method, therefore, is even more conservative than the version we have just presented you. In practice there is not but the risk of reaching high figures, as it could happen with the traditional Fibonacci method, when there is a long series of lost episodes.

You must consider, however, that if before the potential winnings were not very highIn this case, they could be less, always on condition that you cannot have a long series of consecutive victories.

Some advices

Now that you know well how Fibonacci’s method works, We want to give you some little advice to follow to avoid making your efforts vain.

Play legal: always choose game platforms or structures that are always legal in USA or in the country in which you are playing. This is because you will have the utmost certainty that the games are legal and, above all, that your potential winnings are always paidnull In USA, just choose online casino sites that have authorization who, given that it is the only entity to be able to authorize dealers.

Always evaluate how much money you spend: Remember to play responsibly and avoid letting you get from emotions, especially in case of loss, and to want to redo by aiming more and more. These systems, including the Fibonacci method, they were born just to allow players to avoid spending money in a reckless waynull Indeed, thanks to these methods, the budget is under control.

Always check the rules of the roulette: you will probably be wondering what rules we are talking about, Since the roulette game is always the samenull In reality, however, there are small differences based on software provider that creates it that they could also be very important. Also check what are the minimum and maximum betting amounts.

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