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Blackjack is certainly one of the casino card games that has met the most successful in recent yearsnull This is because it is a quick game, very simple to understand and that does not include particular rules. The only most important detail that deserves some attention concerns The function of the acenull But once you understand this, however, to point us it will be quite simple. Obviously all players, but are always looking for the Perfect Blackjack base strategy to winnull If you are also looking, we have bad news for you, Because you have to know that none Strategy concerning Blackjack it can never give you the security of winningnull Obviously, however, there are some methods that can certainly increase your possibilities such as this basic strategy that you can better understand through the Blackjack base strategy table and, above all, limit errors to the maximum.

In the next paragraphs we will focus on the blackjack basic strategy, also known as a Blackjack table. We will see all the most important characteristics of this method for Blackjack, its strengths also disadvantages, so you can decide with the utmost awareness if this is the right one for you or not. Of course, we will explain to you in detail how to apply it in the right way and also the terms you absolutely must know.

Blackjack: basic rules

Before going into and getting to the focus of the speech, however, it is better to take a general look at how blackjack works, at least in general, so as to help even less experienced users. The goal of Blackjack is to reach the score of 21 or to make a score higher than the dealernull To do this, you have the first two cards available that are distributed to the player. Then, then, it is possible to ask for further cards. The most important of the rules is that we must never exceed the score of 21, also because otherwise it will be lost a priori.

The score of the cards is the following:

  • 2-10: nominal value of the cards. For example, the 4 is worth four, the 5 five and so on.
  • J, Q, K: The figures in this game are worth 10.
  • Asso: It can be worth both 1 and 11.

After you have chosen to stop because the point seems good to you or in any case to improve it, run too many risks to get busy, then it will be the turn of the dealer. Remember that the counter also receives two cards, but that alone is one is discovered, while the other will be covered, at least until his turn will be playingnull Those who have the highest point wins the hand while, in the event of a tie, the initial episode will return to younull Blackjack always wins even when the counter has made the score of 21 but with multiple cardsnull One occasion when Blackjack does not win and when the other also made one and therefore in this case the episode is divided.

The table of the Blackjack base strategy table

Here we are now at the main topic of our article, namely the study on the Blackjack base strategy. Let’s start immediately by saying that this method, as well as the other Blackjack systems, do not guarantee in any way of the victories, but they can simply increase your chances. This system is also definitive Basic Blackjack, because it is probably the easiest system that has been studied for this gamenull To understand this table and in particular understand its potential, you must know that Blackjack has limited combinations. This therefore allowed an in -depth study on what are the best choices to make, always speaking in statistical terms. So the Blackjack base strategy is born.

Once the Blackjack base strategy table is opened, in fact, you just have to follow the indications provided for each individual case.

As you can see, it is a very simple Blackjack base strategy table. On the vertical left side you will find all the possible combinations of points that may come outnull In the high horizontal part, however, The discovery card of the dealernull Based on these data, therefore, there is a choice which, exclusively from the statistical point is better than the others. This means, therefore, that by following precisely what is reported you will have more possibilities for victory.

The rule of 17 for the dealer

This Blackjack base strategy table then is also based on a very important figure or The rule of the 17th that applies to the dealersnull In a nutshell, since the dealer finds out the cards and chooses what to do after the player, his advantage was considered too high and therefore the Blackjack risked losing decidedly appeal. Precisely for this reason the rule of 17 was introduced, or the obligation for the dealer to ask for another card when the score is lower than 17 and to have to stop when, instead the score is or greater than 17null This is a rule that, although you do not have to respect, you need who is playing against the dealer so you have to know to use it to the fullest. After, in fact, we will make you some examples and you will see how decisive it can be in collaboration with the Blackjack base strategy.

When you choose an online casino, therefore, you always have to make sure you first of all that there is this rule but not only. Many games, in fact, involve a particularity, or the distinction between 17 soft and hardnull The first is a 17 made with an ace that at that moment is worth 11, and therefore even with the call of another card it can never lead to bouncing. With 17 hard, on the other hand, the score made without ace is indicated, or with ace which however is worth 1.

The terms of the Blackjack Basic Strategy

If you are not an expert player, you may encounter some difficulties in understanding some terms. But there is nothing to worry, since for your luck we are here and we will explain to you what these words mean.

  • Stai: In English you may find the word “stand” and indicates the fact that the point he has in his hand is satisfactory and therefore you don’t need any additional card.
  • Carta: in some games there may be the English term “hit” and indicates the action of asking for a further cardnull Then you can ask for a card again, and another until your point is satisfactory, or you have unfortunately busted.
  • Split: in American it means To share, It means that you have to ask the dealer to divide your cards so as to make two first cards of two different hands. In a nutshell, let’s imagine you received two axes. You can ask the dealer to split, and then divide them. In this way, adding an episode equal to the first, you will play with two different hands and in both you will have an ace. The dealer, then, will distribute another card for each hand. In the event that this option is not available, then all you have to do is continue the game and follow the table normally.
  • Double: often “double” is also used and it means that you will have to ask the dealer to double your episode. This move obviously, arises from the fact that your cards are quite good while that of the dealer does not offer much security. Same speech that we saw before even if there is no possibility of doubled the episodenull You just have to follow the table according to the scheduled score.

These are the main terms to know but, before starting to play, you must also make sure that the table you sit down provides for the possibility of splitting the cards or doubles the episodes. In fact, these methods are not always foreseen in authorized online casino and therefore it is always better to inquire.


Let’s now see and explain some examples, so as to also understand that each choice has its precise foundation. Of course we cannot speak of all the indications described in the table, also because we will end up only to repeat ourselves.

First example

Let’s imagine that the dealer gives us two cards and that these are 7 and 8, and therefore the total score, at least until now, is 15. At this point you have to go to the table, especially on the vertical left side and find 15null Then you have to see what the dealer is discovered. If it is a card from 2 to 6, you should be. If, on the other hand, it has a card from 7 to the ace, then despite 15 it is a medium-high score, you should ask for another card.

The reason for this double choice is based on a statistical reasoningnull If the dealer has a card that reaches up to 6, some possibilities must be considered. For example, let’s imagine that he also has a 10, at that point the score of him is 16 and higher than yours. But by virtue of the rule of 17, the dealer cannot stop since the score of less than 17, and therefore he is forced to call again, significantly increasing the chances of bouncing therefore granting you the victory.

If, on the other hand, the dealer card is from 7 onwards, then it has more possibility of having an discovery card that makes it to 17, thus conquering the victory.

Second example: Split

What does the Blackjack base strategy say when there are couples? In principle, the main indication is to split, that is to divide the cards making them two different handsnull We must always consider, however, what is the dealer card since if it is high, it could only be right to ask for a further card. This rule is almost always present in online casino and in traditional ones, but if it were not there, Calculate the hand score I continued with the table normally.

Third example: Double

When instead you have a score of 10 or 11 and when you have an average score, but the dealer card is really low, then it could agree to aim for doublingnull In practice, you will have to ask the dealer to double the initial episode.

As we said even before, however, this is a possibility that not all the game tables offer and therefore be careful of which type of blackjack you choose. Keep in mind, in fact, that although the basic rules are always the same, Any provider software can create games that differ from each other both from a graphic point of view and for other characteristics, twhich is precisely the presence or absence of special rules such as those of 17 or the possibility of doubling and the split.

Curiosity about Basic Strategy

The most attentive to the basic strategy table They will have already seen some possible scores are missing. We are talking about the very low and other ones. This is because in both it is obvious the choice. For example, if you have an 18 or 19, It is natural that you should stop because the risks of bouncing are really too highnull If, on the other hand, you have a 5, a 6 or a 7, there will be not much to think but you just have to ask for another card. Then, at that point, you can start checking the table and check what it recommends.

professionals and cons of the Blackjack base strategy

Let’s now see what are the strengths and what are the disadvantages of the Blackjack base strategy.

The advantages

Simplicity: The most important point of this strategy is that it is really very simple. Just start taking confidence with the table and then you just have to identify the right choice to make. That’s all, there is not even a need for particular knowledge or to know how to make complicated mathematical calculations.

Statistical calculation: The strength of this method is that everything is studied on statistical bases. For example, it is calculated that if the desk as a card discovered a 6, it has over 40% of the possibility of bouncingnull And that’s why when the dealer a 6 uncovered, in many cases it is better to stop us just as the Blackjack base strategy table indicates.

Perfect for online casinos: The Blackjack base strategy is very simple to use online because nobody controls you and you can have other open pages simultaneously.

The cons of basic strategy

All too mechanical: one of the points that players do not like at all is that the basic strategy leaves no room for intuition, inventiveness and does not offer shiver that instead offers the game in traditional mode.

Difficult to use in traditional casinos: As we will see shortly, the Blackjack Basic Strategy is really very difficult to use in traditional casinos, or at least you have to learn everything by heart.

Where to use the basic Blackjack Strategy

Now that the Blackjack base strategy is clear to you, we must understand where you can use it the best. From this point of view, But you are lucky enough since you will have no problemnull Both as regards the blackjack games in the online casino in software mode, and for those with live dealers, in fact, you can safely keep the table of the Blackjack base strategy open open. You just have to pay attention to the time you have available to make the choice between stay and paper, and therefore you must be fast in control.

You can use this Blackjack base strategy also in Traditional casino of las vegas Or Americans, even if in this case you have to learn by heart. In fact, you will not be able to have tickets to consult with you before making the choice.

Basic strategy and cards count

The most experienced players are often used to associating the Blackjack base strategy with the cards count. In this way they increase even more the possibility of obtaining a winnull The counting of the cards is a system designed for Blackjack, which has become very famous all over the world also thanks to Several moviesnull It allows you to understand, through a special calculation, if there are more among the remaining cards with a high or lower value. This is certainly a very useful system to have an advantage over the counter, even if it provides for in -depth knowledge of the various methods concerning the counting of the cards (and that you can find At this link).

In addition, it is also necessary to have a certain predisposition to mental calculation quickly as well as memory.

Conclusions on the Blackjack base strategy

We have reached the end of our in -depth guide On the Blackjack base strategynull We are sure we have given you all the most important information you needed to understand if this is actually the right system for you or not. Finally, remember that both Basic Strategy and the other systems will not serve to win with absolute certainty, but they will still be useful to increase your possibilities.

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