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In this article we will see what the 10 best casino of Las Vegas are to absolutely visit both for an episode to one of the many games available, both to simply take some photos and always have the memory of some of the most beautiful structures in the world.

Obviously we will not be able to tell you which of these is the best ever, since it depends above all on your personal taste. Among these ten structures, however, we are sure that you will find the perfect casino for you that you absolutely cannot lose when you go to Las Vegas.

Here are the best 10 casinos of Las Vegas

The Caesar Palace

Renowned all over the world also because they are home to some important films, such as “Leoni Night”, The Caesar Palace is certainly one of the most important casinos, not only of Las Vegas but from all over the worldnull It is located along the Las Vegas Boulevard Street, also known as Las Vegas Strip and belongs to the Harrah’s Entertainment. It is one of the hotels and Casino Las Vegas over the years, given that it was inaugurated in 1966. As the name also suggests, the structure refers to the myth of the Roman Empirenull There is also a theater where most of the structure shows take place following the lines of the Roman Colosseum.

The resort has about 3,500 rooms, while the casino, where you can find any type of game, from blackjack to poker or slot machines, has a huge surface. In total, in fact, it is around 15,400 square meters in which you will find all the main games.

To understand how majestic this structures is, just know that in the parking lot only two editions of the Formula 1 automotive World Cup were held. The Las Vegas Grand Prix, held in 1981 and 1982, included the whole route around the casino and hotel.

Small curiosity: his name is not Caesar’s Palace, or Palazzo di Cesare, but Caesars Palace, that is Palazzo dei Cesari. The objective of the structure, in fact, is to give the maximum hospitality to its customers and make them feel in the mile possible, just like the Caesars.

Bellagio, one of Las Vegas’ most famous mess

The wonderful structure of Bellagio owes its lines to the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni which is located in American municipality of Bellagio, near Lake Como. Steve Wynn, in fact, owner of this hotel and Casino Las Vegas spent his holidays together with his wife in this splendid place a stone’s throw from Lake Como and from that moment he remained enchanted. He thus decided to reproduce a maxi resort and casinos who remembered that magical place and in him honor of him he would give him the name of the American municipality.

It has almost 4 thousand rooms of which many are wonderful and luxurious suite and a structure dedicated to casino games of over 10 thousand square metersnull It is the favorite destination of the greatest poker players who choose this casino for their cash games and the famous tournaments. Often it hosts one of the stages of the World Poker Tour and has a special room in which the best players in the world, and even the richest ones, find themselves playing the cash game with truly fabulous dishes.

The structure is wonderful but in the evening, thanks to the show of water, lights and music of the fountains located outside, it becomes even more beautiful. This Luxury Hotel Casino Las Vegas was also the protagonist of several important films, including Ocean’s Eleven with George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, and “A Lion Night”.

The Golden Nugget: the highest level of elegance between the various Casino di Las Vegas

The Golden Nugget is an oldest casino than Las Vegas, Since he was inaugurated back in 1946null It is also a maxi resort with which 2500 rooms. The entire structure is located on the Freemont Street Experience. The casino is certainly not among the largest in Las Vegas, Since it can count “only” on 3,500 square meters of salt, but it still remains one of the most elegant and the one with the most alternativesnull In fact it presents all the most important games as well as a vast selection of slot machine.

Also this Casino Las Vegas, given that it is one of the oldest, has become part of the general culture in terms of gaming structures and there are many references to Golden Nugget both in the television world and in that of video gamesnull Fox, a very famous television broadcaster, created a series of TV entitled “The Casino” in which we speak of the acquisition of the Golden Nuggyst by the financial group poster.

It is also present in Street Fighter II, given that Balrog’s battlefield is right in front of the Golden Nugget.

The Venetian

This Las Vegas casino is one of those structures, such as Caesars Palace and Bellagio, which has a clear reference to American culturenull Just as you will guess from the name, in fact, this casino was created in homage to the city of Venice, and is also presented a small reproduction of the Rialto bridge and the bell tower of San Marco in Scala.

It was born thanks to an intuition of one of the most important characters in the world of Las Vegas casino, Sheldon Adelson, who passed away at the beginning of January 2023. These, in fact, went to Venice on a honeymoon together with the second wife Miriam. Once he arrived in USA, he remained fascinated by Venice and decided to recreate a piece of Venice in Las Vegas. Adelson was already the owner of a structure, the Sand Hotel, but chose to break it completely and build a new one. In total, the expense was around 1.5 billion dollars and the construction lasted three years. In the end, however, Venetian became one of the references for the citizens of Las Vegas and for the millions of tourists who cannot fail to stop for a photo in this majestic structurenull To date, it has over 4,000 hotel rooms and is among the best Las Vegas mess with over 11 thousand square meters, where you can find slot machines and green tables of any game.

The Palazzo, also one of the best mess of Las Vegas

This structure is linked to Venetian, given that in addition to sharing the same property, namely the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, they also divide the casino. The Palazzo is a huge hotel and represents, for walkable meters, the largest structure in Americanull The previous record was of the Pentagon, which after the inauguration of The Palazzo, has become the second structure by size in America. The setting is obviously luxurious and it is enough to think that it only has large 67 meters large suite suite.

This structure is also inspired by the world of American art and culture, as demonstrated by the interiors and various references to USA’s architecture.

Red Rock Casino and Resort

It is one of the younger structures in Las Vegas since it was opened only in 2006, after about two years of work. It has a casino of almost 11 thousand square meters and 800 rooms. Initially they had to be more since there was also a 23 -storey tower and another 1,000 rooms. Later, however, to a series of protests by the residents of the area, I think of limiting this construction and making it smallernull One of the peculiarities of this Las Vegas casino is that it is not on the famous Las Vegas Strip, but in the area of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, from which Casino and Resort take their name. This allows him to have thousands of square meters of nature, clean air and a breathtaking panorama in front of him.

The interior is luxurious and cared for the smallest details. As in every casino Las Vegas, obviously there is no lack of excesses including for example chandeliersnull Throughout the casino and the resort there are chandeliers for over 6 million dollars. What stands most is the Lucky Bar chandelier made on over 1.6 million crystals.

The Mirage

Realized and inaugurated in 1989, Mirage beat every record both of money spent and in size, and is also among the 10 best las vegas casinos. Obviously all these primates were overcome in the following years by other Las Vegas casinos, But they serve to make it clear the size of this structure built by Steve Wynn, of which we have already spoken to the Bellagionull It has over 300 rooms and a maxi casino but its real peculiarity was probably the 16 -meter volcano and that every evening gave visitors a show with lights and lava. The volcano, however, in 2008 was dismantled and replaced with an even larger onenull This casino is also present in the film Ocean’s Eleven, given that it is one of the objects of the group of thieves led by Clooney.

The game room has a structure equal to over 9 thousand square meters and it is possible to find any type of game there; From slot machines to roulette or to tables blackjack.

MGM Grand

This is the largest Lux Hotel Las Vegas in America with over 5 thousand rooms available to guestsnull It is good to prevent that we intend to great not for walkable supercili, but by number of rooms. Near his main entrance triumphs the statue of a majestic lion, a symbol of the MGM, a company that holds and manages several casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, including Bellagio, Mirage 3e the New York-New York that we will see shortly.

Inside its maxi structure there are swimming pools, rivers and even waterfalls to visit. It was inaugurated in 1993 and from that moment it became a point of reference for the players of America and the world.

The MGM Casino Grand Las Vegas is the largest in the city with an area of over 16 thousand square metersnull Obviously there are all the most popular games, such as poker and blackjack, American and French roulette, in addition to hundreds of slot machines.

New York-New York

Do you want to go to Las Vegas and also take a ride in New York? Know that everything is possible in the city of lights. And if you can take two steps Affiano at the San Marco bell tower as in the Hotel and Casino Venetian, know that you can also walk between the statue of freedom and the Brooklyn bridge. You just have to go to the New York-New York Hotel and Casino, which is located on the Las Vegas Strip. The hotel facade recalls the city of New York thanks to the various skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building. Then in front, there is a maxi swimming pool reminiscent of New York bay and a 46 -meter high reproduction, half of the real one, of the statue of freedom.

Each wing of the casino is renamed as a neighborhood or an area of the Big Apple. For example, the casino is located in the Central Park area and is almost 8 thousand square meters largenull One of the strong points of this game room It is the great variety of slot machines and roulette tables you can findnull The hotel has over 2 thousand rooms including large and luxurious suite.

Treasure Island

Obviously in Las Vegas a hotel could not be missing that had the world of pirates as its main theme: let’s talk about the hotel and Casino Las Vegas Treasure Island. Inside the structure there is a real galleon that in the evening becomes the stage for Pirate -themed shows and dancesnull It was inaugurated in 1993 and was certainly one of the perfect hotels for the whole family. In fact, the pirate atmosphere was breathed throughout the structure. Over time, however, this family vocation had to give way to the game and to shows mostly to the world of adults. Has almost three thousand rooms in total divided between standard and spectacular suite rooms.

Treasure Island is also located along the Las Vegas Strip and his casino hosts all the most popular and important games, like Blackjack and the wheel game, in addition to having a maxi room dedicated exclusively to slot machines.

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