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In this guide we will analyze European roulette in detail. We will see all its most important features, how to play European roulette, What are the main differences with the other roulette that you can find around and much morenull Our professional have created this in -depth analysis so as to give you all the information to know how to distinguish the various roulette with each other and, of course, understand which is the right one for you.

How many types of roulette exists?

This is the first question that you need to ask yourself when it comes to roulette. In general, the most important types are the French one, the European one (also known as English) and the American onenull Around, especially in online casinos, you will find many other variants of roulette, with more balls, with more wheels and so onnull But we want you to know the main ones, and the European one in this case.

What are the differences

Obviously since there are three types of roulette, you are wondering what is the difference between the European and French roulette or americananull It is a legitimate question to which we will give a very clear answer.

Let’s start with the difference between European roulette and the American, also because it is the most clear. In the European version there are 37 numbers, or from 0 to 36. In the overseas version, however, there are 38 slots since there is also double 0 in addition to 0null This is the main difference and is also quite important, if you consider that 0 in the Europe Roulette represents the advantage of the counter. In fact, you must know that in Roulette the 0 is not part of those secondary bets also called side-Bet. For example, being green in color, it is not part of the red or black episode, as it is not part of the same or oddnull You will not even find it in the dozen or columns (if you don’t know all the episodes don’t worry, because we will explain them to you in detail later).

Evidently, therefore, in the American roulette, given that double 0 follows the rules of 0, the advantage of the bench is double.

European and French roulette: differences

European and French roulette, on the other hand, have the same number of slots and numbers. In fact, there is only 0 and the remaining numbers range from 1 to 36null The advantage of the bench is therefore the same, or 2.7% (1 out of 37). So what are the differences? Between these two types of slots there are graphic differences and regulationsnull As for the graphics, you must know that the names of the bets are written in English in the European version and that the green table is slightly different as regards the position of some episodes. So let’s talk about quite marginal differences that can be used easilynull However, there is a nice difference that concerns the rules of European roulette, and in particular concerns the “en prison” rule, or rather the absence of this rule in the European roulette with respect to the French version.

Cos’e in prison

As you have understood the 0 represents the advantage of the counter. Obviously, the players did not go down that the counter had a number that did not fall into secondary bets and for this reason it was decided to get to a middle ground. This compromise is the rule of EN Prisonnull In practice, if you bet on the French roulette on one of the secondary bets (red-black, even/-ispari etc. etc.) and it comes out the 0 you have two choices: Either take half the episode or use the en prisonnull Practically, Your episode will be imprisoned, that is, it will remain valid on the next lapnull If the result you predict you win, if the opposite one comes out, lose. If the 0 should come out again, a lap will remain imprisoned, but if the toll -free number is released for the third consecutive time, then you will have lost.

Here, in the European roulette the en prison is not there. So if the 0 should be released, you will be entitled to 50% of the episodenull In this way, however the advantage of the counter is reduced by 50%. This is the largest practical difference between European and French roulette.

Types of European roulette

Now that you know the difference between English and French and American roulette, let’s try to understand how many types of European roulette you can find. In general there are three: the one in traditional casinos, the one in online casino but in a software version and the most recent, that is, the one with live dealers.

  • Traditional European roulette: is the ones you find in a real physical casino Like those of Las Vegasnull There will be a green table with a wooden wheel and a dealer to manage the game phase.
  • Software version: This is the one born with online casinos. In practice it is a game in which you can aim with real money and it is an exact reproduction of the royal roulette. To ensure that the game reliable and, above all, random there is the Random Number Generator, or the random numbers generatornull This will allow you to always be safe.
  • Streaming: In the European roulette with live streaming, you can watch a real dealer and a real roulette table on video. You can also interact with the counter, obviously for everything related to the game. It is the preferred version by many players and because it is much more beautiful and because it gives the feeling of greater safety.

How to play European roulette

If you have decided to play European roulette you must understand how to approach this game. First of all you have to know the green table on which to place The various episodes, potential winnings and also some small secrets to increase your chances of victorynull Also in this case don’t worry because we made this guide just to help you play.

European roulette episodes

The main episodes to the Europe Roulette are those on single numbers. For example, you can focus on number 1 or 36. This is the only type of bet that also sees the possibility of predicting and beting that the ball will stop on the number 0null In this case, the victory is 37 times the mail played, and obviously it is also the most difficult.

  • Horse (or Cheval): When you hear about Roulette horse, it means making an episode that is horses between two numbers. Practically. If positioning a feic of $ 10 on the line that separates the number 1 from the number 4 for example, it means that you will play the value of 5 euros on one number and as many on the other. You can also make a horse on four numbers.
  • Red-black/equal-installments: We thought of inserting these two types of episodes together because the mechanism is the same. In practice you can focus on the fact that a red number or equal number or otherwise comes out. In both cases, the win is 2 to 1, so if 10 euros points, nor win 20 inclusive of the initial episode.
  • Dozen: There are three dozen on which it is possible to aim for European roulette and involve the numbers 1-12/13-24/25-36. The potential win is 3 to 1.
  • 1-18/19-36: As you can easily guess, in this episode you must predict if a number is released that is part of the first half or the second. Also in this case the win is 2 to 1.
  • Column: The numbers of the European roulette are marked on the green table in three columns, led respectively by numbers 1, 2, 3 and which ended with 34, 35 and 36. You can predict that the ball stops on the numbers that are inside one of the three colon and win the initial mail three times.

The most complicated episodes

Then there are types of episode that are slightly more complicated, at least at the beginning, even if in reality they will certainly return you more useful.

  • Neighbors of 0: in total seventeen numbers found on the sides of the number 0. This group includes numbers 0, 2, 3, 4, 7, 12, 15, 18, 21, 19, 22, 25, 26, 28, 29, 32 and 35.
  • Serie 5/8: so called because the first numbers in growing order are precisely 5 and 8. To these are added 10, 11, 13.16, 23, 24, 27, 30, 33 and 36.
  • Orfanelli: This group includes the numbers that are not found in the other two series. From this derives their particular name. The numbers 1, 6, 9 14, 17, 20, 31 and 34 are part of this.

Game phases

The game phases are very simple and intuitive. The first naturally concerns the episodes. In the European roulette this phase begins when the dealer pronounces the phrase “Place your bets“, That is the English version of”Place your bets”.

Once the Croupier launches the ball in the wheel, then, he will pronounce “Last Bets“, To indicate that the episode phase is now running out. In the French roulette you will hear “Les Jeux Sont Faits”.

Con “No more Bets“The episode phase ends.

The dealer, then, light the number of the slot in which the ball stopped, indicating even if it is equal or red or black. At the end of this phase, the winning episodes will be paid.

Tricks to win at European roulette

Here is a very important and above all very refined paragraph of American players and not only that they are constantly wondering what are the tricks to win at the roulette. The reality, however, is that there is no trick to win at roulette also because it is probably the casino game that most of all is based only and exclusively on lucknull Nobody can predict which slot will stop the ball both launched both a program and by a person in flesh and blood. Indeed, however, there are some practices and advice you can follow at least to avoid losing money unnecessarily.

  • Play a few games without money: You can find the demo version of the European roulette without any problem and play with a virtual account. In this world you can do all the laps you want and start taking confidence with this gamenull In addition, you will acquire experience, and above all you will know if it is the right game for you. Roulette is definitely one of the most famous games in the world but it may not even like you, so it is better to try without risking your money.
  • Game in authorized rooms: other very important advice to follow strictly to avoid being scammed. Play only in authorized terrestrial or online casinos in USA by the Customs and Monopolies Agencynull This is the only way you have to be sure that nobody can get out of European roulette thanks to the presence of a random number generator always reliable and controlled. Remember that only the RNG can make sure that each number extracted is absolutely randomnull In fact, in addition to having to try the presence of a random numbers generator, the authorized online casinos must also ensure that no one can intrude on the system and tamper with the game. The risk of playing in illegal platforms is to remain victims of scams and that someone can make you lose about it.
  • Do not believe those who recommend infallible methods: There is no safe system to make you win at the roulette, despite someone around the web will try to make you believe otherwise. European roulette, as well as the French and American one, are totally random games, always on condition that it focuses on a reliable and not rigged wheelnull Nobody can therefore foresee which next number is extracted, so don’t believe these charlatans and above all not spend money unnecessarily.

Episode strategies

We said there are no methods to always win and it is very true. However, there are strategies to try to make the most of their budget. One of the most frequent, for example, is the martingal one. In a nutshell, you will have to choose one of simple episodes such as red-black and equal-disdirers. And focus a chips on one of the outcomes. If you guess the prediction continues with the same episode but on the opposite outcome, if instead I was wrong, You will have to double the stakes by continuing to always focus on the same outcome.


We have reached the end of this article on European roulette. We tried to pay attention to all the most important and necessary points to know when you want to aim for this game with real moneynull We have also seen the various suggestions to increase the chances of victory and also the differences with the other types of roulette. At this point you are ready to decide if this is the right game for you and whether to start with the demo mode or With real money.

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