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When you think about the game in the terrestrial casinos, the city of Las Vegas can only come to mind, real homeland of traditional gamblingnull In the capital of the Nevada There are over one hundred casinos in which an episode can be placed, each with its own characteristics. If you are wondering which is the most famous casino of Las Vegas, know that it is not a question that you can give a certain answernull There are many structures that manage to offer a very high level of quality, a vast range of games and five -star services. In this guide, however, we will try to help you talk about the main gaming rooms that you can find in the city of lights. We will also see what is the biggest casino and the one who according to many is defined as the most beautifulnull Let’s start our guide.

Caesar Palace

This is probably the most famous mess of Las Vegas above all because it appears in many important ones Films including “A Leoni Night”, “Ironman” and “Rain Man”. It is located along the Las Vegas Strip, one of the most famous streets in the city, where the best structures are concentrated. To hold the ownership of the casino is Harrah’s Entertainment And, in addition to the casino there is also a maxi hotel formed by 3350 rooms. Was inaugurated in 1966 And from that moment it has become a real point of reference as regards tourists and players.

The structure is truly spectacular and refers to the architecture of the Roman Empire, between majestic towers and spare. It consists of five maxi towers: the Augustus, the Centurion, the Forum, the Palace and the Roman. The theater in which events and shows are really iconic whose form is based on the Roman Colosseum are heldnull The main entrance is then set up with statues of historic characters and Roman deities, of which the highest, about seven meters, is that of Julius Caesar.

Just to make you understand how majestic this structure is, know that in 1981 and 1982 the races of the Formula World Championship 1. The Las Vegas Grand Prix It took place entirely in the parking lot of the structure.

As for the casino, there is very little to say since we are talking about a huge structure, Over 15 thousand square meters large where you can find any type of game and tablenull One of the characteristics of the Caesar Palace, one of the largest casinos in Las Vegas, is that there is no need to have great sums to be able to enternull It is also enough to have a small budget, given that between the different tables you will surely find someone who will allow you to play with a minimal episode.


If this name is not new to you, it is because you probably heard it named in some movies. It was the main set of Ocean’s Eleven, the first chapter of the saga that sees among the protagonists George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Andy Garcia e Matt Damonnull The casino caveau, in fact, is one of the objectives of the thieves gang.

This huge structure is currently owned by the MGM Resorts International, and is located along the Las Vegas Strip. There is also a magnificent hotel with about 4,000 rooms. In addition to the mammoth structure, one of the most important characteristics concerns the Famous fountains at the beginning of the artificial lake that every 15 minutes are activated in a magnificent show with lights, music and water games.

Also on this casino there is a small curiosity that perhaps does not know. The structure, in fact,, It was created on the basis of the Villa Serbelloni hotel which is located on Lake Como, precisely in the municipality of Bellagio, from which the name of the casino was also taken up. To have this idea was the creator of the structure, Steve Wynn, who had spent a few days of vacation together with his wife in the Villa Serbelloni hotel. It is the most expensive casino of Las Vegas, given that about 1.8 billion dollars were spent due to its realization, and was inaugurated in 1988. According to many, this is also the most beautiful casino of Las Vegas, but obviously personal tastes must be considered.

As for the game room, it can count on an area of over 10,000 square meters, And it is often home to the World Poker Tour tournament, the most important competition in the worldnull Also in this case it is useless to say that you will have no problem finding a game or slot machine suitable for you, since there are all kinds and for every budget.

MGM Grand Las Vegas

This huge structure is also located along the Las Vegas Strip and is owned by the MGM. It is the largest casino in Las Vegas with over 16,000 square meters of salt where, of course, you can find any possible game. If you don’t want to spend too much, know that in this structure there are games that start from the lowest episode, both as regards the green tables and for slot machines. Among the latter, for example there are also devices that accept coins of a single cent of dollarnull As for the green tables, however, there are blackjacks, dice, American roulette and French, Caribbean poker and Texana, as well as many other games. It is certainly one of the favorite destinations of many American and foreign players, that once in the city they do not want to miss the opportunity to make an episode in one of the most famous Casino in Las Vegas.

It also has a luxury maxi resort with over 5 thousand rooms where you can stay. Small curiosity: until some time ago, or until there was a renovation, there was also a room dedicated to six lions. In fact, a real natural habitat had been built for these animals.

The structure, inaugurated in 1993, has very fascinating shapes and an emerald green color, and the title of most beautiful casinos of Las Vegas with Bellagio is competed.

Few people know that the entry of this casino was a lion’s mouth, a symbol of the MGM. In practice there was a gigantic lion head with a wide open mouth that represented the main doornull After a few years, however, the property decided to change it also because he had encountered some problems. In practice, many people believed that entering a lion’s mouth was not a gesture that could bring luck and therefore decided to change casino. Obviously he immediately ran for cover by removing this door and placing a bronze statue representing the lionnull The latter is also the largest bronze statue in America.

il Venetian

Once again, American culture has managed to break through the Casino di Las Vegas, and Venetian confirms it, Certainly the most famous casino of American theme Las Vegasnull The whole structure, in fact, was conceived as if it were a small Venice, complete with an artificial lagoon and gondoliers that go around the structure and that accompany players and tourists. At the entrance, then, it is possible to find a scale reproduction of the bell tower of San Marco del Ponte di Rialto.

This casino is also located on the Las Vegas Strip and consists of a luxury hotel with over 4,000 rooms and the casino over 11,000 square meters large. It was inaugurated in 1999, and at the opening evening a star could not be missing, or perhaps the greatest American star, or Sophia Loren.

However, there is a very important aspect to underline. Although the structure is a great tribute to the city of Venice, the Venetians did not appreciate the idea, considering the entire structure an offense and a way of exploiting the city only for tourist purposes. And it must be said that it certainly worked, given that every tourist, even the American ones, they include a stop in this casino, leading him to become the most famous casino of Las Vegas, or in any case among the most important ones.

In the majestic casino there are over 120 green table games on which you can aim, including obviously blackjack, poker, baccarat, dice and roulette. In addition there are over two thousand slot machine, both classic and latest generation. In addition, even with small episodes, it is possible to aspire to truly huge prizes, thanks to progressive jackpotsnull The atmosphere is truly sparkling and is really heard the air of magic that only Las Vegas manages to give to tourists and players.


We have reached the end of this guide on some of the most important casinos of Las Vegas. THE our experts in the sector They decided to make this in -depth analysis on this topic because often they are not aware of how many magnificent structures there are in this city. We also discovered several very interesting curiosities; We have seen what is the largest casino in Las Vegas, so now you know what the main structures to visit are if you have a trip to the city of American lights in mindnull Now it’s up to you to decide what is the most beautiful casino of Las Vegas, and given these extraordinary structures, you will only embarrass your choice.

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