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In Ukraine, a little at a time, the clubs used for gambling reopen and, the regulatory body, imposes a curfew.

The reason for this imposition is clear, Being at the war, the country prefers to keep under control the movements of its citizens and prevent them from being in unsafe areas during the most at risk times.

But let’s find out more about this martial law in the next paragraphs written by our experts.

The war in Ukraine that caused the curfew

Dal February 24, 2023 Ukraine, after the invasion of its territory by Russia, is at war.

A war that has already caused Thousands of deaths, among which Alexander Goncharuk di Playson, e millions of refugees.

Not Attacks on the major cities seem to be loosening a little, like Kiyv (Kiev), by Russia, and therefore some activities are slowly starting to open.

The curfew in Ukraine imposes the regulatory body

Among the various activities that are reopening in Ukraine there are game rooms and clubs used for gambling, but are forced to operate with a curfew dictated by martial law and applied by the country regulator.

What the curfew provides, and which is applied at regional level, are times when citizens can go outside in roads and public placesnull This also includes i premises used for leisure and gambling.

Users, therefore, can go to the casino, slot salt and games rooms only in pre -established times according to the areas where they are located And it is the premises, and the owners, who have to make sure to apply these security measures.

War and igaming industry

The igaming industry has been, and is still, particularly affected by this war in Ukraine, and not only for the curfew.

Indeed, Many companies operating in the igaming industry are based in the countrynull In large part, they had to move their locations in other countries or in the west area of Ukraine.

Moreover, Many employees of these companies are actively participating in the conflict to defend the national territorynull Unfortunately, some of them have also lost their lives.

Many companies operating in igaming and located internationally have decided to raise funds in support of the country’s populationnull But also of the Red Cross and the companies affected by the war.

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